Friday, 20 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Alexandra Groover

Have just gotten back from Ashish, have just sat through another fashion show (already running 45 min late), have just eaten two mini bananas as Naomi (The Kaiser) had not allowed me to stop for food. Need complex carbs soon or an insulin drip.

Alexandra Groover, the LFW first-timer who designed the last set of clothes we saw, seems to be feeling the recession a bit more than Ashish or Eun Jeong. In all black - literally - Groover sent out about a dozen looks that all used texture, rather than colour, to add interest.

One of her most unique bits came at the beginning, when she experimented with a technique that neither Naomi nor I know what to call. (Rivkie, perhaps you are wiser.) Dresses were cotton jersey tunics, slightly draped and cinched at the low waist. But with slashes every inch or two, the frocks were anything but simple.

Will the newbie complicate her colour palette as much as her construction next season? Too soon to tell.

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