Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Check this out

While Bleu is definitely the cool indie chick, I'm much more likely to be find bopping my head to whatever is topping the charts. Today I popped down to listen to the new band 'EDDIE' - The lead singer Larissa is not only gorgeous, but has an incredible voice and the tunes are catchy. Ranging from the ages of 17-20 this Brighton born band are new, fun, fresh and openly Pop-tastic. 
Check out their Myspace!  - Even the super cool, Bo Bruce was bopping along!
Hope you like Larissa's look (I styled it). Video of the session coming soon!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Flats ... Chats to Felix White

Felix White – The Maccabees interview

Felix: can we go outside so I can smoke?

Bleu: Yes, but you're not stealing my cigarettes again! Ha-ha, If you were a super hero what would your super hero name be?

Felix: Oh I would be Pants Man, Do you watch the apprentice? I watched it last week and for   there task they came up with pants man! That would so be mine.

Bleu: Who do you think the best British band is at the moment?

Felix: That’s hard ohhh umm (he rambles for a several minutes) I think 'Pete and The Pirates'    are really awesome and there totally underestimated.

Bleu: I totally agree majorly under-estimated the new material is sick to.

Felix: Yeah, it is, 'The Joyformidable' were ace tonight the girl is really good! WAIT NO! The best band is defiantly 'I am Kloot' (whole band agree).

Bleu: Kate Moss, Kate Winslet and Katie Perry . . . KISS? MARRY? AVOID?

Felix: I would defiantly avoid Katie Perry
Bleu: Why? 
Felix: Because she’s naturally a pretty girl, but, like, she’s not sexy, but if I saw her in a pub, I would think she was nice looking.
Bleu: Would you chat her up?
Felix: Oh god no! I don’t do the whole chat up lines thing ha-ha! But, I would, Marry - Kate Winlset, as she would be a bloody good wife. I would Kiss - Kate Moss, as everybody should have a chance to.

Bleu: Favourite hobby?

Felix: I really enjoy eating Pistachio nuts! (He and Zane Lowe go on about how it’s more enjoyable to eat the more difficult nuts to open).

Bleu: Do you prefer recording or being on tour?

Felix: That’s a weird one. I love being on tour, but get bored or tired of one and want to do the other. Tour starts again in May, such a big one to. More dates being added to the tour.

Bleu: Favourite snack?

Felix: Oh! you get an avocado, cut it in half (he looks so excited about sharing his skills),  sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper, squeeze some lemon and voila it's yummy!

Bleu: Check you out, little chef! When am I coming for dinner then?

Felix: I can cook a mean roast too, I'm getting well into cooking.

Bleu: Your favourite wrestler WWF not WWE?

Felix: Oh that’s hardcore man, but defiantly The Arctic Warrior! I think we've done pretty   good here, Anymore?

Just some emails I received from fans I picked out some facts . . . 

**Felix received 72 marriage proposals, the most out of the band, as Orlando, Hugo and Rupert only got 50 each!
**There were 100+ inappropriate sexual comments for Felix and Orlando

Felix: Ha-Ha, really?! I bet I wouldn’t even know what half 0f them where suggesting!” It would be like what does that mean? How do you do that? Haha! But the marriage proposals, keep those details, as I am getting on a bit and may need to keep those in mind. 

Felix winks and wonders of into the night.

Bleu Flats at Eastbourne with Zane Lowe (Radio 1) and Felix (from The Maccabees!)
Gossip and interviews coming soon!

Roving Reporter . . . RANDOM POST

I just saw the news about this amazing guy that is doing the Marathon on Crutches! It will take him 13 days!

Sponsor and wish him luck! What an amazing man!

Flats Tells Us . . . Eastbourne Festival

Eastbourne Festival – Sun, sea, chips and Music.

Unlike Brighton (a cool hip trendy costal town) Eastbourne, is a granny infested, lifeless, seaside resort.
The festival itself was held at the Winter Gardens, which on arrival looked like a old mans social club – only to realise it was HUGE venue with the fans filing every inch of the space.
Waltzing around trying to work out how to work my bloody camera, I bumped into Zane Lowe outside his dressing room; we had a brief chat before we went off to have a sneaky fag in the backstage smoking area, where the conversation turned away from work to many interesting stories and escapades.
The bands really stepped up and impressed the huge crowd, 'The Joy Formidable' wowed everybody with her intense performance and catchy lyrics; while 'Data Select Party' encouraged all the Indie kids to get their dancing shoes on.

