Sunday, 30 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Pussycat to Copycat

Who has Kate Moss been getting her inspiration from this time?

(Top: KATE MOSS for Topshop £130)

(Right: PCD in MANJIT DEU)

Total steal the style don't you think? Though Naturally we'd rather the real thing.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Let's Shoot THE RUSKINS

I can't give anything away but the full shoot and exclusive interview with THE RUSKINS will be available in RANDOM MAGAZINE in October!

The shoot happened on a sunny Sunday morning in South London home previously shared by the band. The garden was some what unkempt and the filthy bbq was given an airing as lunch was done rustic style! 
Many cans of beer were consumed! Including a mouldy one (but you will have to check out the full interview for all the real goss! And why the Ruskins made this editor cry!

Aemen of Ruskins fame starts to give TOMO a run for his money with his up-close and personal photography.
The Boys sitting on some of their paraphernalia collected from the streets of London

The famous Ruskins logo!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Post Shoot . . . Let's Party!

As the shoot drew to a close, I was delirious with excitement.
Grabbing some dinner I headed straight to the Puma / LCF / ASOS party at Carnaby Street! (I spotted Henry Conway, Jodie Harsh, Speech Debelle and Nate James were rumoured to be there, Sway and obv Flawless and FrankMusik)
I heard the party starting from Beak Street and new it would be a good one! 
As Gavin, the PR waved me into the room I grabbed my first celebratory glass of wine and headed for a chat with members of Flawless who told me about their stunning entrance to the party (their car was hit by a huge lorry! much to the delight of the paps!) Luckily no one was hurt and the boys were in high spirits and looked itching to dance!
I managed to squeeze more information out about their up coming film, which was actually cast before BGT! We chatted about Hong Kong and the shopping as the boys are heading over their and I'm still so excited! Flawless are so Flawless!
Later on we had a bit of a boogie and I was told to simply find my natural rhythm! Apparently the last thing the boys want to see in a club is a girl attempting to break dance so we can all breathe a sigh of relief! 
The best part was when the bar man suddenly body popped and although I don't think Flawless will become '11 men' anytime soon, they were most definitely impressed!

FrankMusik was the DJ for the night and as he finished, we all made arrangements to head over to watch him play the 1yr birthday gig of Gold Dust at Hoxton Bar and Grill. 
Though I was now definitely worse for wear I was well up for hearing FrankMusik live!

We eventually made it and boy was it worth it, we are all now total FrankMusik fans, he was AMAZING live! and if you haven't seen him live check out his myspace
for dates! It's a must see! Loved 'Better of As 2', 'Confusion Gir'l and his version of 'Please Don't Stop the Music' was awesomeness! We even got post gig sweaty hugs! What more could you ask for! The whole show was fab and this boy is like Calvin Harris but a million trillion billion times more fantastical! 
We are all totally devoted FrankMusik fans now at Random! So Vince, your record sales just shot up as we all downloaded! 

Editor @ Large . . . FrankMusik

As if Flawless wasn't exciting enough, my current fav male music artist 'Frank Musik' was also dropping by for Random Magazine's October issue shoot
Barely taller than me (and I'm pretty little), Vince (FrankMusik) whizzed into wardrobe from nowhere and proceeded, like everyone else to get himself into some fabulous Puma and Alexander McQueen for Puma gear. To seal the deal, playing on Frank Musik's DJ skills, we added some WESC head phones (my latest obsession) at around £100 a pop they are not cheap, but the popping colours and cartoon prints mean that any DJ worth their decks should be sporting some.
Frank Musik had the task of rocking are 'Punk' scene, (my favourite of the day as it channeled my inner 'wild child').
We had an hour and half to get him shot and though I think we pushed over the time limit just a bit, we managed to grab a quick interview too, where Vince told me how he was continuing to tour this current album before jumping back into the studio to bring us some pumping new tracks. Along side this, he is also remixing for One Republic - can't wait to hear that!

