Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Check Out My New Shoot

 I am all giddy with excitement today! My shoot finally went live today on one of my fav online publications!
Check it Out:
Go to CONTENTS : Click 'RAIN'
I'll post a taster image here:
Photography: Lindsay Adler
Stylist: ME! Rivkie Baum
MUA: Jack Saundercock
Hair: Yusuke Ukai
Photography Assistant: Muriel Schouten
Model: Danielle Foster @ Dynamite Models - she is beautiful!
Dress: Afshin Feiz, Leggings: Topshop, Bracelets: Punky Pins

Monday, 30 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden

The way women shop has changed since the ‘Credit Crunch’ discuss...

We have all heard of nothing but recently, here the panel set out some survival guide tips.
Sophia wanted to remind designers that identifying your DNA is important. This means working out who you are as a designer; what is the key to your designs and your brand? Young designers like Alexander Wang are so well respected because you know that although the shapes and quality will always be kooky, his brand ID is so recognisable.
Colin reiterated this by pointing out, that new designers have a tendency to chop and change with each season, as they want to try everything. This is a huge no, no. Handwriting takes time to develop and make an impact, if you keep the strand of DNA running and a core value, people will eventually be able to recognise it, it takes at least 3-5 seasons.

Should the British journalism industry be more supportive of new designers?

Lorraine felt that the British media were far more supportive of home grown talent than our foreign media counterparts. However, Claudia of The Sunday Times Style, interjected that there has to be a good story and it has to look good, in order for the media to cover it. There isn’t an automatic right. 
Personally I feel that there is a lot of media support for young designers. Though there could be more. The problem as usual is money and it’s an unsolvable problem. Advertising revenue is what keeps our magazines alive, so naturally those products need to feature. There are however fashion ‘indies’ that cater to promoting newer designers, who don’t have the money to buy their press. 

Roving Reporter . . . Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden

I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to the Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden's 'Ladies Night', which saw an amazing panel of guests discuss the fashion industry at length.
On the panel was Averyl Oates (buying director at Harvey Nichols), Lorraine Candy (editor of Elle), Dolly Jones (editor of Vogue.com UK), Claudia Croft (Sunday Times Style) and Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou (editor of 10/10+). Seriously, how can you get more famous fashionista's in one room! To top it off it was chaired by the wonderful Colin McDowell.
As the talk was particularly long and in depth, I will be posting this even in a series of posts, with each one tackling a new topic! Please free to send me your feedback and air your views, did the fashion elite it right? or were they way off the mark?

First Up . . .
Is it a good idea for designers to leave university and start up their label straight away?

Sophia felt that it was essentially the best time to start up. She was all for ‘throwing people in the deep end’ and that new designers are often fearless’ which is what makes them so great.

Lorraine Candy on the other hand, felt that designers should be aware that they need to ‘s
urround themselves with people who can advise and help you at an early stage’.

Averyl Oates was quick to praise LFW, calling it ‘amazing’ as ‘y
oung designers threw caution to the wind’ and it was these small players that ‘lifted a heavy season’, dogged down overly commercial collections. All the panel agreed it was, ‘the best LFW ever’. An economic crisis often brings out creativity and innovation.

Dolly Jones pointed out that ‘
quality must be paired with creativity’, and that she has found that more and more of our young designers are ‘acting like business people, aware that the buyer is looking’; this is a killer combination.

Roving Reporter . . . Vogue on Vogue

I was lucky enough to witness the greatest of pairings. Vogue on Vogue saw Dolly Jones, editor of Vogue.com UK interview Alexandra Shulman, Editor of Vogue UK. The interview was fascinating, Shulman is a fountain of knowledge of the magazine industry (with 17years at the helm of Vogue). Shulman never set out to rule the fashion world, in fact she still readily admits that her knowledge arriving at Vogue (as features editor) was more about literature and art within a luxury lifestyle than fashion. She describes her view of fashion as ‘pedestrian’ and ‘grounded’ and her rise to the helm of the most coveted publication was a case of luck and being in the right place at the right time. But did discuss the importance of interning, always be ready to do anything and everything. Don’t expect to be writing features, you will be photocopying for months, but it is the hard work that will get you noticed.

