Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Kat Prescott

Although I can get stressed, I know my job is perfect when I get to spend days hanging out @ The Sanderson Hotel's Penthouse Suite on Berners Street W1.

I rocked up to the hotel, where Tomo Kembery was in full swing of making his first mini video/film. I helped dress up some gorgeous girls in some sexy Agent Provocateur and then sent them on their way!
Also on set was my favourite band 'The Ruskins' and their manager Ed.
The Sanderson Penthouse was amazing, in fact the whole hotel was stunningly original, made of glass and draped in curtains it was very serene and cool. The lift was fab and looked like something out of the science museum, all dark and covered inside like space!
I then got to go in a private lift all the way to the penthouse! I was practically hyperventilating with excitement!
The hotel was gorgeous and I very much enjoyed having a nap whilst everyone went of to film in the lovely double bed!
I was really there to style Kat Prescott who plays Emily Fitch in E4 SKINS which starts its next series in late Jan/early Feb.
We went for a mixture of 80's Madonna and a bit of Urban Casual. So there were jeans, leather jackets, skater skirts and plenty of tulle! We had beautiful and quirky jewellery from, a stunning frock from Core Spirit, Jeans from Baby Phat and Applebottoms and 80's inspired pieces from Beyond Retro and Topshop

Here is Kat in Core Spirit, having the final touches put to her hair by Simon Webster, with Make Up artist Martina Luisetti in the corner there who did gorgeous red lips on a now dark haired Kat, it was perfect!

Kat was lovely to work with, so professional, yet bubbly and stunning at the same time. 
Also spotted on the shoot was fellow cast member Luke Pasqualino (SKINS - Freddie) who stopped by to say hi to Kat and The Ruskins.

Hey, it's just the way we roll!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Hofit Golan and Brian Friedman . . . AGAIN!

Well I know I've been absent for an age, it just seems that this year has gone spinning past, I can't believe 2010 is almost upon us. Shooting for RANDOM, I rarely get to be creatively in charge of a shoot and worrying that I'd forgotten how to put anything together on my own, I set about organising a shoot. Now for those of you that haven't realised how obsessed with the X Factor I am, well shame on you! And a few weeks ago when I met Brian Friedman and Hofit Golan on Mayfair Fashion Magazines shoot, when Hofit suggested me shooting the two of them again, I was delighted. Hofit who already wears everything from D&G to Versace, didn't worry me a smidge. But Brian Friedman wanted high fashion and with unique taste, I had a task on my hand.

I was totally at a lost as what to do for the 'Fantasy Fairytale and Make Believe' issue themed shoot and called in the help of awesome Bedhead / Tigi photographer Roberto Aguilar to shoot and inspire us!
He came up with a fantastic puppeteer concept, which suited Brian as he is after all one of the leading POP choreographers. I developed the theme into a full on fairytale story of evil fantasy and captivity that was played out on our tuesday shoot.
I needed props, a puppet theatre mainly and some marionettes, that will be photoshoped out allowing us to make Hofit the puppet. I also needed backdrop fabric so that the studio in in SW11 would be transformed into a theatre. I roped in hot model Luke Abbey (who is currently studying set design at the BRIT school) to build my puppet theatre and set off on a hunt for wine coloured velvet. I also got a local store to loan me a vintage bird cage and we had various vintage chairs at hand on set. Out came Roberto with the smoke machine and with £6 puppet from the internet I thought I was set.
On the morning of the shoot when setting up with the set team and Roberto, I realised my fab £28 spend on fabric left me short of velvet by 2 metres. It was 9.30am and with the set needing to be dressed I had no choice but to walk to the local fabric store to buy some more. Unlike my cheap north London shop, I was faced with a depressing £140 bill for 10 metres of fabric (only if I paid in cash, cue another walk to the cash point). It was a choice between surviving with what we had or splashing more dosh to ensure for the best result and lets be fair what's the point of a half hearted job. The owners of the store found me a lift back to the studio and Luke did an amazing job of building the set!
Brian and Hofit arrived full of beans, though Brian insisted he'd rather have the day off, once I showed him the racks full of clothes and all my fab dress up bits (plus he was to be the master puppeteer) he soon became excited and happy to dress up!
My amazing hair and make up team got to work and my assistants busily unpacked and steamed three suitcases and 10 carrier bags of clothes and accessories while I buzzed around making sure everyone was happy. 

Brian was first up as he needed little make up and less face it, no hair! And we got him suited and booted. The first shot consisted of a stunning blue suit by Dimitri Stavrou (which was warn by William Tempest in January's Vogue) with a wet look shirt and a top hat. The shots were amazing and I started to relax.

Fashion TV arrived and both Roberto and I had to do a bit for the camera about RANDOM and the shoot. I took only one take, while Roberto seemed to need about 10, what can I say! I'm a natural!

Hofit's rack consisted of Matthew Williamson, Versace, DKNY, NOIR, JCDC, Pam Hogg, TBA, Elizabeth Lau, Core Spirit, D&G, Harriet's Muse and Jacob Kimmie as well as my favourite cheap but cheerful Galibardy and Rock and Rose Jewellery. 

Brian Friedman meanwhile spent the shoot frantically changing between Child of the Jago (whose clothes are my new crush!) JCDC, Canalli, Ferragamo, Jaeger, Unconditional, CK, Irregular Choice, DKNY, Farhi, Paul and Joe and Dimitri Stavrou.
The shoot was sooooo much fun and we got through tones and tones of looks. I think Brian enjoyed being evil WAY to much but he was great. While I have shown Hofit that she should be wearing Jacob Kimmie (she did that night to the X Factor wrap party at Jalouse). I even got her into a full on Pam Hogg look (inc. heel-less shoes) which looked outstanding on her. Brian agreed that we've found her a new look and we should so be channelling it in 2010!
By the end of the shoot I felt like death, I was soooo tired. We packed up and waved B and H off, with me lending a Jacob Kimmie dress to Hofit for the night and Brian and I arranging to meet up the next day so he could BUY one of Dimitri Stavrou's suits.

