Sunday, 22 February 2009

Advice from a Pro: Be Your Own Critic

Backstage with John Rocha, I learned two things: The man loves Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth (what sane person doesn't?), and he grows hyper-critical of his work after fashion week.

"I do feel this is one of the best collections I've done," he said, dressed in the same black blazer he's worn at FW for years. "If I design something and I don't like it, how can I convince anyone else to like it? I did it, I love what I did, and we move on.

"In a few weeks time when I start on my spring collection, I'll look back and say, ooh, that was a bit dodgy. But being able to say that is what makes you a better designer."

So there you have it, budding fashion stars: You'll need a healthy sense of self-judgment to make it in the style scene. That, and a great sense of personal taste. "Love your bag," Rocha told me before I left for Qasimi. Thanks, Johnny.

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