Saturday, 28 February 2009

Advice to live by : Cecilia Dean of Visionaire

Have you ever had those stares? 

You know the ones I mean . . . 
You're wearing the latest look, '8 billion inch platforms heels, a molded metal bodice with a floral skirt and a mini top-hat' (yes this a hypothetical look) and no one seems to get it? 
Least of all your latest squeeze. 

I had a boyfriend once, who thought my Vivienne Westwood bag was insanely hideous, in fact the constant mickey taking of my beautiful tote and the fact that he actually once nudged it with his foot (it is amazing that I'm not locked up somewhere for GBH) signaled to me just how much I believe in Cecilia Dean's brilliant pearl of wisdom. . .

'If they can't take the outfit, they can't take the woman'

- Cecilia Dean on Giles Deacon's insanely brilliant collection.

Definitely words to live by.

So next time he gives you that funny look, tell him that if he wants you to choose between him and the Balenciaga, he will lose every time!

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