Like at Fringe, Shulman stressed the importance of designer DNA, get the core value and style of your brand right, before trying to take on the world. There was much discussion of celebrity features, something Shulman says she likes to balance out with models (on the front cover) but understands the importance of celebrity with fashion. The two go hand in hand, both financially and because of our celebrity loving lifestyle. After all, the magazine is about aspiration and luxury. Shulman felt LFW was the best it’s ever been and pointed out that the last recession gave us McQueen and McCartney, while briefly mentioning that the new kids like Kane, Erdem and Richard Nichol are really beginning to establish themselves. This lead onto discussing ways of supporting new talent financially, with Shuldman stressing that talent is not enough and one should get a business brain on board too.

The final topic of discussion was the future of magazines. You may gasp, but with advertising budgets slashed, the mainstay of magazine funding is under threat. Alexandra questioned newspapers actions of going all online, which in turn is destroying them. She acknowledges that there is a place for online publications, but feels print will survive, as there is no substitute for the feel of a magazine. Publications have to up their game and hone in on their market.

This was a fantastic insight into the women that is so unlike the versions of Vogue editors we see world over. Alexandra is a smart, sharp and intelligent woman who has not compromised herself on the way to the top. She has combined family and a career, something many women aspire to do, and on top of all that ‘she doesn’t look like an editor of Vogue’; A comment heard so frequently by Shulman herself and only goes to show that maybe, the face we all recognise as ‘fashion’ is not quite so.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Product Lust

Sass and Bide Dress @ Net a Porter £745

I love any dress that remotely looks like a grecian or empire line style. 
I totally adore this little summer address from Sass and Bide. Its a perfect shape for slightly curvier girls and is a great evening number with gladiator flats on holiday. Pile on the super sized, sparkle earrings and diamond pendant to be totally show stopping. For the total fashionista, go for super heels and wet look leggings. I LOVE this dress!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Flats Tells Us . . . Party Time at KOKO

I attended the 'T4 Shockwaves Album Chart Show', at KoKo in Camden.
You would think VIP guest meant first priority, but some idiot got the two queues confused and let in the rowdy kids with tickets in first, only to then bring them all back outside, when they realised they had taken wrong people in - To then start all over again! 
During this we are standing in the cold on the street, TOTALLY UNCOOL! 
 We then headed in, Superdan (code name) and I headed back stage for chats with The Maccabees and the other acts. 

Lady Sovereign was up next, with her . . .
‘Whatever Mate’ and, ‘I drink, any fink I can get for free,’ lines it was all quite an experience.

 The Maccabees were great as perusal, with Orlando’s beautiful voice and Felix and Hugo’s stage presence they really have the perfect line up, songs and a great mix of untypical indie music – phenomenal really a joy to watch every time (plus their GORGEOUS) And there new album is great. (Alright Flats! Enough of a Plug for your mates! - Roving Reporter).

Then Maximo Park headed for the stage, with frantic eyes and crazy, rock-star, jumping moves! Wasn’t really my cup of tea! After the gig, we left and headed to the 'New Moon' with the boys for some drinks and a gossip.

Well I will be on the search of a great party soon, and keep up to date with gossip!

 ☺ love from your favourite Gossip Girl,  Flats xx

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Let's Talk To . . . Afshin Feiz

Fash Pack may not have ever started without Afshin Feiz. I know this sounds mad, but it was this man alone that inspired such conversation between myself and fellow fashion devotees that I suddenly felt the need for a fashion forum where I could champion ALL the things I love about this industry. Top of my list is definitely this Parisian!
Afshin is probably my top designer for S/S 09, which says a lot as I usually hate the summer season (in general). He romanced the crowd with his floaty, ruffled, applique dresses, giving an edgy vibe with chunky silver chains!
So we were lucky enough that he agreed to have a chat!

