Saturday, 21 February 2009

Seen and Overheard: Making an Entrance

Naomi tends to be very thoughtful, which can either come in handy or get Fash Pack members into difficult situations. Like hauling a Red Bull refrigerator into the champagne lounge of the tent.

Red Bull Can. Photo Credit: Fristle. C.C. License.
"Need a hand?" Naomi asked a poor young thing with a fridge wedged between one hip and two gate posts outside the Natural History Museum. Unfortunately, the girl said yes. This turned into the three of us taking turns holding a side of the fridge, carefully navigating tourists with whining packs of children, and eventually climbing perilously narrow metal steps to the lounge.

At which point, the organiser of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards pulled Naomi, Red Bull girl and myself aside for a scolding. "Check with me the next time you bring over deliveries. That was kind of awkward."

Thanks, Naomi.

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