Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Things

Not really having the most fashion of weeks! 
Random Magazine goes to print on Monday (we will be out November) so I have spent the week bashing around with credits! Tres stressful for all concerned! Everyone is working their socks off!
We headed to an exhibition on the Southbank tonight at the Movieum (yes they really have called it that). It was Water on the Lens, it was all based around under water photography, very magical!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shoot Shopping

I have a test shoot on Friday so I spent today trying to sort out the two looks I've been asked to create. One inspired by this seasons Dolce Gabbana campaign and one with a Chanel / Christian Lacroix feel.

I headed naturally to the high-street as I love recreating these looks with budget in mind. So far I've picked up a red velvet body, a multi layered lace cape/collar and flapper headband all from Topshop. To complete my gothic look I purchased a mutton sleeved blouse - H&M, lacey tights (Fenwick) and a beautifully tailored pencil skirt from Zara!

Finally I headed to River Island which has improved season on season. Though there design dept claim to not follow trends but rather 'create' them, we all know that they do some of the best catwalk copies around! I grabbed a hot pink and black faux fur jacket (perfectly D&G) and an amazingly embellished belt which again plays the Dolce vibe. The elastic waist belt is decorated with ribbons and brooches and is simply divine! I finished the look with wet look leggings and bow hair band - Topshop) and a feathered skirt - Zara
I can't wait to see the results on Friday! I still have finishing touches to do but the basics are all there!

As it was Sunday the shops were crammed with couples, I don't get shopping with a B/F! Girls why do you do it?! The girls dragging their poor boyfriends around (who'd rather be in the pub!) asking for their opinions only to disagree!
My favourite was the stunning girl in front of me in the queue at Zara (she'd look good in a bin bag) who had picked up a very fashion forward multi stud skirt and numerous studded mini dresses. Her b/f looked utterly baffled by the fashionista pieces and only really liked the look of the lady like lacey number! We all know boys don't get runway darling!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Loving Katie Eary!

Katie Eary is one of the latest and greatest menswear visionaries of our time. I have used previous seasons of  Katie's work and I absolutely adore her use of embellishment and the dark and mysterious element to every piece she makes. Her collections are strong in their androgynous tendencies I totally adore it.
This video presentation sums up all the crazy notions racing around in this fantastic designers head, its all dark and twisted but entirely beautiful.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Tim Soar

TIM SOAR - S/S 2010
Soar's collection started off extremely clinical and the white plastic looking clothing reminded me of chemical hazard suits.
There were plastic macs, bib front shirts and again, trendy, ankle skimming trouser hems. Trouser legs were generally fairly slim in cut, with the occasional dropped crotch and peg style cut. 
Like with the women's shows, Tim Soar's models had their hair slicked back into a wet look style. 
The collection gained some warmth with a striped pair of trousers that had an almost Middle Eastern feel in tone, warm dusky pink, camel, brick red and orange.
As the collection gained momentum, the pieces became more unusual. There were black wet look blazers, gun metal silver trousers and chocolate, paper silk jackets.
Chocolate, cream, white and metallic silver were heavily featured and wet look blackthings are definitely here to stay.

Tim Soar played with armour and form fitting shapes as he created structural tops that were almost like 'second skin' to the models. I admired his move into snake print jeans and marveled at how the boys struggled to walk in sling back brogues (somehow I don't think they will catch on even in S/S2010!)

Editor @ Large . . . B-Store

B-STORE S/S 2010

MUSIC : 'I could be happy by Altered Images / 'Mrs Robinson' by Simon and Garfunkel

The collection was classically, what you would expect . . . Neutral tones of beige, cream, camel and denim blue hues. There was plenty of leg on show as boys strutted in shorts both short shorts and tailored 'city' cut off shorts.
Trousers were all the very 'Hoxton' ankle skimmers and peg legs worn with loosely tailored but perfectly cut jackets. There were flashes of checks and jersey polos were accessorised with skinny ties.
The styling was perfect and I loved the pushed up blazer sleeves and the rolled back t-shirt sleeves
It was a slightly 40's preppy look, which was further pulled together by the camel coloured satchels.
My favourite pieces were definitely the wet look,  light blue macs and anoraks, it was almost a plastic mac come silk, it was great! Even Boy George was dancing in his seat at the end of the walk through!

Editor @ Large . . . B-Store / Tim Soar

Can't believe fashion week has come and gone for another season! The 6th day of LFW has been turned into 'menswear' day, which although I feel menswear should be interspersed throughout the week, it is quite cool to watch how the audience in the main tent changes on the final day of London Fashion Week.
 I do love my menswear, but I gave most of the day a miss and settled on seeing the back to back B-Store / Tim Soar show, the finale to fashion week and hence befitting for me to attend. 
In the queue with fellow fashionistas we pondered the merit of creating double shows for every designer (we were in favour).
The show was packed and unlike the last few days there were tones of dapper men hanging around (who needs the male models!).

The front row filled up rapidly and a late arrival from BOY GEORGE in a fabulous, wonky, pink top hat, through the whole order into disarray, one of his friends ended up sitting on the floor in front of the front row! (I would so happily do that!)


Post B-Store/Tim Soar I ran to The Queen of Hoxton in . . .  (well isn't it obvious) to meet the gang for a drink to raise a cocktail to the end of one season. This is always a fun time as it normally means the closing of one door and the opening of another! After all at Fash-Off last year, that's when I first met the EIC of Random Magazine and now I'm the Editor! So as far as I'm concerned you can't beat a good fash off! Several drinks later and I'm ready for bed!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Basso and Brooke

OMG! I nearly cried it was just so amazing!
Basso and Brooke, along with A. McQueen were the sole catalyst for me studying, eating, sleeping and living fashion! So every time I see another Basso and Brooke show, I get overwhelmed with excitement!

