Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Marc Jacobs : In Detail

Marc Jacobs' huge empire includes a healthy chunk in the accessories sector.

So lets take an in-depth look into the detail of the off-the-chart Jacobs runway show.

Shoe-boots (shoots) were a huge, huge trend last year and they are set for a comeback. Check out those clog-style molded toes. Bizarre or hot? Baby-pink bows with harsh black satin. Very rock, very Madonna. Tell us what you think.

Firstly, if you have a bicycle chain, may I suggest you save some cash, spray it pink and wear it as neck adornment for next season perhaps? Love this mad oversizing of things. Just check out these radical sunglasses - 3D cinema anyone? Seriously, when it comes to A/W09...size really does matter.

Leg warmers, tights - who knows? Either way, Jacobs has cunningly mixed 80s insanity with chic 17th-century rococo to create this fabulous print. It's like a rebels' tea party!

When in doubt, add some bling. If you're still not sure, add a bit more! Alternatively, get a needle and thread and start sewing old and broken jewels to jumpers to create your very own catwalk looks.

Though the financial crisis has promised to kill off the crave for it bags, this piece of arm candy could change that. With 80s (I know, yawn!) being the main theme, keep it all studded. I have to admit I love the classic Chanel-style quilting with the rock-chic edge.

There were bug-eye shades and aviators, and now we have continent-sized ones. That must have been one hefty fashion party to require such gigantic eyewear the next day. Note the antique-style coat. Again, jazz up old wool coats with antique buttons and gems from Button Queen or Cloth House.

Netted lace, so Madonna in those rebel years. I love the way it looks so much like a tattoo. Tres cool.

So fashion folks, there you have it, Marc Jacobs in detail. The top seasons trends and how to DIY. Be sure to let us know what you think.


  1. oh my god...!!! i am in luv with the sunglasses... so funkkkyyy...!!!!


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