Saturday, 21 February 2009

Seen and Overheard: Mr West, Mr West

Your faithful Fash Pack would recognise a certain semi-mulleted 'former' rapper anywhere. And what I'm saying is that Kanye West took his new girl, Amber Rose, and an abbreviated posse to the Peter Jensen and Ann-Sofie Back show tonight. Seems he's serious about that fashion career because he picked one of the week's most buzzed-about shows to (nearly) upstage.

Kate Lanphear. Copyright Jill Hilbrenner for Fash Pack.Although Rivkie, Naomi and I were just as pleased to see the short-haired blonde directly in front of us. Kate Lanphear (fashion director of US Elle) showed up to the Topshop venue, and it's seriously the jackpot of the fashion lottery to sit a foot away from the person who can even make High School Musical actors look badass.

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