Monday, 23 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Stephen Jones Loves Hats

As I was wandering through a very vintage, very extensive, very gorgeous collection of Stephen Jones hats at the V&A, I nearly bumped into someone. (Late night, too much sherry.) "Oh, sorry," I mumbled. Fortunately, Stephen (who was doing a video interview with a French reporter) did not mind.

Hats: An Anthology to Stephen Jones is well worth the time it would take you to give a dedicated look to each of the hundreds of pieces on display. Divided into sections for each type of millinery style (feathers, flowers, plastic, felt, etc) and with special sections for hats worn by celebrities and in high-end runway shows, the exhibition really pushes the boundaries for what most people think hats can look like. As cheesy as that sounds.

John Galliano's set designer, Michael Howells, set up the exhibition, which will run until 31 May at the museum. If you go, be sure to watch your step and look out for famous milliners in berets.

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