Friday, 20 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Noir/Bllack Noir

Okay so it’s official. Ethical fashion is the way to go and not just because you’re conscience is bitting you on the butt; ethical fashion designers really are serving quality designs that we want to wear. After a bad morning of trying to navigate through South Kensington in platforms making me look like a six year old playing dress up in her mum’s heels, not to mention the lack of food in the tents this morning (the credit crunch has officially hit fashion week), I actually have a smile on my face. I’ve just run to the press room to let you all know that I’ve officially become an ethical fashion convert.

On a more serious note, the presentation, in conjunction with the British Fashion Council and Esthetica, aimed to highlight and encourage sustainability in the fashion industry. At a time where our economy is in a meltdown and every day we are confronted with the effects of global warming, the show did raise a lot of important issues that the fashion industry needs to take on board.

BFC chairman Harold Tillman was on hand to emphasise the need of the fashion industry to be receptive to ethical fashion. With that in mind, he was pleased to announce that London Fashion Week is officially the only fashion week to dedicate a whole exhibition to ethical fashion, making the show a much needed addition to the official schedule.

There’s only one word to describe the show; amazing. It’s exactly what London needed to kick of the week after mediocre shows this morning. Creative director, Peter Ingwersen, definitely proved that a fashion forward aesthetic and social responsibility can work hand in hand to create edgy, wearable clothes that people actually want to wear.

The collection was definitely dark and romantic, drawing on a lot of the features that we all know and love from Alexander Wang but with a British flair. Models strode down the runway in hooded boxy hounds tooth jackets. Trousers were skinny on the leg and heavily studded. The collection definitely referenced 90s goth.

If there’s one thing that you’ll be wearing this season its leather. It appeared on everything from a beautiful asymmetric dress to harem trousers. At a time where people are looking for wardrobe staples with longevity, Ingerswen is telling us to keep on to our wet look leggings and leather trousers because they are going to be big again come fall.

The designer definitely compounded on tailoring, a trend that has been circulating the runway at New York this week. Cigarette pants were teamed with a waistcoat and leather over the elbow gloves.

The secret to the Noir/Bllack Noir show is to wear your clothes with attitude and confidence.

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