The room was literally crammed! And I had arrived really early to ensure I avoided the crush. Even so, my actual allocated row was already filled and I had to scoot off elsewhere!
I always find their show so hard to describe as quite frankly there is so much to take in and put over it is very much near impossible!

Firstly Front Row:
Harold Tillman
Philip Green (I passed him in the exhibition earlier that day and had to refrain from hugging him)
Michelle Williams (I'm now slightly obsessed with her - she is just so nice and smiley)

Hair: EVERYONE has been doing wet look partially slicked back, greased up hair. Are we all going to be grease monkeys in 2010? I think not!

Shoes: Sculptural triangular heels, very blocky and colourful. Works of art in themselves!

The collection: 
Interestingly this time round, trousers barely featured and although La Roux has rocked the odd Basso & Brooke trouser suit, it seems 2010 is all for the skirt! YAY

There were tones of dresses, each with their own graphic, sketchy and bold print. The prints were tribal explosions of colour and what started as primarily colour palette in the beginning soon saw combinations of colours so vast, my jaw literally hit the floor!

Like at several shows this season there were waisted blazer dresses and jersey maxis that were incredibly body con. The cuts were literally perfection!

I loved the draped front pencil skirts and manipulated shift dresses that just added that extra attention to detail. I think that's the thing with this duo, everything is done for a reason. Each part of the print is placed specifically in the right place and each drape adds to both the garment and the art on it. 

I thought the use of nude panels to create an almost cut away effect on some pieces was superb and the asymmetry of both the cuts and prints was simply divine!
We gushed at the full skirted, pleated, chiffon, rainbow dress with black and white sequined top half! And I have to admit I almost fell of my chair when seeing the gold, structural jacket that had an almost armour like feel to it, teamed with gun metal peg leg trousers.
Also loved the black, leather dress, with rainbow print bust cups and tulip style skirt.

I definitely think this collection is one of their best to date. The prints were experimental, yet commercially viable. The cuts were conscious of both the use of drape and structure and offered a little bit of something for everyone.
I'm never not amazed at their talent, but this season they have out done themselves. One of the best things at fashion week! It even tops the Aquascutum champagne.

Editor @ Large . . . Romeo Pires

Romeo Pires was all about the shirt. You know when you are at uni, doing fashion, there is always a 'shirt' project, the one where you have to re-invent and play with the classic white garment! Well it seems for 2010, Pires did just that!
It was all about exaggerated, twisted and over-sized shirts. Distorted construction, cape styles, shirt dresses and shirts that became playsuits. Whether they were cotton or chiffon prints, there was no mistaking the inspiration.
I liked some of the cutting techniques used, especially the circular patterns that combined sleeves and back as one. Something I have seen previously at Nico's A/W 09 show. This technique creates interesting folds and drapery and worked really well in the chiffon. 
Prints were very abstract, with an almost Pop Art feel to them. Concentrating on primary colours and monochrome tones.
Favourite model : Ullah from D1 Models
Shoes : Flat Brogues in several hues.

Editor @ Large . . . Barbour Launch shop!

So Jeremy Scott ended and I spent two hours sipping coffee (well downing it) and writing up for the last few days so I treated myself to a visit to the new Barbour store! On Foubert's Place, the black and white fascia is striking. The store is two floors of the 'best in British design' and I've had a Barbour obsession since I was little!
It is the kind of brand that I imagine everyone in the country covets! I know I would!
Chatting to the Barbour Marketing Manager she talked me through the collection and how they have updated and modernised to appeal to both their trendier existing customers and to invite some new ones into the store!
I love the new Barbour jacket that sports union jack lining! The store has been open for less than a month and they have already sold out!
The new leather jackets for next season are delicious too! 
There is definitely a Barbour for all!
As if I didn't love the brand already there were plenty of snack, hot, fresh coffee and the best goodie bag! I walked off with a silk tartan print scarf (I'm thinking I may wrap it in my hair), a merino wool / cashmere mix scarf and some lambs wool, fingerless, gloves! What more can I ask for on a Tuesday!

Editor @ Large . . . Ballantyne

Louise Goldin worked on the new Ballantyne collection which showed today at LFW. Rather than a show, they went with the latest trend for a presentation!
We were welcomed with tea, fruit kebabs, cream tea scones and mini smoked salmon bagels!
Having had lunch (well, it was only the fair thing to do), we perused the delightfully light and quirky collection. Bold colours, striking knit styles and great cuts. Louise has breathed fresh life into an established brand.

Editor @ Large . . . Jeremy Scott

I'm more familiar with Scott's work via Adidas, so I was quite excited to see the 'stand alone' show. There was a pretty good front row which included Erin O'Connor, Jodie Harsh and lots of people that were being snapped out of my eye line! :-(
The show had a 'wild life theme' with a very 'Flinstone' style to it. The prints were all animal inspired versions of leopard and tiger prints with a cartoon edge to them. They came in hues of bright green, hot pink, yellow and orange and this was definitely bright and fun.
The actual silhouettes sometime got lost in translation, but I loved the full skirted shirt dresses, the wrap dresses and jackets with over-sized collars (and fastened with a bone!). Shift dresses were definitely du jour and I loved the jagged edged hems, very 'wild'.
There were fur animal print party dresses in florescent hues with sweet heart necklines, tulip skirts, high waist, body con pencil skirts and very eighties style, acid wash denim shorts. Menswear was shown too and while mainly the boys had to contend with slashed edged hems and printed shirts, the fashionista's couldn't help but chuckle at the one-piece mankini, with asymmetric shoulder strap - even Erin O'Connor was smirking away!
I loved the leather print jackets that came both cropped and waist length versions with sleeves and sleeveless, dropped armholes.
The collection was huge and I think the second to last section in pale pink, with white print really showed off Scott's actual skill as a designer, rather than just someone who can create wacky, kooky pieces. This section had fabulous, off the wall biker jackets, beautifully cut, high-waisted, full skater skirts and a wicked cropped tux jacket.
What I loved the most though is knowing that it is only in London that such experimentation and creativity is embraced!