I threw myself into the back of Mercedes people carrier and spent the rest of the night sorting and booking couriers. I now have to wait for the pics, but I know they will be amazing. A weird but wonderful day!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Alice In Wonderland

OMG!!! loooook Check out the trailer for Alice In Wonderland! 

And it comes out on my birthday!! 5.3.2010

Friday, 11 December 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Me on FTV

There is me looking terrible in the background on FTV. I was styling Sophie Anderton for Every Model Magazine and FTV filmed it!

Photographer: Dave Wise
Hair: Noel Gibbins
MUA : Lauren Baker
Stylist: Rivkie Baum
Styling Assistant: Catherine Smith
Model: Sophie Anderton

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Fenchurch Party

Thursday night was party night and with an early start on Friday I decided to push the boat out!
I headed over to the Fenchurch catwalk show and party in Old Street's 'Classic Car Club' an unusual but brilliant venue.
All the cars were piled up (literally) outside in the courtyard so the venue was essentially a giant warehouse. It had that 'of the minute' Shoreditch vibe and while the crowd was very fashion, it was also nice and relaxed.

The venue was hard to miss due to the hologram logo pinged up on the building, very Gotham City! Myself and Bleu Mae of Fleur De Lis waited in the cold for the third member of our party (Alex Prinz of D1 models - face of the Worlds Most Expensive Suit - Don't you know!)
Inside the drink were flowing (a little too much) and we were soon slugging back a lethal mixture of cocktails, beer and wine! having made friends with the barman a top up was never long off!

The fashion show started and as the likes of Alistair Guy and Gemma Winter took up spots in the front row, we enjoyed the latest landing of indie brand Fenchurch. Styled by a member of Dazed and Confused, we were coveted to the long socks and round toed heels and fell in love with the backless sparkly dress. For the boys there were plenty of checks, solid knitwear and Indie band perfect cargo jackets. The show was accented by some fantastic break dancers which wowed and jollied up the crowd.

Post show we drank more, munched on chinese take away box style food and danced around to the thumping tunes of the DJ. The party was well attended considering there were tones of events that night. Post show we chatted to GT Mag, Wonderland and the rest of the D1 crowd who never seem to miss a party!

It was also Bleu of Fleur De Lis birthday that night! So we made it a night to remember by networking in the smokers pit! Oh how very fashion!

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Tonight I got to spend the evening with the lovely model Alex Prinz (from D1). Alex Prinz is just back from hitting up NYC and we were both ready to party!
We headed to the 'Reebok Lounge' on Great Eastern Street to celebrate 20yrs of the Reebok Pump!
We arrived at the lounge and whizzed straight in and headed down to the bar. The 'Reebok Lounge' was an awesome venue and the music was pumping when we got down there. We grabbed drinks and headed to the dance floor. 

We got chatting to Charles from WOUND Magazine and I bumped into someone who was with me at LCF (he has since gone on to pattern cut for ZAC POSEN, DOLCE and GILES!)
The music was thumping hip hop and it turns out Mr Alex Prinz is a bit of wannabe rapper, he knew all the moves and all the words, leaving me rather shamed as I attempted to 'bop'.
With Dan Williams as DJ, it came as no surprise to see JADE JAGGER and Mini JAGGERS tottering down the stairs. At the bar I passed ALICE DELLAL - though I was mildly confused because if she was partying @ Reebok, who was DJing @ Qasimi tonight?
Later in the night I spotted socialite fashionista SARAH YOUNG, MIQUITA OLIVER knocked past a few people, KELLY BROOK was in the building and MR HUDSON, as were HEAT Magazine.
Style: TRAINERS, TRAINERS, TRAINERS! But shockingly they weren't all Reeboks, tones of people were rocking Nikes & Adidas including the girls! No HEELS!

Fav Outfit: All the girls in vintage tees and jeans, skinnies and boyfriend style - In Shoreditch there is a natural cool and no-one tries too hard!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Oh it's Monday? That must be Hofit and Brian day

Well Monday was by far, one of my most exciting 'stylist' days.
Though I wasn't officially working. I went along to the Mayfair Fashion Shoot, with HOFIT GOLAN and X FACTOR'S BRIAN FRIEDMAN!
I'm a huge X Factor fan, so I wont lie, meeting Brian was my highest priority for Monday!
Hofit, however, who I have seen gracing the pages of my weekly magazines time and time again, was absolutely gorgeous in the flesh and while I was busy digging for X Factor gossip, she too was absolutely lovely.

The shoot and interview for MFM, shot by Dave Wise, took place at the recently re-furbished Flemmings Hotel in Mayfair. While Hofit arrived in a tracksuit (very dressed down LA chic), Brian rolled up in true A list style, huge dark shades and a big furry, eskimo hat!
The shoot was self styled and while Hofit and I compared her real D&G applique belt, with my, high street version (I still think I won), Brian showed us that men to can rock a 'playsuit' or should I say the male 'Boiler suit!'
I have to admit, an all in one for a man is just as fab as it is for the female counterpart!

Having filled us in on all the X Factor gossip, from who is hot to who's not! (no I wont tell!)
Brian was a total natural in front of the camera and the two of them together was so fun and playful the shots were effortless.