Fash-Pack (F-P): When did you start designing?
Afshin Feiz (AF): I have been designing in one way or another as far back as I can remember but I started my own brand in 5 years ago in 2004.

F-P: What other designer would you love to spend a whole day with?
AF: Without hesitation either Tom Ford or Stella MaCartney

F-P: What are your influences for this season?
AF: I was influenced by Buddha’s silent sermon and the idea of appreciating simple things for their beauty without overanalyzing them.

F-P: What's your favourite piece from this collection, and why? Who do you see wearing it?
AF: I have so many favourites from this collection its hard to choose. One of my favourites is the pale yellow fitted dress with mini ruffles, appliqued chains and a cutout on the back shoulder. I see Kate Bosworth wearing it.

F-P: What differences do you notice between showing here and in New York?
AF: New York has caught up in certain levels as far as creativity is concerned with London with its amazing designers such as Rodarte but London still has the most creative and interesting designers in the world. I feel less restrained showing in London, there are less rules than in New York.

F-P: How'd you end up with all your music industry connections?
AF: Thats a difficult question, I don’t really know, some people l met through friends, others are people who approached me because they liked my work.

F-P: Are you planning any upcoming shows? Do you plan to be back on the runway for next fashion week?
AF: Not for the moment, I think that with the recession and the state of certain things in fashion at the moment, I am going to present my collections in a more intimate setting for a while and maybe even outside of the regular fashion calendar.

F-P: What's something you wish you knew earlier that might help designers just getting started?
AF: The most important part of your business is the commercial side. Without sales, you have no money and without money you don’t have a business. Press and shows etc are all nice but at the end of the day you have to really invest in the commercial aspects of things. Get a good commercial director.


Monday, 23 March 2009

The Scene . . . The Cobden

Goodness me, do my feet hurt! That will teach me to try and spend a whole night swaying to the latest bands in 6 million inch wedges! The night began with shed loads of free vodka, I honestly thought on more than one occasion that I was going to end up flat on my face! We drank delicious raspberry cocktails, laced with Russian Standard Vodka and with free drinks, the fashion pack were not far behind! The evening was hosted by a humorous drag queen at the members club 'The Cobden' in West London, it was quite frankly in the middle of nowhere - (mind you, anywhere without a constant stream of black cabs seems positively Suburbia to me) but had excellent decor, comfy seats, oh and too many stairs!

I spent the night with the infamous 'Heels' - yes my Carmen Electra, dancing diva is back! Black Boots (who had actually ditched the black for stunning electric blue and sky scrapper stilettos), my assistant 'Brogues', the gorgeous Nico Didonna, Buttons (you will have to look her up) and Stylista. We drank far too much Vodka for a Monday night in honour of 'Nikes' - see all the old crew pop back up. 'Nikes' is the editor of a very cool mag, as well as being a superb photographer of all things weird and wonderful and we had all gone to raise a glass to his work!
Alongside the drinks, the evening entertainment consisted of some fab musicians, (I have to get Nikes to send me their names! so you can all look them up!) The first girl had and amazing voice and was a sort of country and western version of PINK. Up next was the act that got us up on our feet! After a rendition of Jungle Book medleys, this super energetic, lanky, 40's dresses, white dude, kinda rapped in the most melodic fashion, totally brill! (- for you heels).

Lastly, but by no means least, 'The Ruskins' (no I have no idea what that means) took to the stage. Band member Eamon had unfortunately too much to drink, it was good and it was kooky, but I think next time, put them on earlier and keep them away from the booze! 
The night ended, as many do, with a fisticuffs between a guest and Drag Queen, and unfortunately 'Nikes' and another pal, (who we shall call) 'Flat Cap' got caught up and given a fat lip and a back injury (in that order). Word to the wise, its a private guest list, it will be found out who you are! Don't start fights, don't hit the host, we are not Rock and Rollers! This is fashion darling!