'The Maccabees' hit the stage, and this is when the crowd seriously went WILD! With Hundreds of fans pushing and shoving their way to the front, they started their set. Know them or not – they are an incredible band to see live. There were 50+ people crowd surfing; teen fans running up on stage and like true pro's the band kept it all together! With Orlandos beautiful vocals the set was perfect and the new material is their best yet!
The crowd loved it – the security were even dancing along and bobbing their heads!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Sending Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday Heels! Looking forward to drinking a toast to you! xxxxxxxxx

Roving Reporter . . . Molessa

Don't you just love the age of the digital camera? Having filled mine up at AFW I plugged it in to empty it's wares, only to find pictures that dated from my graduation! , Paris Couture Week and LFW showroom trips! That is when I came across this pictures of some of the new A/W range from Molessa and remembered how on-trend and 'Tribally Futuristic' it was! I have actually been thinking about the first silver/nude toned dress quite a lot (actually I have been thinking about myself in that dress) and so I felt it was high time to put it up on the blog!

For enquiries about Molessa contact

Roving Reporter . . . Press Roundup!

We have featured Sophie Gittins in the past and it looks like the Nationals are following suit (though it is more down to her having brill PR than us raving on about her) and finally spotting this shoe star for her amazing talent!
Check out today's Independent 
and . . .

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Britain REALLY does have TALENT

More dance acts, still loving the street dancers! I loved Diversity tonight! Not quite as sharp yet as the last lot I posted but overall, very cool!

Roving Reporter . . . LOVES Najlaa Jabri

Najlaa Jabri showed a quirky collection at AFW, the biggest hit of the collection had to be the button leggings! They are filling my dreams! But I have to admit the whole collection that mixed tailoring with feminine edge was gorgeous and beautifully worked and detailing. I'm predicting great things! - and those leggings on some leggy celeb soon!

Roving Reporter . . . Triumph Swimwear

The summer is approaching and the images I worked on / styled for Triumph International '4 your curves' have finally gone live!

Roving Reporter . . . Blackberry's

This would be an ode to my blackberry, except, I can't really work out how it works. It took me four months to get email working and this week, after I ran out of battery on my camera at AFW, I switched to the camera function on my phone. Wonderful that it exists, but does anyone have any idea about how to get the pictures to my laptop?! I have so far this week managed to leave my blackberry at a friends house, who was trying to help, but alas the lil pics are still stuck in there! DAMN!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . THIS WEEK IN PICTURES - AFW

New York Couture fill the stage with madness! Tulle and Sparkle, it's so hot!

Aaron Ray Dowie - our new style crush! I wish I had a picture of the man himself as he is sooooo dapper! Its bow ties for boys!

Lovely sparkle, and excellent cuts

Crazy tea parties!

Jersey Perfect

The awesome Penny Baker and her mad collection of amazing things!

Slouched to perfection
Nelly George Hipkin again . . . because we are obsessed!

Roving Reporter . . . THIS WEEK IN PICTURES - AFW

Alternative Fashion Week in Pictures!

Nelly George Hipkin's 50's fabulous, polka dot collection and acid coloured suiting. It was simply love at first site!

There was a similar style running through the whole week. We loved this cute frilly socks and heels ensemble, so very Dorothy!

Say it with a sailor hat!

Rocking it ladies! These girls were such a hit!

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week Day 5

Well, it has finally come to the end of AFW and the last day unfortunately did not sparkle in the same way as the middle ones. My stars of the day however are as follows:

*Cristiane Chaves, this was a great collection of minimalist styled monochrome pieces. Sassy wide trousers, jersey draped dresses and tops, beautiful dip dyed chiffon tops and my favourite pieces of the day. A structured, almost armour like pale pink dress. There was lots of wet looks and leathers in this sea inspired collection and this early collection in the show, turned out to be the one of the only notable things of the day.

*Ismail Erbil gets the award for the most weird and wacky show today. Using draped jersey, silk and leather combined with woven and sculpted VHS tape. Erbil used knits, weaves and creepy head masks to make the models appear like scary fashion monsters. It was attention grabbing, creative and mad, but sadly actually detracted from some clever, draped cuts of the clothes.

