Thursday, 5 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Hot Exhibitions

For those of you who thought that the greatest thing to come out of Sweden was Ikea, then let's face it: You've been living in a deep, dark hole and it's time to come join the rest of the fashion world.

Today the Fash Pack attended the press launch for a new exhibition on Swedish fashion at the Fashion and Textile Museum at London Bridge. We, like most of you, only associated Swedish fashion with our favourite jean brands like Acne, Cheap Monday and of course our high-street fashion fixer H&M.

As it turns out, the underground network of fashionistas bred by this European nation is growing strong, and they are ready to break out abroad! The exhibition (currently touring, it's already been to Moscow andis heading to Berlin and possibly the Far East) is a platform for the great talent coming out of Sweden.

There was a well edited selection of garments, from well known and breakthrough Swedish designers. Topping the bill for us was fashion-week favourite Ann-Sofie Back (who brought her gorgeous dog with her - dressed in a cute little jacket), as well as Selfridges-stocked Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, bespoke knitwear designer Sandra Backlund and design trio Nakkna (soon to be adored at Topshop). Those were just our particular picks!

We saw incredible work in both jewellery and clothing design. Sweden may not be seen as the hub of innovation, but what we saw here depicts the struggle of a small market of designers trying to break the commercial mould to give us fashion inspired by innate creativity. These designers aren't necessarily concerned with trends and the 'in' print/silhouette for the season. They are rocking it London style and doing their own thing!

While London (often seen as the most creative) has a solid infrastructure for innovation within fashion, our Swedish counterparts have often had to fight the system.

Fash Pack were lucky enough to talk to the curator of the exhibition and 1/3 of Nakkna, and we will be bringing you interviews and pictures in the coming days!

Until then, fashion friends, get yourself down to the Fashion and Textile Museum and check out the greatest exports since flat-pack furniture. Let us know who you're loving!

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  1. Rivkie and I want to go to Stockholm now. Anyone who wants to join may come along.


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