Monday, 16 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Miss Sixty

So. I'm scared. And it's not because of the look Sasha P is giving, which says something between "I'm going to shove you against the jukebox and make out with you" and "I'm going to end your life". Actually, it's the 80s that have me concerned.

Miss Sixty. Photo Credit: Marcio Madeira for Copyright Style.comLike so (sooooo) many collections this FW, Miss Sixty took references from two decades back. This came in the form of print-on-print ruffle dresses, patterned and fishnet tights and lots of little booties.

Miss Sixty. Photo Credit: Marcio Madeira for Copyright Style.comThere was even a bit of tartan mixed in, so hey! If you still have that dress from winter, slash it up, add a bow and get yourself a boyfriend who knocks over the Pacman machines to put petrol in his Delorean.

Miss Sixty. Photo Credit: Marcio Madeira for Copyright Style.comI genuinely like some of the offerings from the label (and assumably so did celeb guests like Rufus Wainwright and Kristen Bell), but a comment I read on this weekend made me worried. Some youngin' said something like, "Were the 80s real? Because being young enough not to have lived through them, I try to pretend they didn't exist." The consensus was: "Oooh child, yes they did exist, and although we really did look that bad, have you looked at yourselves in American Apparel leggings?"

Miss Sixty. Photo Credit: Marcio Madeira for Copyright Style.comIf we're going to look back and laugh at leggings (and we will, because I think stirrup pants are hilarious even though they're semi-back now), what would we say about drop-crotch, acid-wash jeans and a strong-shouldered, leopard-print catsuit? Karlie Kloss can work it, but what about outside the I'm-cool-because-I-dress-weird club? Maybe it's time to reevaluate...

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  1. i seriosly think people will regret this later!


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