Friday, 20 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Ashish

Naomi: What did you think of the Ashish show?
Jill: It was completely tacky. But loved it. It was perfect.
Naomi: It's so thrown-together. It's so London. How could you pair a zebra print with a leopard print with the American flag?What do you call it?
Jill: The American flag.
Naomi: No, like we say Union Flag.
Jill: Stars and Stripes.
Naomi: Anyway, it was a jolt of energy to the first day. Everyone's already so tired.
Jill: How can you be tired when you have V.V. Brown. And a circus performer dangling from the ceiling?
Naomi: Exactly. And so many sequins...
Jill: It would photograph so well. I was planning the spread in my mind.
Naomi: I expect to see it on Iekeliene Stange by September.

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