*Louise Crockett's BA (hons) collection was the other worthy of note collection. I must admit I was surprised that this was her first collection as the garments were well made, executed and designed. Cute, form fitted dresses, working wool, checks and leather laser cuts together. This was chic, wearable and delightful. 

Well that's it from Alternative Fashion Week! xxx

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Party Time Again!

Having spent all morning watching the shows, scouting for up and coming talent, we went back to Bleu Flats, to rifle through her draws. This was not an episode of 'What to Wear', but more a case of, 'What Not To Wear'. . . and as a trained personal stylist, I was only to happy to rugby tackle Bleu Flats to the floor to relinquish some hideous, fashion faux pas from her paws! 

We headed over to town to hit up the latest fashion party, this time taking us to a little known store on D'Arbly street, that belongs to our favourite, Italian, fashionista, Nico D. Nico D (who's Fash-Pack interview will go live shortly), designs both menswear and women's wear, tonight hosted a little shindig to display his collections. As usual, we came, we saw, we pouted, we conquered! Oh and naturally had a chat and drink too. 
Nico's summer collection, housed some brilliant dresses, really A-Lister glam!

Obviously one fashion party is never enough, so we popped into the Lazy Oaf, drawing party in Kingly Court. All I can say is, FUN FUN FUN! With professional illustrators making master pieces on the walls, with little more than felt tip pens, the mere mortals were left to make little A5 pics, that were then stuck up on the wall. We blatantly scammed the chance to spread the fash-pack name and scribbled our name up everywhere.

Well that's it for now, plenty of pics over the weekend, plus some of the best band interviews EVER done!

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week Day 4

Today saw, what was, over all a fairly decent day of fashion. Though I must admit nothing floored me, on the whole, we felt that most collections deserved applause and seeing my call sheet littered with notations and scribbles, I obviously felt that there was a lot to take down!
Cherrie Camplin kicked off the excitement factor with her incredibly well constructed, structural and sculptural collection. Though the colours were at time, headache inducing. The outlandish collars, sleekly draped jumpsuits and pleat detailing, made up for some scary fabric choices. There has been far too much in the way of holographic fabric this week, it is however, just, so, Halloween! Not my dears, a fashion look!
Holly Dutton then carried on the weeks theme, for vintage, nostalgia and child inspired collections with a muted, coffee cream look that was very RTW. We loved the styling of knee high socks, very Pollyanna.
Rosie Boycott Brown's collection did not start well but, by the end Bleu Flats and I were OBSESSED with her knitting needle accessorised, patch work dresses, just so original, quirky and cool!
Our special mention however, goes to . . . Lucy Majerski for her beautiful grey and powdered pink collection, that was both rock chick couture, with a softer, more feminine edge. We loved the cuts on the floaty dresses and added the pink, structured, biker jacket to our wish lists!

Roving Reporter . . . Is Twittering

We are on twitter!

Come follow us and be the first to know when the latest posts hit!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Movida

Right now, I have to say I am pretty pissed, so any spelling or grammatical errors, well quite frankly, YOU try blogging while under the influence! (There should be laws against it quite frankly.)
Tonight one of my favourite hot new designers, Manjit Deu, threw a shindig at Movida, well actually they threw it for him, so after a few drinks in the trendy Phoenix pub, the fashion crowd headed over to Movida.
The 'WAG style' ladies, were quite intimidating and unfortunately we lost Brogues to illness, she looked hot but felt crap! We were also without Flats, and Heels (see I promised I'd get you in there!) was no where to be seen!In fact we were positively shoe-less! But we vowed to go on and party.
Once inside, I have to say I was astounded. The club was huge, the drinks pricey (but tasty) and the girls, well lets be honest, a little bit tacky. It was Cheryl Cole, mixed with Council Estate Chic, but if thats your bag then head on down! Naturally the fashion crowd were cooler and we boogied away to free cocktails (a bit crap tbh) and good 70' disco. 
I even spotted DAVID WALLIAMS dancing and getting his leg up on the bar (tres flexible!). There was also KATE MOSS  - (spotted by my Buttons! - well done, we all doubted!)
 who was dressed in a full sequined, structured, shoulder number, by Shaun Leane . . .

