Sunday, 22 February 2009

Roving Reporter : Bernard Chandran

Well, it only ran an hour late, that's pretty early by fashion standard isn't it?!
Our second row seats presented us with a rose, somehow I managed to get mine home in one piece, I think it has set off my hayfever though. i scanned the front row for a-list, but alas there was a poor showing of the 'who's, who' of the fashion it crowd. Probably because they were all waiting around for Jaeger or PPQ, seriously bad scheduling.
Anyway, by the time we got started, sitting on narrow benches, trying to balance my heavy handbag, flower and note pad, I was pretty excited. After all Chandran is so HOT right now!

I was not disappointed. The whole collection was sensory overload!
Incredible prints in a whole rainbow of colours (literally), Chandran has resurrected the paint brush print of last S/S. He also created, what I have termed 'the storm' print, as the swishing and flow or the colours looked like a slightly raged tornado, presented beautifully in purple and black. There was no real colour palette as there was everything there!
Silhouettes in typical Chandran style were super structured and slightly insane, pairing body con with voluminous hips. Big shoulders again reminded everyone that eighties rock and roll was back, while other daring, pattern cut moves saw circular silhouettes that gave stand up and out collars, so the models strutted like peacocks, showing off their feathers.

There was tones of embellishment, from full on feathered capes (lush!) to metal studs in great number. Totally fab!

Loved, the acid wash silk coats and slim fit trousers, the trench was to die for!

Probably one of the best sets of pattern cutting I have seen this week, I wonder who will wear him next!

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