I had the pleasure of ensuring Vince looked his best, having worked out the look before he arrived there was little to do but ensure his jeans didn't full down when he had his arms up, oh well perks of the job!

Check out the pics!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shooting day 2!

As if Day 1 was not stressful enough, Day 2 was totally mental!
Having had a couple of dresses 'walk' off the shoot, I spent the morning fretting, yelling and generally flipping out - Diva strop!

Following a calming cup of coffee I got straight to work and started organising my looks for the day. Before long it was 11am and the outstanding 'Flawless' dance troop arrived.

They had been the talk of the set yesterday and with everyone not sure what to expect, we were pleased that Flawless were not only 'flawless' dancers, they were also total gentlemen, with impeccable manners and warm personalities. 

Once they were suitable 'Puma-ed' up, they headed into make up and the whole team got dizzy with excitement. 
With thumping music in the studio we watched the boys have constant and recurring dance-offs with one another! It was the best live entertainment and before long we were all throwing down the gauntlet and throwing some shapes.

The boys were great in front of the camera and as we all took plenty of pics and vids, they loved to watch the videos back too!

Post shoot I got to interview the boys which was amazing! 
I really put them on the spot but got some fab answers and was really pleased with the answers! We talked about their upcoming role in the first UK 3D Street Dance film and their upcoming trip to Hong Kong!

Check out the Flawless pics and Vids!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shooting!

Today was the day that the 'Faith, Religion and Belief' Issue of Random Magazine has been gearing up to!

Picture the scene . . .
2 studios, 1 large, 1 small
6-8 MUA's
8+ Hairstylists
5 people in wardrobe &
20+ modelsThere is only one phrase for today . . . 'Organised Chaos!'

I rocked up just a bit to nine and set my team setting up the stock. At around ten the main bulk of the garments arrived and as we loaded boxes upon boxes off the back of the truck, it felt like it would NEVER end!Setting up, hanging and unloading was a nightmare, but fairly contained, however as the day got on the place got more and more hectic! Clothes strewn, models falling over each other and me in the middle trying to remain (but failing to be) a calming oasis.Today's celebrity was hot new singer, 'Steve Appleton' (STEVE'S WEBSITE) who like Random Magazine is tres hip in Japan right now, so this one's for the Japanese.
He was totally chilled, boy next door, surfer-style look and as he chilled with the masses, chatted up the female models, we tried to organise everything as smoothly as possible, after all he had to scatter at 3pm.

Disaster struck when the camera conked out so I took the opportunity to grab Steve Appleton for a chit chat, and learnt how to be a proper video reporter, with a microphone and everything! After several takes (weather change, noise etc - none of the takes were my fault!) we headed back in to find we literally had 5 minutes to get the shot! Naturally we did it!
Several more looks followed and I soon heard several cheers to signify 'a wrap' for the day!
Jack and fellow MUA posing when they should have been powdering!

(Tomo giving instructions!)

Oh well roll on tomorrow, shooting the second half with loads more celebs!


Monday, 17 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Fashion Finds

I have spent the last few evenings applying for Fashion Week tickets, but with the growing economic crisis, the number of designers shunning the catwalk (booooo!) for a video presentation jumps dramatically season on season. 
Check out the current video look book from Neurotica, for A/W 09. I love the dark and twisted prints. The garments are so wearable but have just enough to edge to prove you are a hip fashionista!

Note how well the whole production gels together. From spooky lighting to eery music.
Oh and the Make Up was done by my friend Vanessa Collins!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Fashion Finds

A fashionable friend sent this too me in an email the other day.
It definitely cheered up my afternoon and made me want to saddle up and consider riding again!

Aside from a black cab, is there a more gorgeous way than this pink Hermes bike to navigate London?

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Perfect Pimms

Tonight I headed to Angel to check out the latest fashionable opening. One of my favourite labels 'Poltock and Walsh' were opening their first shop!
Having picked up Heels and a Starbucks in Old Street, we strolled in the summer sunshine up to Amwell Street, where the new shop is situated.
Though our map reading skills left much to be desired, we spotted the shop easily as there were 'fashion looking' people spilling on to the streets.

