Thursday, 29 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . Alphabeat at KOKO

Well it was a Wednesday night and while I was already wacked from last nights press event for Felicities PR I knew that free tickets to see Danish band Alphabeat were too good to miss. My partner in crime 'Ja Dubya' had stood me up at the last minute (apparently colds and Koko don't mix) so the race was on to find a replacement! Luckily milliner 'Eliane Lax' was just as interested in seeing what lead singer Stine Bramsen would be wearing as I was so we rushed all the way to Camden. 

By the time we arrived (9.05pm doors opened at 7) the place was packed!!

So we decided to hover on the stairs as it was the only place we could see from!!

By the time Alphabeat took to the stage the atmosphere was pretty pumping and the electro pop tunes soon had everyone dancing and waving their hands around!

Anders SG was by far the front man of the band and really brought the energy! He was dancing around like a maniac and the crowd couldn't get enough. I was disappointed by Stine's meagre attempt at movement and though she looked amazing and sounded great Anders really took all the limelight! 

We danced and bopped for a full 45min/60mins before the band took their bow only to return to perform their new single and their best selling song Fascination.

A fab performance! check out the videos I've added below! x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . Felicities Press Evening

Wow! So The HOXTON FACTORY ( hosted its first event which was the FELICITIES PRESS DRINKS, this saw Felicities PR 19 designers set up home in the central hall and it looked like a mini fashion week exhibition!

Drinks were flowing (I don't know what it was but it tasted good!) and fashionistas filled the room thick and fast!

Awesome stylist Rebekah Roy was spotted snapping away ensuring to capture each collection with its designer! 
I had a great chat with Ada Zanditon (one of the best emerging fashion talents! - she is also ethical) and managed to catch up with Jacob Kimmie (and James) and Gurdeep Lall. 

Highlight collections for AW10 come from Alice Palmer, Saffron Knight (love the print jumpsuits) and of course Fash-Pack fav Jacob Kimmie! 

Also keen to note hot new denim label: Snake and Dagger . . . Currently stocking in Browns (with many more for AW10) this wikid, Japanese denim brand is the one to watch. Concentrating on menswear denim and leather jackets the jeans retail from around £135-£500 (approx) and the Japanese denim ensures the jeans work and wear with you! Plus the guys that run it are well nice!

It was a fabulous soiree and a great chance to catch up with stylists/photographer and designers that one normally only sees at fashion week! 

(pics to follow)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . BGT

OMG! I can't believe it has been a year since I last blogged about Britain's Got Talent! With the new issue of RANDOM going to print on Friday and with final checks to do on Tuesday I am pretty much done! So it is time for me and my ITV Player to become friends again. Gone are the nights spent pouring over press images . . . hello Simon Cowell and team, bring on those buzzers!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . Brighton with Liss of EDDIE

Well I may spend my days with the hottest DJ's around, but I'd be lying if I said I spent all my summers in Ibiza partying in Space or even knocking back drinks in Pacha, truth be told, I'm a lil pop princess at heart, hence why I'm just so insanely in love with Pop band Eddie
I've known lead singer and front woman Liss for a few years now so heading down to Brighton to spend the day shopping, eating ice cream and taking in some sea air was no hard days work!

When styling on a budget it's important to be really selective about high street pieces. Go for items that look expensive and items that really do remind you of their higher priced counter parts. Oh and always, always raid the H & M sales!

We hit up the H & M in the shopping centre and bagged a gorgeous, cropped, leather (faux), biker jacket that fitted Liss to perfection! Thrown over anything it gives instant rock goddess appeal and at £15 it was a total bargain! 
We also grabbed a stylish grey belt (£4.99) to cinch in a totally unusual shag pile carpet fabric dress. In a greyish cream this mini dress with ott shoulders belongs no where but the stage and we weren't shocked to see it in the sale. While on it's own the wearer may resemble a disgruntled polar bear or gorilla (there was a black version). Break the look with a thick belt, shorten the sleeve to show some arm and add some lace tights and you've worked the dress instead of it working you.
The best thing with cheap buys is that you have money left over to adapt and alter!

Next into NEW LOOK and we found our piece de resistance, trainer wedges, in white! love!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . theShapeshifters!