Editor @ Large . . . PAaaarty!

Having watched as many shows as my brain could take, it was definitely time for a drink!
So having met up with the girls from ANGEL JACKSON - the most fabulous handbags! I had to go for a drink with them!
We headed to 17 Berkeley Street (the bar seems to have no name) where the Christopher Kane after party was happening. Having decided to be oh so 'Sex and the City' I settled on a Cosmo and we circled the room.
In doing so, I made not one but two fashion faux pas. As we know Cosmo's come in those fab martini glasses, which become less great in crowded spaces and as someone backed into me (only to soak up some of my drink) I almost stumbled in front of video interview with Christopher Kane himself! Thank goodness Heels grabbed my arm! The shame! I would've been banished from fashion forever! Needless to say I was forced to sit down!
Oh dear! Well it was a fab evening of gin and tonics and gossip and aside from Kane there was vogue.com and Mark Frith ex-editor of HEAT magazine, which for a gossip lover like me was an extra special moment. By the time I fell into bed past one I was already thinking about getting up for more shows! Sigh, Life of a fashionista!

Editor @ Large . . . William Tempest

Last season was Tempest's first season and judging by the buzz and queue from February we knew to arrive early! We were practically first in line and with a slight delay in the running time (when is there not!) our feet were not happy!
When we finally made it into the show area, we rushed to perch on the last remaining seats (there is no grace in fashion). The show started and as usual I loved the choice in music!
It started off all scratchy before moving into some thumping beats. The models paraded in Will's usual divine designs, that combined body con perfection and sleek silhouettes that were later littered and embellished in over sized ruffles.
I love William Tempest, not simply for the hype, but more appropriately for his skill in pattern cutting. Understanding only a smidge of what he must go through to create such objects of beauty. I can see straight away how each set of seams details and panels are utilised to create the perfect shape.
William definitely learnt from his last collection, taking the most perfect elements of A/W 09 and developing and playing with it further to create his next, well received selection. The armour style peplums that came from the waist were developed into multi layers and then twisted and relocated around the body to create ruffles, that ranged from single layers, to masses of fabric. Will somehow managed to mix a body-con look with over-sized structure and his dresses truly are the art sculpture of fashion.
There was an almost sixties feel to some dresses that had a shift style with cut out, cage hems. There were dresses with cage structures over the top that show how Tempest is constantly trying, playing and experimenting. The heart of a true designer!
While I enjoyed the drapery of the maxi/grecian style pieces less, I was wowed by his structural and tailored jackets that were simply so divine and detailed that I am lost for word as how to describe them.
The colour palette was very in tune with what I've seen this week and the nude, peach, monochrome and lilac hues were gorgeous. And although I was loving the drapery I want all the gunmetal lurex pieces, very wet look, very fab.
Most coveted piece of the collection? Everyone left talking about the lilac jumpsuit! It's only a matter of time before it's running around the red carpet!

Editor @ Large . . . Aquascutum

Almost totally distracted by the champagne, we were ushered into watch the presentation which was about to start. Unlike some static shows I've seen this season, the presentation was held in a small room that essentially created a mini catwalk and was just away for Aquascutum to show the collection more times to smaller groups of people. It was fabulously intimate and we got a real sense of the clothes. The collection was very very safari inspired. With the collection being a host of khaki, beige, gold and forest green tones.
There were fabulous macs that had safari pockets, toggles and pulleys to create ruching effects and ruffles that were asymmetrically attached round the collar or down the side.
When collars weren't ruffles, structure played a huge part to the collage, with waist snug jackets and grandad collars.
The prints had an almost vintage 'liberty' feel to them as they had a cross between safari and rocco element to the style. With a cute brocade jacket being a personal highlight of mine.
Trousers weren't overwhelmingly on show as for Aquascutum S/S 2010 is the season of the maxi skirt! Long live the maxi! The models swept the floor in full length skirts and dresses that were slightly a-line in cut but not overwhelmingly full.
This is definitely the most stylish safari look!
We managed to grab a glass of champagne on the way out - which is by far the best I've had this week! Quality throughout!

Editor @ Large . . . Jaeger

(Elle Girls)

Having finished my drink at Gur and been snapped for simply being so stylish (twice) I headed back up to the main BFC tent for the Jaeger show. I was quite literally beside myself with excitement, as quite frankly, I'm a classic, British, style girl and Jaeger is one of my aspirational wardrobe brands.
Front row included David Walliams and his model girlfriend, Erin O'Connor, Jason Gardiner (Dancing on Ice).
The show started with monochrome, slanted stripes and over-sized, 'snow speckled' style knit wear. EVERYTHING was waisted! From wide waist belts, with pleated bow leather fronts, to skinny patent belts.The trouser shape was a mix of harem and peg legs, combining the two most popular styles of the last year. There were waisted trousers, with very full front pleats that then tapered with a cuff at the ankle. While other styles saw full front pleats and dropped crouches to emulate a harem style pant.