SPOTTED: People from: 'Random Magazine', LOOK Magazine, Luke Pasqualino (Freddie in Skins) - I don't know how I missed him! I only worked with him last week! Gutted!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Shop Report


Mango is often the sad Spanish sister that is over looked. With rivals like Bershka, Zara and Massimo Dutti the Spanish lot are quickly marking their territory along Oxford Street. 
I have always had brilliant service in Mango and absolutely LOVE it there. I have to admit, I rarely purchase anything, purely because I'm not skinny enough to squeeze myself into their tiny sizes (take note, cut for curves too please!) but I have bought plenty in their for clients and think that they always turn out lovely pieces at really great prices. Plus their accessories are bang on and don't break the bank!

This season Mango have gone for a global traveller, come hippy vibe. There was a gorgeous tasseled, leather waistcoat that is perfect for the festival season! At £90 it is quite expensive, but it would work well with jeans, shorts and dresses, so it's incredibly versatile and has quite a vintage feel so will easily become an every season favourite.

Next Mango were rocking some excellent print maxi dresses. Empire line cuts, mean that these will work well for curvy figures too (hoorah!) At £60 these too are so budget friendly. Best for lazy days in Ibiza, or evening outside the pub with chunky wedges and shed loads of bangles!
Speaking of bangles . . . Mango had a killer selection! I wanted them all, especially the unusally moulded, sculptural, pink ones. Loved them! They will work well for the 80's look that is resurfacing for both S/S and A/W 09.

Bags, Bags, Bags! There was a super cool selection of clutches! They were delicately embellished and had this real, 'holiday' / 'travel' feel. It was chic, creative and kooky all in one!

Also Note . . . Best floral prints and some gorgeous nude tone dresses, very flapper (so on trend) and some top print tees for basics.

So there you have it . . . If you love hippy chic and want to look like the best dressed traveller, put on your wedges and head to MANGO . . . I love it!
You can go online, but I think their online store still has leaps and bounds to go, so I'd say if you can head down yourself for a rummage! 

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Style Report

Fly the Flag!

There are tones of trends around at the moment, from prom, eighties, floral and global travel as some of the top ones to choose from. However having my Friday mooch around Topshop I couldn't help but notice this very cool '40's' style / Fly the Flag look!
I am totally obsessed with this multi function, across the body / clutch, hard, heart bag! Alas, my big chunky Blackberry doesn't fit  in it, so I am currently debating what to do (buy a new phone?). At £25 I think it's a bit of a bargain, I only wish it was about 1cm bigger overall! SOB

I also spotted this fab vest/tunic top. This deconstructed feel is very 'credit crunch' chic, as it looks like you have been eco friendly and recycled your grandparents 'street party' flags.
At £30, you can't really go wrong! Wear with leggings or skinny jeans (red), flip flops and tote; instant lazy, summer, cool!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Breaking News!

Sorry boys, but Marc Jacobs is now totally off the market!
He announced his engagement to boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone.

Congratulations, Fash-Pack wish you all the happiness in the world, my aren't they a handsome couple!

We're assuming our invite is in the post!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Pick of the Day

I was having my daily browse of Topshop when I came across this fab studded dress! With the weather warming up this punk number is great with leggings and a pair of battered gladiator sandals!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Breaking News!

Jil Sander has signed an agreement to be design consultant with tip, top, Japanese brand Uniqlo!
Uniqlo is my favourite, back to basics brand!

The best for long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless, camis, vests and jumpers. The selection of rainbow jeans is seriously fierce and with Jil Sander now at the helm of both men and women's wear the brand is set to go from strength to strength!

It's a perfect appointment for the brand as Jil does perfect, nonsense dressing, block colours and great cuts. Uniqlo is practically a diffusion of this original genius. I can't wait to see what she does. 

Speaking of back to basics, American Apparel has reported a rise in profits! It looks like in times of trouble, we have all gone back to cosy, crazy, jersey way of life!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Breaking News!

                                  Avsh Alom Gur leaves Ossie Clark!