As I dashed off at three to a meeting with TCS PR, Brian was leaving too and offered to drop me off in Knightsbridge! So yes everyone! I got to go in Brian Friedmans flash car and I'll never let anyone forget it!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Bleu Mae . . . THE INTERVIEW

I know you all LOVE Bleu, and she has been MIA for ages, so here is a few texts, blackberry messaging and some emails,

So Bleu, all my Fash-Pack readers LOVE hearing about your adventures, but you've disappeared! What's been going on?

Haha and I love Fash Pack - well G-d - where to start! I went away from May-September going to all the festivals, played at a few. Spent a lot of time working with producers and writers developing a sound etc!! Then been back, just getting lots of press, been in studio, back to back, days on end!! But it's great!! It's fun to finally have this chance as an actual job!

OMG a JOB! What are you doing to Fash-Pack??! haha, developing a sound ey? Tell us a bit about this sound!

haha I know! No more waltzing about as a wannabe IT girl!!! Yes it's hard, like to find a sound when I'm more used to just writing lyrics!! So we jumped back and forth from having a very techno/pop/indie/soul sound much like Florence and Little Boots etc. To really realise my heart lies with honest raw folk/pop music. It's real it relates to my loud obnoxious personalty I suppose!! LOL I write what I write if it's from sex, to bitching, to holding hands, or eating pizza. Raw really untouched music it's real and me saying it!!!

Raw . . . and deep . . . pizza hmmmmm There's a thought! What's your favourite food? Like most girls are you constantly worried about your weight and what you look like as you mix fashion and music there must be huge pressure how do you deal with this?

Favourite food - well at the moment it's fish finger sandwiches with 1 side ketchup 1 side mayo, but I'm a big tuna eater and like live for baked beans. I love toast, Oh and I would die for Belgium waffles!! Yeh like I'm not gonna lie, I was a fat ass kid, who is not slightly worried about their weight!
But I'm pretty average size! But I eat, I don't exercise, cuz im lazy!! But it's a big part of what we do. I do worry I wont fit in to sample clothes I think about it for 10 mins, wallow for 10, then eat a mcdonalds! Im a big stress eater! so I don't think that helps! I say eat what you like - embrace it! And if you have a nice dress to fit in just cut down on the Freddos for a week or so! haha

Hehehe that's very refreshing! You sat front row at fashion week and got constantly snapped by style hunters! What's your secret formula for a good outfit? Who are your style icons? How do you decide to what to wear!

Yes do u know what I've been going to fashion week since I was 14 ish and never sat on front row and this was my first season sitting front row! and f*ck what a panic!
Now it really matters that I painted my nails and don't have a ladder in my tights! But you know what? That is just me! a good ladder in the tights and chipped nails! - Well I think hair makes an outfit - and I love my just rolled out of bed, festival-esque hair!
But as far as being snapped by Style Hunters I think its all about how you wear it!
I've been snapped wearing Primark before But i love designers like EG, William Tempest and Ada Zanditon.
I think women should feel empowered when they leave the house and that's how I feel when I wear a good outfit! Strut your way through it, keep a cheeky grin on your face and that is your outfit!!
Johnny cash Madonna and bjork are all my style icons - I just throw on an outfit that could inspire me or someone else! From a song to a painting you can inspire a bus driver to Banksy! You never know! x

Hehe so front row not all its cracked up to be! U mentioned a few designers that you love, they are all young and new, is that something that's important to u? To look after youthful talent? Do u think there is enough support out there for new talent in fashion? And on the flip side do you think new singers have too much pressure put on them, like chipmunk who was recently seen twittering about suicide and pressure, how do u feel about media attention?

Yes like front row is an added pressure to what you look like and for new media to really see how you come across!!
Oh supporting young talent is pretty much everything I believe in!! I think its so important for me to wear young new upcoming designers and work with young producers and writers! It's just what I think I mean I'm 17 and all the people that have taken a chance on me - so i just try to spread that around a bit- and London has some INCREDIBLE young talent in all aspects!
But young singers, well Chipmunk is so right and we all whine about our pressured schedules - but seriously there is sooooo much pressure to live up to your status in this industry- Now I'm pretty comfortable in my position but the thought of what to wear - who's coming - who's got a photo - who said that - on top of writing songs and performing them at one million percent is a strain on me everyday! But I do this cause i love it and it's the best thing I could be doing right now!! And I love the press - a good bit of gossip hurt no one - I'm always happy to pose for a picture and answer a few questions its part of my job! x x


Editor @ Large . . . The Script do Live Lounge

Check out this fab version of The Script on LIVE LOUNGE covering Eminem

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Blue Peter does Fashion Week


its about half way through the video and features Craig Lawrence, Luella and VV Brown!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

THE RUSKINS shoot (and hilarious interview) ONLY in RANDOM Magazine

Kaya Scodelario, in our SKINS shoot for RANDOM MAGAZINE - PRETTY

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Little Emperors & Co

Little Emperors & Co. . . March into Fashion
When this Press Release dropped into my Inbox, my jaw literally dropped to the floor! 
We all know I'm a huge supporter of the 
Recessionista Fashionista
And this new scheme seemed to fit into this new 
belief system PERFECTLY! 

Now we all know the secret to surviving the 
recession in style is to downsize and not deny our 
guilty little pleasures 
and Little Emperors and Co saw a gap in the market for this very need.

So how does it work?

* For £575 (for a years membership
both London and International brands) you can
get the special members card that gives you discounts 
on designers and lifestyle services ALL YEAR round!

* If you are currently living the high life, this card will benefit 
you greatly & far out weigh the 'starting' cost of getting this 
plastic beauty.

Who's involved?
* The list is almost endless! But here is a mere taster!

