Sunday, 31 October 2010

EDDIE have played Concrete and Delicious Digital recently, here are a couple of snippets!


Well, while the issue of 3.2 has nearly sold out! (You can still grab a copy online RANDOM)
Last night we headed to Concrete for a few drinks and bands to celebrate!
We had 3 great bands playing, Eddie kicked off the evening and raised the tempo in the room!
We decided to go for a rock inspired do, paired with this seasons must have fabric velvet. An emerald green velvet Anya Wilkinson dress and a one off, elastic band and light up jacket by JMD (Jeffrey Michael Design).
They totally smashed it (even if i'm a tiny bit biased).
Next up was electric pop duo 'Ghost Cat'. I loved Aileen's powder pink outfit with cat print, it was so super cute! I'm a huge Ghost Cat tune fan and its really cool to see the fusion of digital and vocal unfolding on stage.
Finally 'Pictures of Belgrade', an indie rock band, drums and guitars galore!