Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Halston

Halston, like its London counterpart Ossie Clark, is another resurrected brand. Last winter saw Halston present stunning maxi gowns in simple, classic and beautiful silks. This season however the vibe was more grungy and though the brand is pre-80s, it decided to utilise a bit of punk.

There was an oversized mohair red jumper, acid-bright shifts and wet-look skinny trousers teamed with the sleekest of boy blazers. Styling consisted of bizarre hairlike clutches and snake-effect scarves. This was by no means Studio 54 - this was far more punk-couture.

Harem pants, which are a huge hit this S/S (why?), are here again at Halston, this time massively oversized and in a gorgeous electric blue. (From an LFW preview of a certain designer friend, I know that Halston are not the only ones to be doing blue harems). This teamed with another androgynous blazer, with a weave of sparkle. Do love that it's paired with a vest top though? Bring out the H&M basics to go with your most voluminous, over-the-top pieces to add a relaxed, just-thrown-together look.

A psychedelic-printed stripe dress took asymmetry into its third season. In line with trendspotting, Halston also displayed the cut-out look with a full-fronted, black jersey draped dress with a slashed-out back.

Finally Halston gave a nod to the embellishment trend with a sparkly disco mini dress. Great for a boogie on the LA party season, but how typically New York this collection is is yet to be seen.

A move away from last season, it seems that Halston is trying to mix current trends with brand identity. It now depends on whether Halston followers love it for its hallmarks or simply buy into the current creative vision.

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  1. I prefer last A/w Halston it felt more authentic



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