* There are over 1000 retail partners, these are just a small selection:

Myla – 25% - pretty pants all year round.
Heidi Klein – 20% 
My Wardrobe – 20%
Alberta Ferreti – 25%
Temperley – 15% - SWOON!
Smythson – 15%
Phillipa Holland Jewellery – 15%
Austique – 10%
La Perla – 10%
Maria Gratchvogal – 10%
Donna Karan – 10%  - HEART!
Jenny Packham – 10% 
Jil Sander – 10% 

Daniel Hersheson – 25% - a weekly blow dry need not bankrupt you!
Miller Harris – 20% 
Urban Retreat – 20% - You won't feel guilty about pampering.
Organic Pharmacy – 20% 
Amanda Lacey – 15%
Aveda – 20% 
Becca – 20%
Blink Brow Bar – 20% 
Bliss – 10% 

Sketch – 50% - see you can save on the supermarket shop!
Sake No Hana – 40%
The Ivy – 15%
Scotts – 15%
Daylesford Organics – 15%
The Electric – 10% 
Toms Kitchen – 10%
Soho House – 10%
Shoredich House – 10%
Marco Pierre White Stake House and Grill – 15%

Baglioni – 25%
The Ritz – 20%
The Met – 20%
Soho Hotel – 10%
Charlotte St Hotel – 10%
Number Sixteen - 10%
Le Palais Hotel, Prague – 57%
Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice – 27% 
La Bastides de St Tropez – 20%
La Yaca, St Tropez – 20%
Le Royal Monceau, Paris – 10%
ME Barcelona – 10%

NCP Carparks – 65%
Browns Chauffeur Hire – 25%
Buy Time (Personal Assistant) - 25%
Burlington Nannies – 15%
The VIP’s (dog walking)- 15%
West One Cars – 10% 
Closet Concierge – 10%
Airport Parking – 10%
Cookoo Club – Free annual membership 
Boujis Club – Free annual membership - Bag yourself a Prince?
The Met Bar – Free annual membership 



Friday, 6 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . RANDOM Magazine Launch Party

Well folks, we've finally done it! A/W Random, my first issue at the helm is done dusted and out in the world. We celebrated this in style on Thursday night at London Bridge club 'The Arches'.
Having got hideously lost (spending time driving around with an equally confused cab driver) I was pleased when The Ruskins van suddenly drew up next to me and I jumped in!

The venue was wicked and Tomo (E-I-C at Random) had done a fab job, with his art agents 2R Art setting the place up with enlarged images from the magazine. The video behind the bands stage played out the recording of our two day shoot, which I avoided watching!
The club was a series of tunnels and there were drinks at the ready to keep the guests happy! The PUMA goodie bags had hair product, sweets and Ipod covers in and were gone before long!

I got The Ruskins in to their PUMA outfits and went off to start the guest list with the door people. Guests quickly filtered in and it wasn't long before familiar faces popped in to have a look at the latest issue of the mag. 
Eventually Nico Didonna (designer) and his crew turned up and thankfully he went and got me my first drink of the night! Soon after my assistant Catherine brought me a dairy milk to kick start my sugar levels! It was cold out on the door and I eventually had to give in and wear my coat! (I didn't want to wreck my outfit!)

Suddenly spotted Blake Harrison (from The Inbetweeners, was queuing with his brother) so I grabbed him and got him straight inside! He was eager to finally see his pics! 
Later on we spotted one of the gorgeous, red haired twins from Skins with a gaggle of friends, who we got straight into the VIP room too!

Eventually it was show time and I tottered up onto the stage (the steps were steep and the shoes were big) to say hello to everyone and demand they buy a copy of RANDOM! I then introduced Tomo, who introduced THE RUSKINS! who were are first live act of the night!

The Ruskins were AMAZING! so lively, witty and cool!
Next up after a few technical hitches (and another vodka/cranberry) we found sexy singer Lisa Mitchell in the ladies loos! After we complemented each other on our Westwood pieces she hopped up on stage and made all the boys jaws drop! She really is stunning!
Her guitar broke (something to do with a battery) and there was an awkward period of waiting but when the twinkly and delicate vocal started it was well worth the wait!

Finally we were treated to a mind blowing show from 'My Toys Like Me' - Fab outfit, quirky performance, top tunes! Def a band to watch!

Well performances over, it was time for a few drinks, a lil dance and a bit of networking!
Hmmmm must start the next issue now


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Press Day!

Having had a shoot cancelled I decided to use today to do 'press days'. This is where press (journos, stylists etc) go round the various PR offices and look at the new collections for SS10!
We visited tones of places! But my top picks for today are . . . 

*BLOW - 45 (approx - I didn't count) designers, choccie cake and lollies.

*Boudoir Pr - The new hit from bargain etailer is insanely on trend and looks expensive and the Galibardy jewellery has us dancing with excitement!

* BCPR - soon to be H-PR, Mainly because the girls in there rock! But also because I love Paul and Joe and their new designers are sooooo sparkly - TBA - to be adored!

* Dust Co-Operative - Because they gave THE BEST goodie bag (scarves, sunglasses) AND because they have Hummel girl hi-tops that are HOT and because they showed me Irregular Choice shoes! (Hi-tops with lights in the back that flash when you move!!! - I can be a kid again!)

*Modus - Because they have EVERYONE cool and I got to see the Cheryl Cole dress up close! David Korma is COOL!

*Harvey Nicks as I discovered the most outstanding handbag designer - Raven Kauffman - feathers, rare stones and leather - its extreme handmade beauty! Oh and Catherine got to eat a beautiful sparkly cupcake. And we saw Henry Holland and Jade Jagger!