Its been a tough couple of seasons for the relaunched brand. 
Many Fashionistas felt that it should've been left where it was, in the archives of fashionable history and unfortunately, the brand that made Avsh Alom Gur a household name and helped him finally bring in the crowds for his own label, has now lost Gur as Creative Director. G-d only knows who will take over the job!

This is probably for the best, after all, I think whatever he did, people were always going to bitch about it, as the 're-invented' brands are forever bogged down by nostalgia.

I for one will remain a devoted Gur fan.
His S/S 09 line absolutely floats my fashion boat!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Flats Tells Us . . . What's Hot - Runway Roundup

After all the London shows and trend spotting, I have put together ALL my must have styles for A/W 09.
Smiles rose to many faces when it seemed that everybody seemed to be using lots of prints and full length dress which were truly red carpet worthy.
My favourite collection was Avsh Alom Gur who took a playful and ironic twist to the current economic slowdown, using credit crunch slogans.

Glee for all those, who like me, were happy to see wet look leggings, teamed with Dr Martin boots, oversized t-shirts and floral prints are still chic for day and evening wear - a thrown together look. Topshop is perfect for this look.
Models seem to really be picking up on this! Luckily for them, their slender legs look perfect in wet look leggings! Don’t worry though if you haven't got the legs of Giselle, I'm going to still be rocking mine! (part of the normal sized fashion clan).


- Dr Martins, In any colour or pattern (they're cool in any style).

- Floral print dresses and blouses which Topshop again triumph as the place to go to!

- Wet look leggings, I’d stick to black but if you’re braver than me hit the colour and head to American Apparel. 
- For really cool over sized t-shirts with cools prints and pictures head down to Brick Lane's Sunday market for some really cool bargains!

- You must purchase any insect inspired accessories and jewellery for a quirky look which a certain Roving Reporter and myself keep raving about! Mulberry did them as their free press gift and the over sized, bug brooches were a huge hit, being rocked by Fashionistas and Pop Princes alike! (Will Young was shown in Heat Mag rocking his).

- Blazers and funky checked jackets in all variations and styles, great to make an outfit for day or evening. Beyond Retro have plenty of options all that make me go week at the knees.

Flats Tells Us . . . What's Hot - Make Up

Running around, trying to make all the London Fashion Week shows; grabbing vitamin water at every venue, which became Fashion Week breakfast, lunch and dinner, which I squeezed in between some truly admirable shows, I got to do plenty of trend spotting, oh and of course the much loved celeb spotting.


Make up – A/W 09 really seems to be about two looks:

1. Pale dewy skin with a bright lip

And . . .
2. (To my delight) A grungy look, with lots of eyeliner, dark eye-shadows and a simple clear gloss for lips is also hitting the runways.

Must haves:

- black LIQUID EYELINER – Rimmel do a great cheap eyeliner.

- A BRIGHT LIPSTICK or gloss, Charles Fox do great colours and long lasting.

- A must have for every quick fashion fix is VASELINE, I live by the stuff, for hair, skin and lips.

Introducing . . . Flats

You may by now be beginning to recognise a few familiar names in the Fash-Pack family. 
I know so much time has been taken up by the travelling circus that is 'Fashion Weeks', but now it is time to return to what we adore best. Discussing, swapping and waffling about fashion.

For those of you who don't know Flats (code names are used to protect their fashion status, identity and ability to work undercover), she is a fashion assistant dabbling in PR and styling. She has access to hundreds of famous faces and spends an obscene amount of time working the room. This made her the perfect candidate for the Fashion Pack!

While readily admitting she loves a good party, Flats is no airy, fairy, fashionista! Not over thrown by the fashion darlings, nothing gets past this witty (very witty), fashion chick!

Flats will be reporting on What's Hot, as well as keeping us all abreast of the coolest fashion parties, who said what, to whom and where it all went down!