 (she was also trying to desperately get her leg up on the bar)
Oh and an extremely pissed off JODIE HARSH in a fab sequin hoodie, who was marching around looking ready to punch someone!
Music was a perfect mix of old school and chart topping songs, to keep everyone on their feet! Buttons, Ginger and I, indulged in cocktails & partied hard, but apparently only I got pissed! 
Worthy of mention were the two, hot, body popping boys, who put their suited and booted counter parts to shame, with their dance moves (money isn't everything!) and . . . The chav-tastic chick in a mini, denim-print skirt and knitted halter neck top, seriously luv, 1990 is so not hot right now!
But all in all, to fit into Movida, takes a certain type of girl . . . and lets just say . . .
'I'd rather eat cake, than wear to much Fake Bake!'

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week Day 3

How long are we going to have glorious sunshine for? This is all just too exciting! It does however signal that we will probably have rain all of June, July and August! 
But, back to AFW! Today was yet again a stunning array of new design talent. Yes there were some items that should of stayed packed away, but on the whole, it seemed that yesterday was about the wow factor, today concentrated more on fabulous wearability combining quirky details, cuts and prints.   
Our favourite collection today came from German designer, Lisa Hoffman. Lisa is actually an old university pal of mine, but don't think I'm being biased! Lisa and I did our LCF Art and Design course together and not only was she a funny and fabulous drinking partner, she is an incredibly smart and kooky designer.
She combined light mint green, coral and black to create an off beat but wearable collection. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, shift dresses and shirts featured fabulous prints of teapots and spoons. Trousers were wide, with great front pleating and jackets had nicely rounded yet sculptured shoulders. 
The jewellery was actually to die for, with salad bowl inspired, giant bangle, toast rack bracelets and spoon and abstract perspex necklaces showed off what a cohesive and well styled collection it was. 
Our favourite pieces were the teapot print dress and the multi spoon print, full skirt. 

In fact, Bleu Flats was so inspired that I am currently trying to convince her that wearing a saucepan as a hat is so not going to cut it tomorrow (but each to their own!).
Pics to follow 

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week Day 2

I am loving this summer sun! (Bleu) Flats and I turned up ridiculously early to nab front row seats, then tried to act fashion cool, lets be honest, when are fashionistas early! Flats opted for a truly summer, candy stripe play-suit while I somehow ended up in head to toe black?! Having not been blown away yesterday, we weren't expecting too much today. But we were proved wrong! There was tones of redeemable things today. 
It started with fabulously, purple, swingy, velvet coats by Hackney College. They had big sleeves, oversized collars and military and Victorian detailing. 
Other things worthy of note were Penny Baker's jersey creations, surrealist shoulders, panelling and general awesomeness that was very Sports Luxe with a futuristic edge; Sarah Punter's 'concealed and revealed' collection that had delicate prints, sheer panelling and spectacular slashed and shredded fabrics. It reminded us of a cross between the latest Jil Sander and Louise Amstrup collections. Futuristic, modern and unstated cool. Menswear was a treat too and our new crush is with Nelly George Hipkin

Her fun and fierce collection had a 50's come 80's vibe. There were polka dots, fluorescent acid, plastic macs and the most wackiest of man bags. Colour was clashed, prints were loud and cuts were excellent and perfectly mixed the traditional with the out there, for the most dapper and showy of gentlemen. Pics, interviews and further reports to follow!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week

Flats and I rocked up to AFW today, being held all week at Spitalfield Market. Armed with press passes, I was looking forward to taking a pew to watch some new talent. Unfortunately there was no real press section and while I am supposed to be covering the shows for various publications, I wasn't able to get to the seated area to have a decent enough view. We were pretty peeved by the lack of organisation and Flats almost had a fight with some random chick. The problem with holding free outdoor shows is that it becomes a tourist attraction and lets face it, its actually all about the press!
We eventually found 'Ginger', a photography pal of mine who had a genius, high up view point, so we finally got a birds-eye-view of the show. 
The high points of the show were sky high and the low points were scrapping the barrel low. But the true star of the day was Aaron Ray Dowie, a fantastic, menswear tailor. We loved his country chic tailoring! The dress coats were divine and perfectly executed. Dowie, who currently freelances for some major brands and has worked on Savile Row is definitely one to watch! More interviews, reviews and pics to come . . .