Wow what an exciting day!! Bring on SS10!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Published Work

Check out the November Issue of Fuxyz Magazine (no I have no idea how you say it either)
Has some cool shoots! But obv the best is the one shot by Brit photographer Vince Nord of Brit Model Luke Worrall! I styled it and Michelle Webb did make up and Noel Gibbins did the hair.

British creatives take over Spain!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Applebottom Jeans

Boots with the fur . . . . . . . In Vendome Club, looking at her!

Today I shot for Metro Newpaper and FHM amongst others with DJ Sassy Pandez and photographer Joseph Sinclair.

The shoot was hooked up to 'Applebottom Jeans', so we had Holiday, Spring and Summer collections to shoot. 
Before I got to know Applebottom as a brand, I had automatically associated it with the girl 'in the boots with the fur' but actually the more pieces I pulled out, the more I loved it!

The shoot started at 10am, I swung round to AB headquarters and we loaded up a taxi with piles of clothes. Round at Vendome Mayfair Nightclub, our home for the day we dragged (well I pretty much collapsed under the weight of the stuff) into the club. 
I set up in the cloakroom and there was little to no light! I was guessing which colours worked perfectly, which denims matched and what bling was silver and what was gold.

Once everyone got there (fashionably late) and coffee was on site, we started the hair and make up process. I wont lie, I always wish I could work without these wonderful artists as it just takes sooooo long!

When we finally got going it was a race against the clock to get everything done! 
We shot till seven and I yelled constantly about time and moving on!
Stressful don't even cover it! Sassy Looked HOT though!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . NEW ARTIST ALERT!



Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bleu is Back and she is interviewing BOBBY LONG!

Bobby Long 23year old dreamboat! 
Bobby is a extremely talented singer/songwriter.
That by chance one of his songs ended up on the huge hit movie Twilight - but aside from Twilight he's now working with grammy award winning producers who have worked with the likes of the White Stripes, this dude is a captivating storyteller. 
The imagery he portrays leaves you wanting more yet feeling so fragile and attached.
For my pure delight I got to catch up with the GORGEOUS Bobby for a quick interview. 
He's flawlessly polite and intriguing. 
But this well mannered charming man portrays all of this and more through his beautiful music. 
So lets see what Bobby has to say about touring, fans, fame and more!!!
So we head over to a cafe on greys Inn road for a quick cuppa tea! ( since i hear you fans like to no bizarre things he drinks black coffee) 
So Bobby what are you up to at the moment - now your back in the UK?
I'm going back to the New York in a few days back on tour, so i'm excited for that. I just recorded with Liam Watson of the White Stripes that was amazing. But you know i really love being in the studio, i do enjoy being on tour. Buts its nice to be working with other musicians rather than being out there on my own. I really enjoy it.
If you were a superhero what would your name be and what would your skills be?
After spending 5 mins pondering over this desperately coming up with something - Nothing he couldn't come up with anything!!
What's been your highlights of this year so far? 
Going to american and being on tour. Well just doing music as a full time job is amazing.
If you could pick anyone who would be your mistletoe kiss?
Monica Bellucci - I have a bit of thing for her :)
Where can we catch you playing soon?
On my USA tour - (there's some amazing gigs in New York and LA)
Who would you kiss, marry and avoid out of - Kate Moss - Kate Winslet and Katy Perry
Oh I would Avoid Kate Moss, Marry Kate Winslet ( She has a farm right?) and kiss Katy Perry.
What inspires your Music and lyrics?
Well musically - i love country music/Folk and Bluesy stuff. Raw simple and honest.
Lyrically - storytelling, use of words and i like how they look on a page.
What's your favourite pass time?
I love watching films, Westerns and Reading.
Who's your Favourite W.W.E wrestler?
The rock - That's crap Bobby mines the Arctic Warrior!!
What's are the craziest things fans have done?
Loads of things - They bring me loads of gifts. Like a girl in San Fran brought me a hamper full of food. 
And i mentioned once in an interview that i liked french pate and then loads of girls turned up with it! (good way not to have to pop to Tesco's ;) )
What is your favourite snack?
Marmite (so girls go out and by loads! ) 
What are your goals?
I want to establish a long career from this. Play good shows and make good records.
So girls 5 ways to get in Bobby's good books/Pants -
1- Buy him Marmite
2- Take him to Memphis
3- Play loads of country/folk music
4 - Take him so a western movie
5- Fly to france get him proper good french Pate :D

Monday, 19 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . X Factor Style Report - Week 2

This catastrophe of wardrobe was totally surprising even to someone with little faith in the wardrobe dept for the X Factor. Twitter was a buzz with shock at the 'curtain' like print, the poor taste and tackiness of the look. Everything had been chucked at this group in the bid to make them trendy. Stud jackets, drop crotched trousers, handkerchief hems (never good) and full skirt. However they looked liked they'd fallen out of a pirates jumble sale. Their figures were not taken into account whatsoever and so they looked short and dumpy. So three girls with amazing voices like mismatched outcasts.

When I saw Stacey Solomons for the first time I knew she had no style of her own, the shorts/shirts combo she wore to her original auditions was all lovely girl next door but not fashionista.
Last week they shoved Stacey in a hideous tank top, tonight she was in a cheap but cute one shoulder dress. It was definitely on trend, with black organza over nude 'silk' and little sparkles. Yes it was cheap and slightly tacky but she did look better, prettier and more befitting in a frock!

And finally, why oh why was Joe wearing a hoodie, had he just been to the gym? Had they forgotten to give him wardrobe? Joe has far more fashion sense than the wardrobe team on a Monday morning!

