Friday, 20 February 2009

Go East, Young (Wo)Man

Excuse me if there's no train of thought here, but the recession has officially hit the BFC Tents. No food. Very little access to water and Sugar-Free Red Bull. Only one tent. Ohhh...times are hard.

Caroline Charles. Copyright Jill Hilbrenner for Fash Pack.You couldn't have told it at Caroline Charles, where the women's wear designer used rich-texture fabrics and lots of sparkle, with a clear Eastern influence. This is officially the first time I've seen a gauzy red wedding dress with red flowers as headwear, and I've also never known a designer to use wheat stalks as hair accessories.

Wonder what Colin McDowell and Hilary Alexander thought...

Pictures to come later., plus more from the tents.

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  1. saw some pics from her show - not loving it.


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