(David Walliams)
Playsuits were super popular this season at Jaeger and I think it definitely shows how modern and du jour, the brand have become. They have continuously reinvented to offer the more grown up woman trend led clothing without the 'mutton dress as' label.
The colour palette moved from monochrome to more safari and then onto bright coral (which has been popping up all over the place this week) and bright forest green. The flashes of powder pink, dove grey and aqua ensured there was a tone for everyone at Jaeger in 2010.
The most fashion forward pieces for me were definitely the full skirted culottes in a range of hues that included an eighties shiny powder pink! I loved the tuxedo jacket dresses, over-sized, power dressing, in girlish hues and sassy waist belts.
In a move away from a slim trouser with over-sized jackets, Jaeger showed full trousers with big eighties shoulder, suit jackets, Thatcher would've been proud! But these were far from stuffy, these were stylish, statement and tailored to perfection.
There were also cropped tux jackets with large lapels and waterfall front versions. I loved the creamy ones as they screamed summer style!
The collection was massive and I could talk about it for hours! Finally, the fine knits need a mention for being perfect for a summer evening, while the more dressy pieces that included gold and black combinations and sequin embellishment that would turn anyone from fab to drab!
S/S 2010 is definitely a Jaeger one.

Editor @ Large . . . Avsh Alom Gur

There was much confusion yesterday afternoon at Avsh Alom Gur. With seated and non seated tickets sent out everyone was expecting a show. The fashion pack were ready, notepads and pens in hand only to find that we were not seeing a show but a presentation, accented by delicious cocktails in the fab on/off press lounge.
As fashionistas wondered the room wispering to one another 'wasn't it supposed to be a show' I've heard on the grapevine that Gur's PR's were equally surprised by the move! There is nothing like a little drama!
It is a well known fact that I love Avsh Alom. This collection was a world away from his last and was far slicker, grown up and commercial. The prints had a real sixtes, graphic, bold feel to them and the shapes were very Gur. Biased cut to perfection. Simple seaming yet perfect pattern cutting.
I think after having a comical last season, with jokey 'credit crunch' embellishments, this is just what Gur needs to get back on track and while it may not be the hippest collection on the block, it definitely has a market base and while its fun to be fashion fabulous, it would be pretty good to make sales to, don't you think?

Editor @ Large . . . BodyAmr

It feels like forever since yesterday morning! Fashion week is tailing off, which is always demonstrated by the nearly non existent supplies of Vitamin Water and Evian! The Red Bull is in full swing and the sunglasses have got bigger and bigger as the week progresses, bags under the eyes are so not fashion darling!

So Monday morning saw me head to the BODYAMR presentation. I'm fairly familiar with their work, but I have to admit they hadn't fully entered my life. . . until yesterday!
The presentation, as the PR told me, was not about the clothes themselves but the emotions they evoke to the wearer and identifying who the BodyAmr girl is, I SOOOO want to be a BodyAmr girl!The video showed a gorgeous model travelling the USA and heading through the bright lights of Las Vegas in a convertible, staying in motels and dancing in the Nevada dessert, so very me, so very trendy.
The collection itself was housed in a room down the hall and it was enough to nearly make me weep with joy. Everyone knows I love a bit of drapery, but the silk jersey tops, skirts and playsuits floored me. The quality of the silk jersey was like molten butter, it twisted, dropped and fell so beautifully. 
I loved the introduction of sequin embellishment as the jersey picked up the light beautifully which made each piece shine. The rich colour palette of aqua, golds and peachy/nude was divine! Asymmetric playsuits, floor length dresses that would make any celebrity an instant hit and shorter cocktail lengths made this a beautiful, bold, different collection. I'm in love!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Danielle Scutt

The models walked the catwalk with hair that looked like a piece of artwork! It was pilled high in three tiers, like a stack of bread rolls. Ok, so my explanation doesn’t sound very glamorous, but it was, very contemporary and artistic. A reflection of what the show had to offer.

The prints were bold and geometric, which were very strong and powerful just like the clothes. The prints were in blue, red and black on a white background, so fresh! Or, a black polka dot and a butter yellow background, amazing!

There were very tightly fitted body con dresses that had the sculpted shoulders, softened with a ruffle at the waist, which enhanced the hips. This strong powerful dresses were more made feminine by using a fuchsia printed fabric.

The body con idea, developed into fabulous leotards that had sheer panels or strip detailing. The sculpted shoulders featured on dresses, skirts and playsuits with lace shorts! The skirt shapes were A-line and were either extremely short or fuller and finished at the knee.

The collection was breath taking, so elegant and powerful yet at the same time, very feminine. Scutt had combined the sculpted dressing with flirtatious ruffles to produce such an amazing collection!

Topshop Unique “Surf’s up for Spring Summer 2010 Unique”

This collection brought such a young, fresh and vibrant feel to the catwalk by being inspired by the late 70’s West Coast America. There was a lot of distressed denim, vibrant graffiti prints and sportswear, all with that Topshop appeal, that we all love!

The look was very chilled with the clothes having a worn out character to them. The denim was distressed and faded, with oversized denim waistcoats on top of tshirts in pebble grey, sand and aqua that looked ‘moth bitten’ but loved.

Neoprene underwear anyone?!! Rubber bandeaus, crop tops and high waist knickers were made out of neoprene which were could be seen under the loose fitting clothes which added vibrant flashes of colour to the distressed fabrics. It is a look that Lady Gaga would be proud of!!

Sportswear featured strongly in this collection, which toughened up the feminine clothes. There were aertex paneling in trousers, stripes down the arms, oversized sweatshirts and my favourite.. a sequin polo shirt crop top!