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Shop Report

OMG! Credit Crunch Chic Alert!

If you haven't stopped by the latest, hottest, designer boutique in town then its about time you did! Now this is no ordinary store. The dress code, is anything you want it to be, the stock, totaly designer heaven and the shop? Well it's online. The sister store to Net-a-Porter,, is a fabulous heaven of credit crunch friendly designer must haves! With huge discounts, with some items 50% off or more, this is sure to keep you in McQueen, while ensuring you wont have to live in a cardboard box! Here are my top picks from the current stock . . .

Helmut Lang! I love this simple, metallic tunic, at 70% off, the tunic is an absolutely amazing £74.87! Perfect for summer with gladiators and winter, over jeans and a polo neck.
Stella McCartney, S/S must haves! This on trend, detailed sandal will have you envied by women everywhere! Plus they are eco friendly. At 40% off they are now £279, still pricey but still a bargain, if you are a designer buyer.

Mawi, pink, tear drop necklace. Block and bold colours are hot for this season and the 'Global Traveller' vibe of this piece is sure to up date your wardrobe. At a fabulous 70% discount - now £63, what's not to love?

Friday, 17 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Breaking News!

It's official! Project Runway is officially dead! With spin offs exploring the world of fashion journalism and Next Top Model, it would not be long before something swept along to replace the Runway Show and here it is! 
Simply named 'The Fashion Show', this new Bravo production is the search for the latest fashion star. It starts on May 7th and sadly so far I have been unable to see a preview, due to the vids only being visible to those in the USA! Damn!!!
But I did watch this quick snippet of an interview with Issac Mizrahi with these two excruciating, middle aged ladies, who had no idea what they were talking about! If you are interviewing someone, please do your homework! But back to the point. . .
The winner of the show gets $125,000 and will sell his/her line in a yet unnamed fashion store. Like Runway there are tasks, bitchiness and voting off each week, there is also a big, production catwalk show too! 
I will be posting bio's of the contestants eventually, but just so you know, Fash-Pack are supporting . . . 
 Daniella Kallmeyer who was in my year at LCF! - Biased I know, but having already shown her graduate collection at the Royal Academy and receiving press on WGSN and you know she is hot right! 

Roving Reporter . . . Breaking News!

The high-street / designer team up is a never ending road! The latest is that Biba queen Barbara Hulanucki is about to drop her much anticipated line for Topshop, while the pink haired print princess Zandra Rhodes is about to launch her line for Marks and Spencers! I can't wait!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Breaking News!

Is there any celeb not moonlighting right now? Following on from discussing the link up between Williamson and H&M (HOT) and Kate Moss with Topshop (NOT) . . . The Saturdays, (yes The Saturdays) are designing a capsule collection for RARE!
Has the world gone mad! Now I love The Saturdays, as a band, they are gorgeous, sassy and look cool but lets be honest they are styled. So why on earth are they getting their own design deal. 
This is celebrity cash in gone mad!
For those who want to see what all the fuss is about . . . go to from 1st May 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Fashion Update

I went into Topshop to have a look at the new Moss range and as I suspected my hopes were dashed when I got my paws on the latest offering. The dress that in images looks just like a Missoni rip off was unfortunately flimsy cotton in a ditzy floral print that hardly set the world alight. The were a couple of decent vests but overall boring and uninspiring. The rails were crammed with products, long gone are the days of 'minutes to sell out'. 

Personally I think people are saving their pennies for the much anticipated arrival of Matthew Williamson's H&M  range and quite frankly I don't blame them. It looks like its going to be hot, hot, hot! I am for the first time in my life considering (only considering mind you) joining the throngs to get my mitts on some!
THe much awaited 'Feather Dress' that has been rocked by both Nicky Hilton and Katie Perry is sure to disappear the moment it reaches the shop floor. While the cobalt blue suit is so on trend it actually hurts! Meanwhile I am lusting after this sequined tunic (below) and am also partial to a maxi dress! This selection is great because it feels so MW and so has great direction, having said the H & M mainline is looking pretty damn awesome right now too! So hop to it! - i'll see you in the queue for MW!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Trend - GOTHIC ROCK

I am styling a band this week (I will post pics after the shoot) and I wanted to just post a quick lil mood board.
We are shooting in the woods and going for Gothic meets Tim Walker. So there is the pretty element to hard rock. There are some really fab, gothic inspired looks out at the moment, all still spouting from the wet look trend that has moved from leggings into dresses. The basis for a good goth look is always a great black dress, team with black, super high shine heels, chunky heavy jewellery and if you can find one go for a little feather cape and/or over sized bug brooch! Finally, if you want to add a punky feel, find the Ashish, neon, leopard leggings, copied excellently by Topshop, to be the true queen of the goths!