Welcome hun! Let the Fash-Pack Gossip Begin!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Alexander McQueen

I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes I am a total fashion sheep! 
I adore McQueen as much as the next girl, but it is more than that. McQueen will always hold the deepest, darkest, spot in my heart as it was he who inspired me to follow all things fashion.
I had always loved clothes, dressing up and showing off, but it was seeing one of the earliest McQueen pieces at an exhibition at the V & A on a school trip that altered my entire life. I have never not been inspired by him and live totally in awe, and pray that one day I just get to interview him! (actually I'd happy just stand next to him and stare).

McQueen collections are always intensely beautiful, interesting and often dark and eery. There were a few years after joining LVMH that it felt that he had sold out slightly, even when still making the most desirable of frocks, but it has felt that recently McQueen has his mojo back.
There was something deeply dark and rebellious about this collection.
With futuristic overtones, sixties style dog-tooth (stunningly over sized) and slightly 
Pugh-esque rebellion and eighties shapes, this made me fall in love with McQueen all over again.

The fur coats were insane, the corset belts had the Victorian theme that often lies as an undertone to his collections and the experimental, voluminous, silhouettes worked well with more tailored elements.
Based in monochrome and accented by flashes of red, I loved the back to basics colour palette. It made us concentrate on the clothes and reminded the fashion crowd that really and truly Alexander is the best in the business.

The final, dramatic, dresses, again took my breathe away. Everything was so well thought out and the styling was spot on. The shows have been full of dark, mystery and eighties rebellion and while McQueen combined all of this, he put his own, incredible, spin on things.

I hope Dog-tooth makes a comeback, but one thing for sure is that I will be buying those crazy black and white tights!

Roving Reporter : Miu Miu

I adore Miu Miu, from bags and hot shoes to gorgeous clothes, this is a cool and young hearted brand. Though one of the most established the House of Miu Miu is ever evolving. 
For A/W 09 we saw yet again more calming colours teamed with flashes of red and turquoise, both of which have been featured heavily on catwalks around the world.

Over sized jackets and coats, (big on the shoulder and chest to nipped in at the waist) led the way for 'Parisian Chic' suiting.
I loved the Rococo style, brocade like weaves in the jackets, this style has been so popular for next season that it is guaranteed to be EVERYWHERE!

Bra tops are currently the thing for S/S so it was interesting to see them make an appearance here. I love the satchel style bags too, a great alternative to the classic Chanel 2.55

The embellishment trend that was so heavily featured in NYC and then seemed to fizzle out as the fashion circus moved around Europe once again reared its beautiful head!
If you are going to invest in pieces during these 'credit crunch' times, make sure it glitters!

Roving Reporter : Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was a feast of colour. Bright yellow, monochrome, peach, nude and emerald green all made an appearance. There was a distinct Rococo feel in the prints, with a very 'wallpaper, vintage' style. The colour combinations were divine and exciting and each new look brought new beauty.  Love the printed leggings!

This collection featured a host of ruffled pieces and was extremely romantic. I love the asymmetric ruffling on this skirt. Its all about the details these days, to get shoppers to part with their cash, designers know they have to offer beauty to the extreme and this modern and pretty, young collection did just that. Vuitton set the ball rolling for becoming more edgy with their S/S 09 collection (see Madonna adverts) and this furthers their good work.

When not ruffling it up, models were decorated in very voluminous pieces. Big skirts, peplum jackets and squared shoulders all borrowed from the eighties and a slight punky feel that was accentuated by the thigh high, lace up boots.

Like with a host of other designers. Vuitton has gone for the skinny belt for 09, choosing to waist voluminous jackets to create a full, curvy, silhouette.

A cool, edgy, youthful collection from one of the worlds most lusted over fashion brands.

Roving Reporter : Chloe

Goodness me! What a lush collection! The coat above is one of my favourite, Chloe presented a look of over sized coats, slouchy, tailored trousers, beautiful blouses and very girlish jackets.
The neutral palette reminded me of their colour palette for their Middle Eastern collection a few seasons ago. It was calming and cool, but perfect for the Winter months. 