(Daily Mail)

I vote for the contestants to dress themselves.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shoreditch House

Tonight I was off to Glamour-okie at Shoreditch House! A place I had only ever got the chance to read about in the gossip mags! 
Unknown to me Shoreditch House is actually in the big building labeled TEA near Brick Lane, I'd always wondered what was there!
Having dropped off our coats, we headed to the bar to grab a pre sing-sing drink. We all went tee-total and sat in the corner with our juices and fizzy pop, after all guys and girls we are in a recession! 
This evidently did not please the rude staff, who were forever swooping on our table to take glasses and made no attempt to hide their desire to get us out of there! On that basis alone I wouldn't bother with such a place again. Let alone pay hundreds of quid to be a member! 

We headed to the room 'The Biscuit Tin' on the fourth floor of the six floor, bar extravaganza and plonked ourselves right at the front of the Karaoke. 
To my left was the judging panel, consisting of David Van Day (who is very short!), Beauty Editor at The Sun and ex-Blue Peter presenter - Zoe Salmon.

It seems that Nick Ede only knows people who sing like Whitney Houston! Even his intern had a voice to rival that of any X Factor contestant!
Several songs later, the crowd was getting merry and the judges had drunk themselves under the table, with Zoe Salmon getting so drunk she could barely stand and promptly flicked her feet in the air and collapsed on to a hot but unsuspecting man. Needles to say she was escorted out of the building and sent home to sleep it off!

Bleu sang a gorgeous rendition of Put Your Record On and I was so proud as I whopped and cheered my little Bleu Mae on!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Bo Bruce

Bo Bruce - Bo Bruce My Guy 3L on MUZU.

Bo Bruce first popped up on the Channel 4 version of the X Factor (with more class) 'Orange Unsigned Acts'.
It's aim was to find musicians, rather than 'pop acts' and Bo was always my fav.
Madness are one of my all time fav bands and I love this cover Bo Bruce has done!! Check it out!! - p.s. her style is just awesome too!

I love this Whistles biker dress so much that I went and bought one today! £150 -
A grown up way to be a rock chick

Monday, 12 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Fash Pack Fav

Check out the latest offering from flame haired Florence! Debuted last night on Channel 4, even better is her sparkly body made by none other than Fash Pack Fav - Manjit Deu, we think Florence and the Machine is the perfect candidate to rock the Swarovski Crystal ensemble!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . X Factor Style Report!

Kandy Rain what were they wearing?! Sexy ladies looking slightly slutty, very short and a wee bit dumpy. Is that really what you want to portray? I know cage skirts are so du jour but you really have to have the style and flair to carry it off! The GaGa hair was so OTT and overdone! Dear Dear me no wonder they waddled off.

Stacey Solomons, no one can deny, her voice is incredible. However she is no Kate Moss but that doesn't mean she shouldn't be given a show stopping outfit to meet her show stopping voice. What on earth is going on with the Marilyn tee?! She has a great figure, why has she not been given a fab outfit!

Lucie Jones, possibly the prettiest contestant ever! I loved her outfit tonight! Like Diana Vickers, it looks like the pretty girl is getting preferential treatment from the X Factor stylist!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Friday Fun

Well, I did the big 'Take Back' today, but ended up keeping about £60 worth of trilby's, scarves, tees and jewellery, this is why I hate doing any shoot as 'buy and return' as I always fall in love with some bits!

Well it's Friday and I'm gonna disappear till Monday but I thought I'd give you some music madness for the weekend.

Check out this unsigned act that I'm really getting into!

Especially love 'Sugar Rush'
Charlee Drew has a fab voice, it's really pop and easy to chill to!
So relax, sit back and wrap up warm and listen!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shoot DJ Steve Lawler

Well let's just say the shoot did not go to plan. I got to Aldgate East early - a first! Only to find later I was at the wrong exit, queue lots of walking in the rain, cursing to myself. The ingenious method of covering my case in a bin liner to stop it from soaking went drastically wrong when the plastic got caught in the wheel, rending the wheels on the case useless, leaving me to drag it from tube to studio (again in the rain!)
Arrived looking like a drowned rat, in a foul mood. Had delicious coffee and unpacked. However I found out when Steve arrived that he only really liked to wear various shades of plain, grey tees. That's cool everyone has their thing, however I was now totally useless. 
Several passive smoking sessions later, I went home. 

The End

Having said that I did get to meet the infamous EmmaJ founder and head of Woolhouse Studios and I will now be joining their books as a stylist! - Woohoo at least someone liked me and my very heavy, broken case of clothes!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shooting again

I'm off to shoot DJ Steve Lawler this afternoon! Yay! Just packed my case, its huge and heavy :-( Hope there is a nice strong man to help me at the station get it up the stairs! - Doubt it though!

Check back later for the result!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Treat for the Weekend

Told you all I was shooting High Street so here is some blackberry shots of the results. See River Island, Zara, Topshop and H and M can look designer when done right!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ethical Debate . . .

Watching the follow up to Blood Sweat and Tears on BBC3
The ethical fashion debate . . . Where do you stand?
The translator is in tears, they have found a child who has been beaten by factory owners and they are performing a rescue.
While I don't think children should be working and especially not in these conditions, is there really a solution out there. Many of these children need these jobs to survive and as westerners who are we to totally alter their society. So many people live in unbelievable poverty, how do we get the money to them if we eradicate all their jobs however poor the money is?

What to do?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Things

Not really having the most fashion of weeks! 
Random Magazine goes to print on Monday (we will be out November) so I have spent the week bashing around with credits! Tres stressful for all concerned! Everyone is working their socks off!
We headed to an exhibition on the Southbank tonight at the Movieum (yes they really have called it that). It was Water on the Lens, it was all based around under water photography, very magical!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shoot Shopping

I have a test shoot on Friday so I spent today trying to sort out the two looks I've been asked to create. One inspired by this seasons Dolce Gabbana campaign and one with a Chanel / Christian Lacroix feel.