We sashayed in to be greeted by Pimms a plenty, which was perfectly delicious and then we stepped into the main shop area. 
The new store is small, to stay the least and the white and black colour blocking made for a chic and almost Swedish, minimalist style. The collection for A/W 09 was total Rock Chick cool and was beautifully styled. There were several key pieces for next season, including the structured shouldered dress in black/gold mix as well as some sleek body con party pieces.

We made an early exit, joining the throng of fashionistas on the street, in search of our next party.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Kaya Scodelario - Effy from Skins!

It has been an earth shatteringly exhausting week and it's only Wednesday!
With two shoots this week for Random Magazine's A/W issue and another one to prep for next week, my head is literally spinning!
We love SKINS at Random, it oozes the cool, quirky and wild vibe of the magazine and of course, Effy (Kaya) is the longest serving and sassiest cast member.
We got her to come down to join us at The Queen of Hoxton, on Curtain Road, where we shot on the amazing roof garden! Was such an amazing day for it, though poor Kaya had to model A/W cashmeres and coats, it was a truly outstanding location.

Kaya was so lovely and down to earth - proclaiming the Random shoot, the MOST fun shoot. It must be nice for Kaya to shoot with people around her own age, after all, the reason she reckons that cast works so well is that they are all close in age groups, making friendships easy and automatic.
The fashion was fabulous, we had everything from DKNY, Matthew Williamson and Zanotti shoes, even a £7000 jewel encrusted dress (the most expensive thing Kaya has ever worn apparently!)
Here is a snippet from the shoot, but you will have to buy a copy of Random Magazine in October to see the full spread and believe me, it is definitely worth it!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Editor @ Large

Roving Reporter is morphing into the new title of EDITOR @ LARGE
Purely for branding purposes chicks and chaps, it's still me, just testing a new name!

xx Editor @ Large - check it out!

Roving Reporter . . . Ugly Betty Loving

I love Ugly Betty, I think the idea for the show is genius! - I think that it maybe because I identify with Betty's foray into the world of fashion.
Unlike Betty I have always known and loved fashion, but like Betty I totally don't buy into certain aspects of this crazy world!

I also love the styling, I think Betty has an almost London Look that is just over done to the max. She totally has an eclectic, vintage thing happening, in London she would be the envy of the office (well almost) not the office joke!

But what I love most about the latest series is the little sponsorship mini ads by Diet Coke at the end of each part!
How hilarious are the little puppets!

Roving Reporter . . . Identity Solved

I've been told that apparently I don't do 'branding' very well.
Which I suppose is because, shockingly, though I could most definitely talk for England, possible a small - medium sized continent, I actually am rather shy.
I dislike being in front of camera's, hence why it's normally Bleu, or some other poor unsuspecting person that I snap as evidence of work, rather than pop into the pic myself. However now in the name of all things blog like and fashion, I am coming clean and revealing my identity, all be it still without the picture, after all I can't divulge everything at once!
So who is Roving Reporter and why does she get the inside scoop?

Real Name: Rivkie Baum

Job: Fashion Stylist / Fashion Journalist and most importantly, the
Editor at RANDOM MAGAZINE, the best and quirkiest fashion/art magazine around.

Favourite Past Time: Finding Fashion Scoop and gossip, tracking trends, sourcing new designers and watching runway shows!

Well there you have it, I am Roving Reporter and I shall continue to Rove and Report, but now I'm no longer CID, I'm laid out bare in my fashion threads!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Freebies

One of the best bits about fashion is the freebies!

I went to visit Boudoir Pr the other day and after checking out their fab designers and booking out plenty of bits for shoots, I left with a little goodie the included this fab bird necklace from Elsie Belle and these cute heart earrings from Punky Pins! Oh what a fashionable life I lead!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Chanel Flash Mob

There was much talk about the Chanel Falsh Mob event at the Fashion Business Club on Thursday, but is it just me or does the video below suggest a very sad turn out indeed?