We all sat there eagerly waiting what Topshop had to offer us, and they more than definitely delivered. The collection was fun, wearable and very fashion forward! In the audience sat the man himself, Philip Green and Kate Moss, looking beautifully stunning as always!

Betty Jackson

This collection reminded me of a 1950’s sweet shop. The colours were so feminine, as vintage floral prints stood proud against emerald greens and sugared pinks and browns. Gorgeous combination! The models looked fresh faced with dewy skin, rosy cheeks and lips with a natural eye makeup.

Flirty, feminine ruffles in chiffon featured a lot in the collection, adding volume and drama to the clothes. My favourite was a tie on ruffle bustle that you would wear like a back to front bum bag. It was a mini version of a Victorian dress!

The soft feminine look continued with lace detailed added to hems of skirt and shorts. The skirts were knee length and very floaty and the shorts were tailored and also came to the knee.

The soft feminine look was contrasted with sleek tailoring and sculpted shoulders on both dress and leather jackets. The trousers were high waisted with a large tie bow at the waistband with a peg shape leg, that was cropped to the ankle. Tailored leather dresses in mocha were softened with the lace trimming which looked gorgeous!


Sequins, sequins and yet more sequins!! Ashish delivered yet another amazing show, which was so fun and lively, as the room filled with a carnival atmosphere.

The room was packed and in the front row sat VV Brown and Michelle Williams, formally of Destiny’s Child, both looking as glamorous as ever!

Studs and sequins? Yes please! This collection was amazing…Bring on the chic rock and roll!! The padded shoulders of a black sequins jacket were embellished with large gold studs combined with a pair of sequins blue Hawaiian shorts. The stubs continued, featuring on a pair of black trousers with padded knees.

The colours in this collection were bright and punchy, blues, greens, oranges, reds and yellow that stood out against the lush black sequins.

The collection featured dresses with images including: the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and a beautiful sunset.

By the look of this amazing collection, sequins are here to stay for a long, long time…..Long live the sequin!!

John Rocha

The collection brought together the best pattern cutting, innovative use of materials and a whole lot of style!

This was an unbelievably beautiful collection that with it soft vintage tones against vivid oranges, peaches and emerald green. The chiffons in this collection had been layered together, creating a shape that was so beautiful and soft; you would of mistaken it for feathers.

The jackets had a sharp silhouette with beaded shoulders or were sleeveless, creating a very feminine touch to a tailored item.

The dresses were loose with exaggerated hips, with the most amazing underarm seaming, that made the dresses drape so beautifully on the body.

The menswear was very innovative and refreshing! The collection featured typical masculine garments: trilby, parker and suit jacket. But the shapes, proportion and embellishment set it apart! The trilby’s were in muted tones, with the chiffon embellished on to create the look of petals. The collection featured a ‘crushed’ linen, that had a great ‘masculine’ touch to it. This was used in creating jackets with a sheer inserts. Beautiful!

Waistcoats were combined with jackets to create a longer length jacket, which looked amazing.

John Rochas’s collection had so much charm and tenderness that was combined with strong silhouettes, breath taking!

Aminka Wilmont S/S2010 ‘Adage’

This collection had a very subtle ethnic feel to it. The models wore elaborate headpieces that were made of feathers to resemble ears, creating an animalized look. The colours were very rustic, with printed fabrics in rustic oranges, golds and bronzes. This was contrasted with another printed fabric that that look like soft pebbles, bringing in grey and blue tones into the collection. This look was then all brought together with the most amazing laser cut leathers! The leathers were cut into really thin strips that were sewn together, to create the most delicate leather boleros and jackets!

There was a lot of gathering on the dresses, which were very fitted at the front but draped beautifully at the back. The gathering continued through out the collection and worked amazingly on leggings! The different prints were contrasted together, to create such a striking effect. Combining prints together has appeared through out various catwalk shows this week.

Harem pants are still favourite with designers and Wilmont worked them beautifully, by creating harem one pieces with cut out sections. They were to die for!!

This was such a powerful collection that brought together the most gorgeous fabric and leathers and worked then into the most amazing works of art!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . LFW! Party!

OMG, I'm exhausted and I've hardly 'done' fashion week!
I skipped off to Harriets Muse tonight at VFS, Loving the new collection! My favourite piece is a black jumpsuit, with ruching at the ankles and pleats in wife beater fabric down the front! The little puff sleeves in wife beater net is also so totally randomly fabulous! There was as you'd expect some great bodice and body con pieces too!

Having had some Pimms and checked in on the make up party down the hall, we moved the scene on to the POUT / Nineteen74 / Schon party at private members bar 'Adams' on Adams Street! It is such a crazy cool cave down there! I totally loved it and the tunes were amazing! While it did cost £20 for a bottle of vino! (having said that it was top notch plonk!) It was a fab party in the best location! Loving your work Miggy! There was a social drinking room, a dark dancing room (we partied right by the decks) and the more sedate, quiet room, where people were mingling while looking at pages of Schon Magazine that had been plastered on the wall and floor. 

We then hoped in a cab and headed to the Mulberry Party! This was held round the corner from The Mayfair Hotel (which is where i'd like to live!) We hoped in for a while, the main party seemed to be taking part in the back room, though bizarrely the bar was huge but all the fashion peeps had rammed themselves into this one small space!
After a couple we decided to call it a night and headed off to find Cabs, Busses and general life! Tomorrow is a busy day and fashion waits for no woman!


Sequins, sequins and yet more sequins!! Ashish delivered yet another amazing show, which was so fun and lively, as the room filled with a carnival atmosphere.

The room was packed and in the front row sat VV Brown and Michelle Williams, formally of Destiny’s Child, both looking as glamorous as ever!