Miss Selfridge
Dorothy Perkins

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Britain REALLY does have TALENT

MUST WATCH : Dance act: FLAWLESS (they really are)

FLAWLESS are the most outstanding thing to happen to dance since M Jackson, these boys are HOT! They make every other dance act (including lil George Sampson) look like total amateurs. I will be following and voting for these chaps!

I chose to post the full length vid as it was the best quality! WATCH IT!!!!
Plus, check out how awesome their look is, so put together, OK I'm officially obsessed!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . MUST HAVE

Erickson Beamon have teamed up with the charity ‘made’ to create an amazing collection of jewellery called ‘made in Africa’. Fabulous designs by Erickson Beamon have been produced in East African villages, providing support and income to the local people.
This is a really great charity and a beautiful collection of jewellery!

What more do you want? Fashion with feel good factor! I LOVE them!
                              The collection will be in stores in May.

I'm away for a couple of days now, but will be fashion blogging again by Sunday! xx

Monday, 6 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Topshop NYC

Topshop opened to fanfare and shrieks in NYC, with two of the UK's most famous exports (that's Sir Philip Green and Kate Moss).
The opening was a who's who of A-list celebrities! Oh the excitement! Below are just some of my favourite celebs and fashion looks for the night!

Jennifer Hudson rocked a super on trend 'SEQUIN DRESS' for her moment in the 'Spotlight' (sorry about the pun). This season, sequin dresses are huge, the best value one is from - STEAL HER STYLE.

Poppy Delevingne and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, total IT-Girl style. Making sure they had grabbed their goodie bags, they look total, NY rock chick.

HOT COUPLE ALERT! Newly-engaged Marc and Lorenzo stepped out to check out the latest fashion alert!
Anna Wintour came to cast her eye over, a full spread in US Vogue is so on its way...
Bee Shaffer, looks fab in all white . . . who is that dress by again??? It's driving me nuts!

Santigold looks like the original TOPSHOP Unique kind of girl doesn't she? This Sports Luxe dress is so on trend.

Taylor Momsen, she is just so cool! We love Gossip Girl at Fash-Pack, in fact, it's bordering on obsession and Taylor is definitely our favourite fashion darling! 

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fash-Pack talks to . . . Imogen Belfield

When did you start designing?
The first day I spent in a workshop I was given a long rod of silver, by the evening I’d created a coiling hand/arm piece. To bring an object that was at first so static, into life as a form on the body gave me the direction with which to continue my learning of metalwork and jewellery design.

What type of customer do you have in mind when creating your looks?
Someone who takes delight in deviating from the mainstream fashion path, who enjoys challenging conformity and indulging in a piece of jewellery that will invoke and provoke a reaction in the wearer and viewer.

What designer would you love to collaborate with?
The Architects Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Antonio Gaudi have all been great inspirations in the jewellery I have created so far. My work can be seen as miniature representations of abstract buildings, and to collaborate with these designers could create an interesting fusion of scale, dimension, wearabilty and function between that of a great office tower and a 2 finger ring. I would also love to collaborate with Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Viktor & Rolf.

What's been inspiring you lately?
The rock and crystal formations exhibited at the Natural History Museum.

What person would you love to see wearing your jewellery?

Grace Jones and Bjork.

Do you have any upcoming projects or shows you'd like to talk about?
Shirley Crowther will be exhibiting my work at the Artists Open Houses during the Brighton Festival, at The Jointure Studios, Ditchling…Weekends in May 2009, 2nd-24th

Coutts London Jewellery Week 8th – 14th June (tbc)

Cannes Film Festival; 14th – 23rd May. (tbc)

Who are your current stockists?
Daniel Bexfield, 26 Burlington, Mayfair, London W1

My diffusion range ‘Bel by Imogen Belfield’ is currently on Glimpse Online;

What's been your proudest moment in fashion/jewellery?
London Fashion Week; Autumn/Winter ‘09 collection ‘The Unshores’, exhibited at Felicities PR, London.

