Tuesday, 3 February 2009

GaGa for...OK, Skipping the Obvious Title

There are two main reasons I like Lady GaGa:
1) Her music keeps me from grinding my teeth to nubs when children do the shriek scream at Starbucks, and
2) her style is so ridiculous it turns amazing.

Lady GaGa. Copyright Xposure Photos.
Take for example this...well, I'll call it a leotard. Sooo many things that should be questionable: the orange tan, the overly blonde hair, the overload of boobs/legs/waist and those peep-toe booties that no one ever really knows how to take. She must have erased my fashion SIM card when I listened to Poker Face 49 times on Sunday, because it works for me.

Lady GaGa. Copyright Duane Moody. All Rights Reserved.
Now we shall discuss coiffure. I once watched an ep of Project Runway in America where someone got chewed out because his model had this exact same thing up top. I remember thinking, "Yeah, get him, Michael Kors!" And now I can hardly imagine why any electro-poplet would want a different 'do.

Lady GaGa. Copyright Starpulse.com.
I remember this story, and it ends with a wolf jumping in bed and acting like a grandma. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit of Gareth Pugh in the shoulders, and a little fishnet is always nice. Mad props to any girl who can sit down in a skin-tight bodysuit and not regret it.

Psst: if you're lucky enough, you can get free tickets to see GaGa in all her glory Wednesday night at Koko.


  1. Ermmmm I love her, i do, she has that cool, 'I don't give a crap' attitude. But some of those are a bit 'frock horror'. Loved her when she did mini mouse bow with her hair though. That was hot.

  2. Jill you loser, don't send this to me at work...I half spit out my DP and now my boss is giving me the stink eye.


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