Studs and sequins? Yes please! Bring on the rock and roll!! The padded shoulders of a black sequined jacket and embellished with large gold studs combined with a pair of sequined blue Hawaiian shorts, Amazing! The studs continued, featuring on a pair of black trousers with padded knees.

The colours in this collection were bright and punchy, blues, greens, oranges, reds and yellow that stood out against the lush black sequins.

The collection featured dresses with images including: the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and a beautiful sunset.

By the look of this amazing collection, sequins are here to stay for a long, long time…..Long live the sequin!!

Aminka Wilmont S/S2010 ‘Adage’

This collection had a very subtle ethnic feel to it. The models wore elaborate headpieces that were made of feathers to resemble ears, creating an animalized look. The colours were very rustic, with printed fabrics in rustic oranges, golds and bronzes. This was contrasted with another printed fabric that that look like soft pebbles, bringing in grey and blue tones into the collection. This look was then all brought together with the most amazing laser cut leathers! The leathers were cut into really thin strips that were sewn together, to create the most delicate leather boleros and jackets!

There was a lot of gathering on the dresses, which were very fitted at the front but draped beautifully at the back. The gathering continued through out the collection and worked amazingly on leggings! The different prints were contrasted together, to create such a striking effect. Combining prints together has appeared through out various catwalk shows this week.

Harem pants are still favourite with designers and Wilmont worked them beautifully, by creating harem one pieces with cut out sections. They were to die for!!

This was such a powerful collection that brought together the most gorgeous fabric and leathers and worked then into the most amazing works of art!

Vauxhall Fashion Scout - Ones To Watch

'Ones to watch' delivered four womenswear designers who showed loads of fresh and innovative talent!

Hermione de Paula was first onto the catwalk and provided us with a beautiful insight into a hypnotic dream world. The chiffon was a mix between tie dye and a floral print, which was a beautiful combination. The garments were adorned with gold chains, that draped effortlessly over the shoulders and the low backs.

Ada Zanditon's collection had a strong geometric feel to it, that was reflected through her work in print, jewellery and the structure of the garments. If anyone thought patchwork was for your grandparents, then you're wrong! Zandition has created an amazing scarlet dress that has been created from two different hexagon shapes sewn together, amazingly elegant! Zanditon wowed us again by creating a dress that is produced from many 3-D hexagons all sewn together in a bold hexagonal print, this dress is enough to make you go crossed eyed, but it is so worth it!

Marko Mitanovski, well what can I say expect... WOW! I loved it! The models wore hair pieces in the shape of antlers with 3-D eyebrows to create the eerie and gothic atmosphere! The collection had a strong hint of Gareth Pugh throughout, due to gothic essence of his designs. Leather featured strongly in this collection and was used to create bodices, dresses and capes. The leather was pleated and layered up to create the most fantastic effect, it was captivating!

Dean Quinn's models walked onto the catwalk with wet look hair, that complemented the beading used in the collection. The beadwork created a 3D structured effect on the clothes. The tailored suits had coloured panels with padded embellished shoulders. Definitely the designers to watch..

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Emilio De La Morena S/S10

Emilio De La Morena was absolutely divine! This show was for the most delicate of rock chicks! Leather jackets were cropped with either cap sleeves with dropped arm wholes or structured 3/4's! Jersey lurex panelling in silver and black gave gorgeous depth to the collection. Black was accented by lilac and nude tones and there was plenty of water colour print chiffons. We love his new take on the bandage dress! All twists, turns and overlays in pleated knits and chiffons. There were full skirts and mix match panels that gave plenty of volume and interest to the clothes.
We can't get enough of this knit designer and with the movement into the best S/S leathers soon everyone will adore his work!
Finally trouser shapes were super skinny with chunky zips up the legs! Oh how rock and roll!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Editor @ Large Ashley Isham

I've always loved Ashley Isham, as it says what it does on the tin! These are always the most perfet red carpet dresses and if I was taller and slimmer I would definitely invest!
Front row saw Margarita Taylor and possible Michelle Williams (wasn't sure) from Destiny's Child take their places for the sparkly and chiffon filled extravaganza!
There were the usual, perfectly cut, one shoulder dresses, there was the most gorgeous puckering detailing to accentuate the derriere and of courser drapery, knots and twists that played elegantly with chiffon and silk!
Colour palette consisted of teal, aqua, royal blue and a host of paint splatter safari prints in eye popping fuschia, orange and green! There was fabulous appliques and surface decorations, this man knows how to rock a crystal or two!
There were also some more 'day wear' floral, abstract prints in autumn hues, but there is no denying that Isham knows how to make the perfect dress. We love the modern use of laser cutting fabric to create the perfect frock. No one twists, knots and drapes fabric like him!

Editor @ Large Paul Costelloe

Omg! It's London Fashion Week again and with a new home in Somerset House there was plenty to navigate this morning!
First up as usual was fashion week staple Paul Costelloe! I loved this colletion! The press release said that Paul was rocking a new style and bringing his looks up to date and boy did he!
There was plenty of Balenciaga shoulders in cute shirt dresses and tailored jackets. There were gorgeous bubble hem skirts that added a flirty and feminine look to the structured top silhouettes, this certainly brough Paul right up to date.
Colour palette was really lovely and neutral, chocolate brown, golden creams and shocks of pink and orange added zest to the collection.
There was some gorgeous menswear too, great suiting, waistcoats and sleek front pleated trousers.
There was a very playful element to the collection with origami raised diamonds and intricately folded and pleated pieces that created outrageously modern and experimental silhouettes. The oriental theme was carried through into some silk, floral brocade style fabrics that were very cute.
Huge bows on the neck and big shoulders were definitely the theme for the collection but I would happily rock the cage skirts or bubble hem numbers anytime anywhere!
I'm one impressed fashionista!
YAY S/S 10 is here!


