Saturday, 28 February 2009

Roving Reporter : Jil Sander

Jil Sander collections are never shell shocking. There is never any print, or anything over complicated about the pieces, having said that the silhouettes and palette are always versatile and extremely well cut.
The palette, again was extremely muted. Cream, grey, white, and black were accented with flickers of banana yellow, vibrant orange and red.
The collection consisted of brilliant women's wear basics; shifts, jackets, coats and tailored trousers. The whole collection (as always) was very minimalist.

Long dress coats, over shifts are like the modern day twin set to Sander. Flat shoes, styled the look and also showed that the collection was not aimed at the frivolous, but the more grown up, shopper. This is very much a collection for sophisticated ladies.

Colour alert! What Sander lacks in crazy silhouettes, he makes up for in the splashes of vibrant colour. This neon orange, shift is gorgeous! 

Sander, may not be setting the world alight with origami style shapes like many of his contemporaries, but no one can argue with his cutting when it comes to the details. Sander created the most incredible curved collar details that allowed hints of coloured lining to show through. It was so brilliantly done, subtle, but showed how well thought out, each and every piece is.

Cocoon coats! I told you, they are everywhere! Check out the beautiful panel detailing and slightly curved front. Plus, it's leather! Beautiful! 

This curved skirt, sits well with the accentuated hip style that is still sweeping through designers ranges for the coming season. I great LBD that would look perfect for a party, jazzed up with OTT, statement jewels!
Love the slightly molded sleeves.

This was probably the most loose cut pair of trousers I have seen so far in Milan. I love this slightly more relaxed shape. Very Sander in style. Again well cut for Sander's main market. 
Like at Giorgio Armani suiting colour was mixed. Is this to make people buy into items that can be  more easily mixed, showing people that we can do away with matchy-matchy suiting?! I think it is definitely the way to go!
Very masculine in cut, the jacket again has structured shoulders, which we know is talk of the town.

There were some prettier, pieces too. There were both short LBD's, mainly asymmetric shifts, as well as a selection of gorgeous, full, length ones. This one mixed fabulous monochrome panels to create a sleek and simple gown that was both striking and elegant. 

A brilliant, typical, Sander collection. Full of wearable pieces, for the correct target market. 

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