Sunday, 15 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Vena Cava

Sophie Buhai and Lisa Maycock are moving forward by looking back. This season's Vena Cava presentation mixed modern technology with 80s quirkiness (holographic sequins??), and most of the looks came off likeable.

Vena Cava. Dan Ashby for Copyright's start with the relatively simple, yes? The designers give off a Marios Schwab feel with this V-necked sleeveless number, and the print feels like a combination of an old tapestry and something straight from an 80s brunch. With tougher footwear, this is easily Camden-appropriate.

ena Cava. Dan Ashby for Copyright wouldn't be Vena Cava without cut-outs. We're seeing lots of side flesh this season, even though it's a cruel joke to make people stay away from the biscuit jar when the work world is so crap. Kidding. Love.

ena Cava. Dan Ashby for Copyright quickly on, we have a clearer example of techie and 80s. Want some shimmery fringe? Then of course you should pair it with a sailor-striped top and something in sheer nude. Speaking of sheer, tights are lower denier again. This usually ends up more flattering on the leg, but the downside is you have to shave.

ena Cava. Dan Ashby for Copyright sheer panel at the top of this tank dress has been around since last season, but the slashes of fringe make the style feel fresh. Pop a bow in your hair, and you're ready to go out.

Vena Cava. Dan Ashby for Copyright saved the most shocking for last. Skipping the obvious focal point for a sec, I'm glad the blazer is sticking around as the cover-up of choice, and the asymmetric closure make this a better curve-lover than many high-street alternatives. We could do a Rate or Slate on the skirt, but I'm going to defend it as a welcome dose of whimsy for a season when many designers are thinking doom and gloom.

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  1. WHY would anyone ever wear that skirt??


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