On|Off - Michela Carraro

London based designer Michela Carraro featured on the runway for On|Off. The Venice born designer has had her work critically acclaimed by the Royal Academy in 2007, and seeing this collection it is easy to understand why!
Carraro's collection featured beautiful chiffon that was pleated, knotted and gathered on the body to form sculpted shoulders and effortless drapes.
The first outfit to don the catwalk was a rich blue that had been meticulously pleated around the waist to create a tulip shape, with a blouse in vibrant and fresh pinks. This was a beautiful and breathtaking collection...
We particularly loved the dip dyed pieces in blue and pink tones! Simply divine. There was so much masterful drapery involved that pattern cutting must of been a nightmare, however all the pieces seemed effortless!
This is definitely someone to watch!

Caroline Charles S/S10

(Boris Johnson - front row)
Caroline Charles captured the audience with her upbeat, fun and colourful show. The mood was focused on 'Optimism For The Decade', and that it certainly was! The models waltzed the catwalk in an opulent 50's summer holiday feel that oozed femininity with big loosely waved hair.The show went on to feature swimwear in poppy red and polka dots that were accessorised with heart shape framed glasses and headscarves. The swimwear was contrasted with 50's style coats in woven patchworks and high rise straight leg trousers turned up to the ankle. This style of trouser featured strongly through out the show and was even reflected in tailored shorts.
The 'Tailored Holiday Chic' feel, was quickly contrasted by Caroline Charles's use of jersey to create stylish harem pants in a baggy and slim fitting style. This collection was created in rich earthy tones of, ochre, olive and amber. These were complimented by the use of snake skin print and rich taffeta's.
Caroline Charles's style reinvented itself again for a breathtaking final collection with beautiful laces in antique whites and ivory, that were embellished with beads, embroidery and sequins. This collection had a vintage oriental essence to it, as the models carried small umbrellas, wore elbow length gloves with ivory flowers in their hair. The lace featured as dresses, trousers, blouses, gloves and leggings.
Caroline Charles was a beautiful start to London Fashion Week and lets see what the rest holds...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . LFW! Yipee!

LFW starts tomorrow, trying to sort through my tickets! So many missing due to the rubbish post office people! BOOOOOO! Check everyday for constant updates! There are three of us working on the blog this LFW so get ready to rock it! Parties, shows and hot fashion!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . New York Fashion Week - Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has gone a bit Comme Des Garcons on us this season!
Underwear as outerwear? There were plenty of lingerie references throughout the collection. High-waisted silk pants, Madonna stylee bra cups and lashings of delicate and very sheer chiffon in all those 'bedroom' tones of nude, baby blue and virginal white!
Models were painted pale and there was a real jumble sort of styling going on very reminiscent of the wave of Japanese designers that have hit the scene in recent years.
Prints were mixed and overlapped. Skirts long, trouser legs wide and ballooned harem pants the norm!
Tones were spring chic, nudes, red, cream and lilac the most popular! Totally kooky!

Love this military jacket with the 40's style skirt.

Origami tulle? Laser cut coats?! Is there anything Marc Jacobs left out?

Pics: Style.com

Editor @ Large . . . New York Fashion Week - Donna Karan

I love Donna Karan! I am a self confessed DKNY and DK addict! 
This collection was simple, elegant and beautiful! Dove
 grey, peach and nude with flashes of bright red every so often showed a truly chic look!

Love the new DK maxi! Layered chiffon, WOW!

Trouser suits keep their sharp shoulders and skinny trousers. This is purely for the tall and slinky! 
Love the up-dated shirt dress style. Full skirts and full sleeves? YES please!

pics: Style.com

Editor @ Large . . . New York Fashion Week - Rodarte

Last season everyone was feeling a bit tribal and this season Rodarte are carrying it on.
This collection feels a lil bit like a modern, gothic twist on Westwood. 
There was a mixture of tailored trousers, tribal surface decoration, ribbon like strips, warrior prints and strong shoulders! All the models looked really strong and powerful, pale faces and strong lips this was definitely a punk perfect look. 

Gothic and scary but definitely a look for those Florence and The Machine fans.
Love these quirky print tops and skinny leg trousers. This trouser shape just wont budge!

Not the most flattering cut in the world, but this dress gives you a good idea of the paint effect warrior prints!

Pics: Style.com

Editor @ Large . . . New York Fashion Week

Zac Posen has carried on the slightly 80's vibe for S/S 10 and this latest collection reminded me of A/W 09 Marc Jacobs. There was lots of eye popping colour and prints that had an almost collision of 70's and 80's dressing. Below are my 3 favourite looks!

Gorgeous shoulder details, love the print and the muted yet popping colours.

Big furry coats will still be in! YAY!

Quite Moschino in style, absolutely love it!

More pics at style.com

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Every Model Magazine Launch Party

Ran to Embassy Club on Old Burlington Street for the launch of Every Model Magazine . . . .Pics to Follow! to support my mate and photographer DAVE WISE!
The usual suspects were there, sassy Make Up artist and body painter LAUREN BAKER, lovely hair stylist NOEL GIBBONS and Flats, Heels and Black Boots! Nothing like a free drink with friends!

Celebrities for the evening included cover model Sophie Anderton, BNTM judge LOUIS MARIETTE (who presented the evening to perfection). There was also this awesome violinist! Who was the hip hop chick to the classical world!