I was lucky enough to shoot with DJ legends the Shapeshifters on Tuesday! They were absolutely lovely considering they had spent 36 hours travelling back to the UK due to 'ash issues!'
We were going for a 60's theme, so I had rolled out several suiting options, with skinny legged trousers and shirt collars so thin that only the skinniest of ties would do!

We shot in the amazing old peoples home (now disused, don't worry no elderly were hurt in the making of these shots!)

The boys did several sharp shots, we even sat them in an industrial fridge. It was a wikid day!!

Unfortunately no pics yet, coz of privacy etc, but as soon as I have permission all shall be revealed!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . All that glitters is GOLD

When Tomo sat on my sofa and told me all I had to do was find a gold dress, I chuckled. One outfit? Just the one! More used to sourcing up to 200 looks for a shoot with this boy wonder, I thought 'piece of cake'. I forgot two things . . . ONE: That gold dresses are surprisingly hard to find; and TWO: I would only except THE PERFECT gold dress! 

Queue a slight panic as to what the hell I was going to choose!  I scoured dress shops, online rentals and designer sites. There was nothing. There were always those that came close, or were the right shape but wrong colour, but nothing that held the WOW factor.
Luckily, when I assumed Jacob Kimmie, would have an archive gold piece (he did but it still didn't tick all the boxes) he offered to MAKE me THE DRESS! 
When I picked it up on Friday morning, it was PERFECT, exactly the shape I had in my head and the gold was perfect. The JK team had even sourced me some gold leather jewellery to match! 
When I got to the basement studio (bye bye sunlight) it was soooo cold! The team were there and after some coffee we were ready to roll! 
Are amazing make up artist Martina Luisetti, started to paint the model GOLD! and then covered her in glitter! (see above)

HERE IS THE DRESS! I cant show you it on Eva, as I don't want to spoil the final shot surprise! 

The leather gold jewellery! 

Poor Eva, I was cold and I was fully dressed. Here she is with a little heater and a hair dryer being blown on her to keep her warm as they do final make up touches.

Tomo, commanding from above! 

It was an amazing shoot! The shots are going to be out of this world!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . Big news!

Ooooh Tomorrow is a biggie! Check back on Saturday for an exclusive behind the scenes picture guide to a big campaign shoot I'm doing tomorrow which will end up in the major glossies!

Involved are some stonking heels, a couture dress made specially but the amazing Jacob Kimmie and some amazing customised jewellery too! 


Alternatively keep updated throughout the day by following me on twitter!

And finally . . . Lee Ryan shoot on Saturday! I love BLUE!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . .News Update!

It feels forever since I last blogged, mainly coz I haven't had a. the time and b. picture evidence of what I've been up to, so quite frankly it all gets a lil boring, just words!

Well since we last met I have had a few lil styling jobs. I spent two days dressing mannequins for website shots for Lipsy. Harder than it sounds! As at least with models they can get their own trousers on, however plastic people require a certain amount of floor wrestling to get them into skinny jeans! 

However during day 2 of Lipsy I had deployed my assistant and another stylist to work on a shoot for the August issue of RANDOM, that's right, we ain't finished this one yet but somehow we are organising the next issue! I couldn't go (for obv reasons) but did all the styling before hand and then Mark and my assistant Ieuan dressed Jessica from 90210 on the day. By all accounts she was charming and I was gutted. The pictures look HOT! and we went for a slightly cinematic, glamour feel as it was shot at the Ten Manchester Street Hotel. Everyone said the Jacob Kimmie dress was their fav. But you will have to wait for images!

Next up, Random have to shoot the cover and inside spread for the May issue and this comes in the form of Kate Nash, I've been organising product for weeks and haven't been able to get to my cupboards properly as the garment rail is set up against it! 
The shoot is on Tuesday and yet again I am unavailable but have helped in the fashion direction and know the stylist and our fashion assistants and Tomo will do a great job! Can't wait to here all about it though!

And lastly, next Friday I will be shooting a gorgeous new vodka campaign! There will be body paint, their will be a specially made couture gown (I am toooooo excited!) and there will be behind the scenes pics . . .  I PROMISE!