Thursday, 19 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Marchesa

I'm a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Marchesa fan! So much so that I had real issues picking out my favourite photos, so I'm afraid you have ended up with nearly all of them. Marchesa make THE MOST beautiful party and red-carpet frocks and this season they treated us to a host of asymmetric, powdery coloured dresses.

There is always plenty of tulle and this season was no exception - the model above looked like a delightful doll, wrapped like a present and sealed with a bow. They are so delicately put together that they almost look unwearable.

I love this slightly gothic number. I'm used to their dresses being all about meringue peaks, pale tones and florals, so to see one that is seriously rocking it up was very interesting indeed.
Again, like S/S09, obi belts are a must. Marchesa has sealed nearly every dress with an oversized bow, a trend we saw plenty of at Paris couture week.

This impish frock had a very summery feel, drenched in appliqued florals - this pulls more in line with trend we saw at the beginning of the week and with the S/S range from Lim and Koi Suwannagate.

There were a host of items in reds and pinks, all beautifully sealed with a bow. This asymmetric piece screams Anne Hathaway. Bows were everywhere the past couple of seasons, so it is no surprise that the hit applique is here to stay.

This moulded-hip number reminded me of Balenciaga's futuristic pieces a few seasons ago. However this is a much brighter and more feminine interpretation. Covered in beads (embellishment trend!) the model looks like she is covered in sweeties, definitely a dress that is truly scrumptious.

One of the very few playsuits around for A/W09. This one however was the smartest one I had seen. Tailored trouser legs and gorgeous bow bodice: I think this is one for Katy Perry!

I'm getting a Sienna Miller/Carrie Bradshaw vibe from this fabulous frock. Firstly, what a breathtaking blue. All frou-frou and embellishment, I cannot wait to see this one on a red carpet somewhere. (Though I would prefer to see it in my closet.)

Origami silhouette: this sculptured piece was simply outstanding and well left till last.
Just the most incredible shape I have ever seen. I think I'm speechless and may have to go and lie down.

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