Does anyone remember Ricardo from that hairdressing programme? The Salon!? Well he was there busting some shocking moves on the dance floor! It had all the hallmarks of Mariah Carey! But not in a good way! Finally there were some BNTM girls from the most recent series floating around the place!
Most importantly though Jocelyn Brown sang! She was AMAZING!! Bleu and I had a pic with her after which I will post asap!
Goodie bag featured an Orange Sim card and some Fake Bake!
Having only managed one free cocktail (I was a bit late) I was not in the mood to splash the cash, after all there are fashion week cabs to pay for! So we all headed off into the night, having watched some awesome performances!

Editor @ Large . . . A/W is here!

It's been a good day folks, turns out Fash-Pack fav, Bleu Flats is back in town and after having to cope a whole summer without my lil blonde side kick, we've manage to fall back into our usual coffee / fashionista lifestyle quite easily!
We hooked up at Selfridges, the weather was dodgy but our mood as usual shiny! We took a quick browse of the latest A/W rails and we can safely say that while Burberry's silver trench had us drooling, we were blown away by Whistles! Get down there now it's the best. coolest and most expensive Whistles has ever been but worth it! Loved Chloe too!

We then came across this new website Fashionair! Check it out! We had to hop into this photo booth and record a fashion message and then got free passport pics of the two of us which I will scan in tomorrow! We loved it so much we did it twice! We are def presenters in the making!

It was absolutely pouring! But I needed to get to Topshop to meet Ed, the manager of the brilliant band 'The Ruskins' www.myspace.com/theruskins for a coffee! So we flung ourselves into a cab to keep our toes dry!
Topshop held some goodies too! We are loving the fur coats this season and sooo many sequins!

Legged it home and chucked on my new Max Mara dress and DKNY crystal cardigan. Sealed the deal with my awesome new grey, stud, brogues from Aldo's and my orange Westwood bag!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . The Maccabees do Black Eyed Peas!

The Maccabees play cover of 'Boom Boom Pow' by the Black Eyed Peas! At BBC Live Lounge!
Surprisingly brilliant and they look like they are really enjoying it to! Would not have put the combination together!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . London's getting Ice Cold!

I went for a walk round London today and found myself in Covent Garden. 
Smirnoff were doing an event for their Vodka Apple drink and had created an ice sculpture of London's famous landmarks! Check it Out!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Let's make these girls stars!

Second day of working with budding fashion photographers and there were some pretty good ones today and a lot more female photographers!
The winner of the photography mood board today was fab! I loved her concept! It was all lady like chic, a bit Chanel and wee bit Karl too! So up my street! She won a place on the master class! Woop Woop!

Gold jumpsuit H & M
Print Dress H & M

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Let's make these girls stars!

I went on a shoot today that was actually a class 'Introduction to Fashion Photography!'
So I had to do four looks on four different light settings to give them a varied experience.
Below are two looks I did today!

This is Claudia, she is GORGEOUS! Though very tired here, she had just sat down and fallen asleep on set!
She is wearing a gorgeous 1920's vintage frock, Topshop leather gloves, accessories flower ring, Primark shoes and vintage pearls! Very French Chic and a bit Chanel, Karl would be proud!

This jacket is 1970's vintage! It is full on sequins and I love it! I've had it for around two years but this is the first time I have had it styled the way I want it! I went with wetlook skinng jeans and a gorgeous white dress shirt from Zara! Shoes are New Look! Divine right! And Ali is totally rocking this fashion frenzy!

Check Back tomorrow for more looks!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Mercury Music Prize

The winner is . . . Speech Debelle! Woohoo and she is in next months 'RANDOM MAGAZINE!'

Mercury Music Awards were held tonight and after all 12 acts performed, Speech Debelle ran away with the prize! All of us at Random Magazine are soooo chuffed for her! She really deserves it!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Newton Faulkner shoots for Random Magazine

Having been tossed onto the curb by my cab driver round the corner from the location I was standing by Piccadilly Circus, trying to guard 15 bags of clothes, practically sobbing at how to get my loot over the road, I was rescued by the Random Magazine team who all came trooping round the corner and I breathed a sigh of relief!

The shoot was based on Hindu G-ds and Godesses and so we were going slightly bright and funky, plenty of quirk!
We had a gorgeous extra in the form o
f Roopa the part time model who is really a head and neck surgeon! Who brought with her beautiful saris and exiquisite jewellery, the make up artist - Lauren Baker - and myself definitely wouldn't of minded a dressing up session!

Newton arrived like a bubbly bundle of dreads and it was all stations go!
His personal make  up and hair team set to work, while Lauren began to paint Roopa blue!
Newton was really friendly and told us of his latest exploits! We talked touring, new albums (it's out 28th September), day trips to foreign countries and disguises! (So you know he has a penchant for deer hats and geek glasses!

By the end of the shoot Newton ended up blue too and due to his hairy arms resembled the lead character in Monsters Inc! It was a race against time as he had to flee for a video advert filming in Spain and had to run to Gatwick (well he was taking a car - but you know what I mean!) He left still rather blue but happy! 

And we loved having him! - PS I've heard the new album and it really does rock!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Fenchurch PAAAAAAARTY

Thursday night saw Speech Debelle (a Random Magazine favourite) perform at the Fenchurch store in Covent Garden. Beer and red wine flowed and Speech Debelle rapped out some of the top tunes from her album 'Speech Therapy'. 

The store was decorated with lots of little white and black Fenchurch balloons and as you can see one giant one! Which got detached and then bounced all over the street! We had to hide!

That's Timmi! See the giant ball that is flying our way! We hid behind the big lorry!

The Fenchurch store, how it should've looked!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . LFW

Got my first Fashion Week ticket today! Hooray, let the excitement begin :-)