Sunday, 22 February 2009

Roving Reporter : SADO

It just isn't a good name, is it? I wonder what it means, I'm going to ask next time I see head designer Carlotta, who is one of the nicest ladies I have met!

I loved the collection tonight, even though we ran an hour late. Blame it on Bernard! Carlotta is so good with slouchy tailoring. There is something so beautifully relaxed, yet chic about her clothes.

Highlights (aside sitting on the from row, next to the husband of the lady who wears those ridiculous hats - he actually spoke to me and I didn't realise, so basically blanked him! eeek!
Oh and I also sat opposite Brian Paddock, the ex-police commisioner guy, from I'm a celebrity! I swear he winked at me! He looked mighty fine, in a stylish greyblue suit and grey tee - Everyone was so excited he was there!)

Oh yes the clothes!

I loved : The grey coat with the pleated bottom - All in felted wool! invest!
Slouch cut, suit trousers! comfy and stylish, almost unheard of in fashion.
Jersey playsuits and maxi dresses, beautifully draped! Oh so flattering

Colours : Lots and lots of grey tones, a bit of black and accents of raspberry, orange, salmon, chocolate and mustard (can you tell that I have food on the brain? - it's called the fashion week diet.)

Prints : Geometric floral - Chic!

It shouldn't be called SADO it should be called something like . . . COOLIO! (is that copyright?)

Right off to bed, pics to follow, must sleep

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