Sunday, 22 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Hemyca

Heymca showed why they are one of, if not the hottest ticket on the Vauxhall Scout schedule. Their autumn/winter offerings include angular tuxedo jackets with a strong sci-fi aesthetic. If there's one thing you will be wearing come fall, it's a statment jacket. Let me rephrase that; a Heymca statement jacket. They were padded at the shoulders and on the hip, emphasising the waist and creating a powerful but feminine silhouette. It's hardly suprising that the pair did a sting at Roland Mouret who is the king of all things stuctured and archetectural.

Helen and Myra, the design duo behind Hemyca, proved that Central Saint Martin's isn't the only place churning out strong design talent and the fashion industry should pay attention to London College of Fashion alumni.

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