Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Wanted for RANDOM magazine

We shot The Wanted on 17/12/10, their last shoot before the Christmas break and there was plenty of Christmas cheer!
We shot in the Park Lane Hilton in this fantastic suite!
The boys were absolute sports, dressing up into the suited and booted looks we laid on for them!

This was one of the looks and in true Winter spirit, I went for black and red tones, we did a lot of suiting, check shirts and 60's mod skinny suits and polo tops. We made it a bit younger with trainers from Puma and Adidas, which the boys walked off with in great glee! Merry Christmas!
Our photographer had to take a shot for Boyz magazine, who wanted the boys in white tees and christmas hats! They looked so cute!
Here is Siva swapping twitter deets, the boys spent plenty of time tweeting!

The video interview will be up on RANDOM magazine's YOU TUBE channel! We played pass the parcel with the boys, it's fantastic! So stay tuned for that! The shoot and interview will be out in RANDOM magazine's March Issue!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lyle and Scott Curated at XOYO

Lyle and Scott have started up a series of nights at XOYO called 'Lyle and Scott Curated'
This is a chance for the brand to support new and upcoming artists get a break and play in one of London's hottest new venues! If you think you have what it takes, enter your band on the Lyle and Scott facebook site CLICK HERE
Watch how the acts from the first gig got on!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Paloma Faith

I've already interviewed PF but it didn't matter I wanted to see her play, I love her album she was awesome! I officially heart Russian Standard Vodka!
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That little blob is Kelis, Russian Standard Vodka invited us down to HMV Forum to watch a series of gigs, sadly our interview with Kelis got cancelled but we still went to see her play and drink free vodka obv.
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Nate James

I went to Punk for the first time ever, so not my kind of club but I did like the music, the people, debatable.
I was there to see Nate James play his new tune with Sugasmak! Called 'we are' find it on itunes now its amazing and youtube the video, smiles guaranteed!
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Lipsy press day

Love the casual line from Lipsy for SS11 its proper 70's chill, fringing, florals and jumpsuits, come back sun we have fashion to do!
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I shot with Dave Wise for January's Fiasco mag! This is a behind the scenes snap of our model getting done up by the amazing Cassie! Watch out for pics coming soon!
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Jessie J

Went to see Jessie J at X0Y0

The best thing since sliced bread! I'd been watching Jessie progress on myspace but this blew me away! The room was rammed and everyone was going crazy, I felt like I was witnessing something special! 'Do it like a Dude' is my track of 2010 and I can't wait to see more of Jessie in 2011, the UK's answer to Rihanna for sure!
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Accessorize rings!
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Monsoon press day

But Monsoon press day was most beautiful, 50's and 70's were the theme and the layout and attention to detail to the ambience was just as amazing as the collection! Monsoon is my home for SS11 I love a good 50's frock!
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H & M

H & M press day overview, some really nice bits for ss11!
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Lipsy and LOLA

I interviewed the girl band from The Only Way is Essex, LOLA they were performing at Movida with Lipsy party, let's just say it was hilarious!
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Bryan Morel

I took this at the Bryan Morel press day its next seasons Maria G V collection! Love grey and yellow ensemble!
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Jaeger press day

Loving this palette for SS11 from Jaeger press day. Also got a 100 quid gift card which I promptly put towards an amazing new coat, which I now live in!
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