Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Rate or Slate: Couture Week Front Row

We've talked couture, we've talked trends, now we talk audience. Should these well known fashionistas be treated with five extra goodie bags, or should the PR have "missed their names" on the list?

Here we find Mr West, Mr West (aka Kanye). Catherine Deneuve is giving him the, "Uh uh, grrrl" face, but perhaps you think the velvet blazer and pocketsquare go smashingly with distressed denim?

Ah, a fashion-week classic, Miss Anna Piaggi. The red, white and blue in her stars and stripes find their matches in blush, fur and hair. What say you?

Technically this is Rate or Slate and you may speak your peace, but please understand that Carine Roitfeld does no wrong. Ever.


  1. the first time i saw anna i thought it was a joke. but yet, she's kind of awesome.

  2. Amazing! Loving the fur! And Kanye West is kinda hot and makes great tunes, plus he is an awesome dresser, he is in my front row! They all are (all sitting next to me!)

  3. If Catharine Deneuve is looking at Kanye West that way, I would LOVE to see her sit by Anna Piaggi.


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