Monday, 16 February 2009

Roving Reporter : Preen

Preen are a huge favourite of mine. They're famous for their asymmetric, deconstructed innovation, and this season was no exception.

Cut-outs are a clear trend winner for A/W09 and Preen more than most have it down to a fine art. Alongside slashed-out sections, they delicately worked chiffon, leather, wool and innovative sparkliness into a fun and playful collection, both rich in colour and design.

Perfect in pink, these beautifully tailored and slightly peg-legged, ankle-skimming trousers are possibly my favourite thing so far this season. Well draped and totally sassy. I love the sheer shirting too. Though in the real world, I'm thinking perhaps a camisole underneath wouldn't go amiss - after all, its not really appropriate Tube attire, is it?

This Pucci-inspired print was far more S/S than A/W, but in true British style, who am I to complain? Again, asymmetric dressing is a key trend, sure to continue a few more seasons.
I loved the way Preen replaced a shoulder with sheer fabric, developing the cut-out trend to a new level.

Hey Jill, look it's your favourite! Here at Fash Pack (though half-vegetarian), we LOVE fur! (But we haven't completely justified it in our minds...) This asymmetric, powdery fur coat is racing straight to the top of our wish list.

Preen trouser shapes mirrored dresses, sleek and body-con, though they weren't quite as skinny as the indie jeans of last year. Trousers are definitely tailored for A/W09. Oh and fur, cardigan, coat, love at first sight!

Monochrome magic, again another body-con piece. Models look like they are wearing flat pumps? Could this be true?! (My ankles hope so.) This piece reminded me of S/S, Henry Holland (see MIA at the Grammys). Again, slight tribal printing and sheer fabric make a great twist on cut-outs (don't you just love it when trends all come together).

One of my faves from the whole collection. Preen is renowned for their rock-and-roll twist, and this wet-look dress is perfect for all those stylish rebels. So how do Preen work? Well here is my theory . . .

'Midriff slashes and a well placed twist = a masterpiece!'

S/S08 was the year of the 80s skater skirt and it looks like, with the inevitable 80s return, so is one our coolest skirt shapes. While super-flirty and full, this little number is perfectly girly. I absolutely adore this.

Always a winter classic, I adore this oversized dogtooth check coat. I have to admit, I was rather surprised that this was the first time I've seen it for A/W. In typical Preen style, they have vastly exaggerated its size with great fitted leather cuffs. Love the rock-couture feel!

It seems that are British-born designers are totally blowing away New York! If only we could support them enough that they would come back home. Either way, I'm pretty keen to claim back Preen as one of our.

Come Brits, show the Yanks (Jill, we love you) what we're made of.

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