I headed naturally to the high-street as I love recreating these looks with budget in mind. So far I've picked up a red velvet body, a multi layered lace cape/collar and flapper headband all from Topshop. To complete my gothic look I purchased a mutton sleeved blouse - H&M, lacey tights (Fenwick) and a beautifully tailored pencil skirt from Zara!

Finally I headed to River Island which has improved season on season. Though there design dept claim to not follow trends but rather 'create' them, we all know that they do some of the best catwalk copies around! I grabbed a hot pink and black faux fur jacket (perfectly D&G) and an amazingly embellished belt which again plays the Dolce vibe. The elastic waist belt is decorated with ribbons and brooches and is simply divine! I finished the look with wet look leggings and bow hair band - Topshop) and a feathered skirt - Zara
I can't wait to see the results on Friday! I still have finishing touches to do but the basics are all there!

As it was Sunday the shops were crammed with couples, I don't get shopping with a B/F! Girls why do you do it?! The girls dragging their poor boyfriends around (who'd rather be in the pub!) asking for their opinions only to disagree!
My favourite was the stunning girl in front of me in the queue at Zara (she'd look good in a bin bag) who had picked up a very fashion forward multi stud skirt and numerous studded mini dresses. Her b/f looked utterly baffled by the fashionista pieces and only really liked the look of the lady like lacey number! We all know boys don't get runway darling!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Loving Katie Eary!

Katie Eary is one of the latest and greatest menswear visionaries of our time. I have used previous seasons of  Katie's work and I absolutely adore her use of embellishment and the dark and mysterious element to every piece she makes. Her collections are strong in their androgynous tendencies I totally adore it.
This video presentation sums up all the crazy notions racing around in this fantastic designers head, its all dark and twisted but entirely beautiful.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Tim Soar

TIM SOAR - S/S 2010
Soar's collection started off extremely clinical and the white plastic looking clothing reminded me of chemical hazard suits.
There were plastic macs, bib front shirts and again, trendy, ankle skimming trouser hems. Trouser legs were generally fairly slim in cut, with the occasional dropped crotch and peg style cut. 
Like with the women's shows, Tim Soar's models had their hair slicked back into a wet look style. 
The collection gained some warmth with a striped pair of trousers that had an almost Middle Eastern feel in tone, warm dusky pink, camel, brick red and orange.
As the collection gained momentum, the pieces became more unusual. There were black wet look blazers, gun metal silver trousers and chocolate, paper silk jackets.
Chocolate, cream, white and metallic silver were heavily featured and wet look blackthings are definitely here to stay.

Tim Soar played with armour and form fitting shapes as he created structural tops that were almost like 'second skin' to the models. I admired his move into snake print jeans and marveled at how the boys struggled to walk in sling back brogues (somehow I don't think they will catch on even in S/S2010!)

Editor @ Large . . . B-Store

B-STORE S/S 2010

MUSIC : 'I could be happy by Altered Images / 'Mrs Robinson' by Simon and Garfunkel

The collection was classically, what you would expect . . . Neutral tones of beige, cream, camel and denim blue hues. There was plenty of leg on show as boys strutted in shorts both short shorts and tailored 'city' cut off shorts.
Trousers were all the very 'Hoxton' ankle skimmers and peg legs worn with loosely tailored but perfectly cut jackets. There were flashes of checks and jersey polos were accessorised with skinny ties.
The styling was perfect and I loved the pushed up blazer sleeves and the rolled back t-shirt sleeves
It was a slightly 40's preppy look, which was further pulled together by the camel coloured satchels.
My favourite pieces were definitely the wet look,  light blue macs and anoraks, it was almost a plastic mac come silk, it was great! Even Boy George was dancing in his seat at the end of the walk through!

Editor @ Large . . . B-Store / Tim Soar

Can't believe fashion week has come and gone for another season! The 6th day of LFW has been turned into 'menswear' day, which although I feel menswear should be interspersed throughout the week, it is quite cool to watch how the audience in the main tent changes on the final day of London Fashion Week.
 I do love my menswear, but I gave most of the day a miss and settled on seeing the back to back B-Store / Tim Soar show, the finale to fashion week and hence befitting for me to attend. 
In the queue with fellow fashionistas we pondered the merit of creating double shows for every designer (we were in favour).
The show was packed and unlike the last few days there were tones of dapper men hanging around (who needs the male models!).

The front row filled up rapidly and a late arrival from BOY GEORGE in a fabulous, wonky, pink top hat, through the whole order into disarray, one of his friends ended up sitting on the floor in front of the front row! (I would so happily do that!)


Post B-Store/Tim Soar I ran to The Queen of Hoxton in . . .  (well isn't it obvious) to meet the gang for a drink to raise a cocktail to the end of one season. This is always a fun time as it normally means the closing of one door and the opening of another! After all at Fash-Off last year, that's when I first met the EIC of Random Magazine and now I'm the Editor! So as far as I'm concerned you can't beat a good fash off! Several drinks later and I'm ready for bed!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Basso and Brooke

OMG! I nearly cried it was just so amazing!
Basso and Brooke, along with A. McQueen were the sole catalyst for me studying, eating, sleeping and living fashion! So every time I see another Basso and Brooke show, I get overwhelmed with excitement!

The room was literally crammed! And I had arrived really early to ensure I avoided the crush. Even so, my actual allocated row was already filled and I had to scoot off elsewhere!
I always find their show so hard to describe as quite frankly there is so much to take in and put over it is very much near impossible!