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths; Award for BA Coursework, June 2008.

British Jewellers’ Association; Award for BA Design, June 2008.

South Square Trust Award, 2006 –2008.

Publication of my jewellery work in the Ceramic Review, Nov/Dec 2008.

What's something you wish you knew from the beginning that you'd like young designers to know?
The briefest encounter can lead to a positive networking experience, so take each opportunity you get.

(with thanks to Jill)

Friday, 3 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Pick(s) of the Day

Love this dress so much! Again the Missoni thing going on. 
Also, the photography is super hot!

Tassels are set to be hot again. This lil jacket had a distinct hippy/Ibiza feel, but it works really well as a smart piece too. To male it totally summer though, wear over a vest and with a long, hippy skirt and braided head band. Lush!

Photos : Topshop

Roving Reporter . . . Pick(s) of the Day

I never, ever, ever, thought I would say this and admittedly I haven't seen the pieces up close, but I LOVE the new Kate Moss collection. The last few have, quite frankly been a total load of rubbish, but there are a few chic pieces in this. Now it is important to note, that I might go and see the collection and realise that it is essentially all poorly made and feels nasty, but until that point, take a look at these lil beauties.

This feathered, emblem jacket has been the talk of the town! It is super cute and very trendy, as far as I can tell, it is not yet available, Why do they always keep the best till last?

I think this lil jacquard weave top is so chic, very Missoni! Great with jeans or over a beach ensemble. 
Nautical is always fab in summer and this sailor cardie reminds me of this seasons Sonia Rykiel line! Oh at like a fraction of the price tag!

What do you think of the new Moss line?

photos : Topshop

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Contents Page: 'Rain'

Look 1: Dress: Afshin Feiz

Look 2: Jacket: Couture Clubbing
               Leggings: Topshop
               Necklace: Tallulah Tu

Photography: Lindsay Adler
Stylist: ME! Rivkie Baum
MUA: Jack Saundercock
Hair: Yusuke Ukai
Photography Assistant: Muriel Schouten
Model: Danielle Foster @ Dynamite Models - she is beautiful!

Roving Reporter . . . Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden

4. How many pieces to buyers expect a new designer to have for them to choose from?
The conversation quickly moved round to Averyl Oates and whether she bought into new designers and what it took to get into such a store of Harvey Nichols. She was pleased to announce that Spring 2010 will see Harvey Nichols giving over space on the 4th floor to emerging designers, around 80% of which will be home grown talent! With that aside, Averyl discussed how Giles has perfected deliveries, quality and range of wearable designs, diluted from his catwalk extravaganza. This has in turn seen his business grow by 30%. It’s all good for Giles then, but what about the rest of us?

Well, don’t expect to get the big orders in for up to 3-5 seasons. This is because it will take this amount of time for your DNA to be established and the buyers need to see that you can survive. No one wants to buy in for just one season, there needs to be room for development, year on year. It will also ensure that you have developed your quality and supply chain. In order to buy into your range, a buyer would like to get 12-15 pieces, a full story. This means that you should be looking at producing a collection of around 30 pieces, to allow for selection. We all know that one of London’s biggest problems is lack of finance and once again this comes into play here; around 70%-80% of a budget is used up on pre-collections, with the rest saved for the shows. This means that is often already spent and you really need to impress to get the buyers to part with their cash. Get you price to product ratio right, most designers will not even break even for a many years, some still don’t.

5. How to fund fashion shows? Is the catwalk show dead?
I was pleased that the panel agreed that showing a collection via a video, or installation, is quite frankly a bit rubbish; as Sophia said, you wouldn’t have ‘virtual food’. The truth is buyers still want to see your clothes, there is also no replacement for the pictures from the catwalk that can go live o the web almost instantly. The best advice was to head to unusual industries to look for sponsorship. William Tempest worked with Sony, Tempest (who was in the audience) told everyone to ‘let your passion shine through, be passionate and you will attract’. I get his point, but he pretty much said that things, ‘just happened’ for him; which is always not really what any struggling designer wants to hear. But don’t be scared to ask, go out and look for sponsorship.

It is on that note that I leave you to ponder these juicy pieces of insider information!