These high waisted, bronzed trousers, tucked into boots were divine, bring back silky bottom halves!
I love the lace detailing on the shoulders too, there has been surprising little lace about for A/W 09, so it's nice to see it pop up here and there. 

With each new piece there was more excitement! How gorgeous is this jacket, it looked so vintage! Velvet is set to be the fabric of the season, so if you have any old velvet, dig it out for A/W 09, Love the collar!

The styling on the show was great. I have been going on about paired down elegance and this was very evident here. Beautiful, pleated chiffon skirts and dresses were rocked with divine, androgynous, tuxedo jackets. 


Roving Reporter : Elie Saab

Used to seeing Elie Saab do his wedding dresses and gorgeous couture pieces, I was surprised at how wearable most of this collection was. Cute tea dresses, shifts and asymmetric frocks made the collection dance between beautiful evening and chic day wear.
Great electric blue and turquoise accented the monochrome palette. 

This was a very feminine collection, I loved the wide waist belts, lace and fur boleros.
Pencil skirts have been really popular for A/W 09 and this textured one above is perfect in lady-like chic.
Luckily Saab added his usual glamour with a selection of floor skimming, asymmetric dresses. Divine!

Body con is another trend that has remained bubbling for next season. Saab has done my favourite so far, I love these paneled pieces. Check out the models mini driving gloves. This had all the hallmarks of a sleek, racer girl look.

A gorgeous, wearable, collection full of lovely dresses!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fashion Skills : Oh to be a Stylist . . .

I know some of the most major shows in Paris happened today, but right now I just wanted to ponder the skills needed to be a stylist.

I took out one of my new assistants today . . . remember flats from fashion week? Well I thought I'd show her the ropes.

Having already discussed stylists rage, today we learnt what else might useful if you were thinking of joining this magical occupation.

1. A sense of direction, map reading and underground/over-ground skills. 
How bizarre I hear you cry! Well today, while I hopped over to Hackney Wick, Flats somehow ended up in Colchester (yes I did just say Colchester). Once we were finally reunited in sunny Holborn, it took two of us and a stranger to direct us to Convent Garden as well as finding other show rooms! Definitely a  GPRS job!

2. Strength. Flats . . . Down to the gym with you! Build your muscles! Being a stylist, I have learnt that most of the job is carrying things around. Suitcases up and down station stairs and pulling along an obscene amount of clothing.

3. The ability to do suitcase three point turns in confined and crowded spaces. Not a transferable skill granted, but fun to annoy Londoners with none the less.

4. The ability to grit your teeth and smile. This however is something for every walk of life.

5. An assistant to cheer you up with funny stories of not managing some, one or any of the above!

Roll on tomorrow! - And if you are an assistant, buying your boss a cake is always a good way to make up! :-)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Viktor and Rolf

Spooky, ghostly models showed off an incredibly wearable Viktor and Rolf collection. 
Though there were the usual, avant garde pieces that borrowed from beautiful origami styles, plenty of folds, pleats and drapes. 
The collection concentrated heavily on outerwear. The leather trenches were incredible. The colour palette was also pretty divine! I adore this tanned colour above, as well as the icy grey and monochrome tones.

There was more evidence of a sheer and sparkly trend here at Viktor and Rolf. I'm ooohhing after this frock! There hasn't been much in the way of geometric patterns for next season, but if there is a great look to copy next season, I would definitely try my hand at the one above.

Firstly, that bodice is superbly designed and executed. 
There has been a serious lack of embellishment in Paris, with most preferring to look at silhouettes and fabric. This embellished frock would look perfect at any red carpet event and is like a far more sophisticated SJP look! 

Monday, 9 March 2009

Roving Reporter : Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix presented a lovely collection of tres wearable separates and sleek shifts today at PFW. 
Coats were over sized and exaggerated. There was a slight androgynous feel overall and the use of beautiful wools in  monochrome palette was chic.

Prints were very grown up. Wintery floral was used to break up the block colours.
I loved this little polo neck jumper. The appliqued sleeves are gorgeous!

More brocades! At least all the trends are coming together now!