Firstly Front Row:
Harold Tillman
Philip Green (I passed him in the exhibition earlier that day and had to refrain from hugging him)
Michelle Williams (I'm now slightly obsessed with her - she is just so nice and smiley)

Hair: EVERYONE has been doing wet look partially slicked back, greased up hair. Are we all going to be grease monkeys in 2010? I think not!

Shoes: Sculptural triangular heels, very blocky and colourful. Works of art in themselves!

The collection: 
Interestingly this time round, trousers barely featured and although La Roux has rocked the odd Basso & Brooke trouser suit, it seems 2010 is all for the skirt! YAY

There were tones of dresses, each with their own graphic, sketchy and bold print. The prints were tribal explosions of colour and what started as primarily colour palette in the beginning soon saw combinations of colours so vast, my jaw literally hit the floor!

Like at several shows this season there were waisted blazer dresses and jersey maxis that were incredibly body con. The cuts were literally perfection!

I loved the draped front pencil skirts and manipulated shift dresses that just added that extra attention to detail. I think that's the thing with this duo, everything is done for a reason. Each part of the print is placed specifically in the right place and each drape adds to both the garment and the art on it. 

I thought the use of nude panels to create an almost cut away effect on some pieces was superb and the asymmetry of both the cuts and prints was simply divine!
We gushed at the full skirted, pleated, chiffon, rainbow dress with black and white sequined top half! And I have to admit I almost fell of my chair when seeing the gold, structural jacket that had an almost armour like feel to it, teamed with gun metal peg leg trousers.
Also loved the black, leather dress, with rainbow print bust cups and tulip style skirt.

I definitely think this collection is one of their best to date. The prints were experimental, yet commercially viable. The cuts were conscious of both the use of drape and structure and offered a little bit of something for everyone.
I'm never not amazed at their talent, but this season they have out done themselves. One of the best things at fashion week! It even tops the Aquascutum champagne.

Editor @ Large . . . Romeo Pires

Romeo Pires was all about the shirt. You know when you are at uni, doing fashion, there is always a 'shirt' project, the one where you have to re-invent and play with the classic white garment! Well it seems for 2010, Pires did just that!
It was all about exaggerated, twisted and over-sized shirts. Distorted construction, cape styles, shirt dresses and shirts that became playsuits. Whether they were cotton or chiffon prints, there was no mistaking the inspiration.
I liked some of the cutting techniques used, especially the circular patterns that combined sleeves and back as one. Something I have seen previously at Nico's A/W 09 show. This technique creates interesting folds and drapery and worked really well in the chiffon. 
Prints were very abstract, with an almost Pop Art feel to them. Concentrating on primary colours and monochrome tones.
Favourite model : Ullah from D1 Models
Shoes : Flat Brogues in several hues.

Editor @ Large . . . Barbour Launch shop!

So Jeremy Scott ended and I spent two hours sipping coffee (well downing it) and writing up for the last few days so I treated myself to a visit to the new Barbour store! On Foubert's Place, the black and white fascia is striking. The store is two floors of the 'best in British design' and I've had a Barbour obsession since I was little!
It is the kind of brand that I imagine everyone in the country covets! I know I would!
Chatting to the Barbour Marketing Manager she talked me through the collection and how they have updated and modernised to appeal to both their trendier existing customers and to invite some new ones into the store!
I love the new Barbour jacket that sports union jack lining! The store has been open for less than a month and they have already sold out!
The new leather jackets for next season are delicious too! 
There is definitely a Barbour for all!
As if I didn't love the brand already there were plenty of snack, hot, fresh coffee and the best goodie bag! I walked off with a silk tartan print scarf (I'm thinking I may wrap it in my hair), a merino wool / cashmere mix scarf and some lambs wool, fingerless, gloves! What more can I ask for on a Tuesday!

Editor @ Large . . . Ballantyne

Louise Goldin worked on the new Ballantyne collection which showed today at LFW. Rather than a show, they went with the latest trend for a presentation!
We were welcomed with tea, fruit kebabs, cream tea scones and mini smoked salmon bagels!
Having had lunch (well, it was only the fair thing to do), we perused the delightfully light and quirky collection. Bold colours, striking knit styles and great cuts. Louise has breathed fresh life into an established brand.

Editor @ Large . . . Jeremy Scott

I'm more familiar with Scott's work via Adidas, so I was quite excited to see the 'stand alone' show. There was a pretty good front row which included Erin O'Connor, Jodie Harsh and lots of people that were being snapped out of my eye line! :-(
The show had a 'wild life theme' with a very 'Flinstone' style to it. The prints were all animal inspired versions of leopard and tiger prints with a cartoon edge to them. They came in hues of bright green, hot pink, yellow and orange and this was definitely bright and fun.
The actual silhouettes sometime got lost in translation, but I loved the full skirted shirt dresses, the wrap dresses and jackets with over-sized collars (and fastened with a bone!). Shift dresses were definitely du jour and I loved the jagged edged hems, very 'wild'.
There were fur animal print party dresses in florescent hues with sweet heart necklines, tulip skirts, high waist, body con pencil skirts and very eighties style, acid wash denim shorts. Menswear was shown too and while mainly the boys had to contend with slashed edged hems and printed shirts, the fashionista's couldn't help but chuckle at the one-piece mankini, with asymmetric shoulder strap - even Erin O'Connor was smirking away!
I loved the leather print jackets that came both cropped and waist length versions with sleeves and sleeveless, dropped armholes.
The collection was huge and I think the second to last section in pale pink, with white print really showed off Scott's actual skill as a designer, rather than just someone who can create wacky, kooky pieces. This section had fabulous, off the wall biker jackets, beautifully cut, high-waisted, full skater skirts and a wicked cropped tux jacket.
What I loved the most though is knowing that it is only in London that such experimentation and creativity is embraced!