Friday, 20 February 2009

Seen and Overheard

Okay, so it's only day one of fashion week and I've already have my first embarrasing moment.

Leaving the tents this morning after the Noir/Bllack Noir show, thinking I was looking rather stylish I might add, a fashion friend and I were stopped by the London Lite. Okay, not French Vogue or Scott Schulman but still!

Here I am approaching the photographer about to do my Chanel Iman fierce look and to my despair, they were actually asking my cute fashion friend to pose for the picture.

Luckily while she took the picture I was saved by street style bloggers that took a firm liking to my platforms.

I was so caught up in the embarrasment that I didn't realise that their journalist was actually shouting my name to come and get my photo taken too.

One embarrasing moment down, several more to go.........


  1. I'd love to see what happens to you by Day 5. xx

  2. naomi you would do something like that

  3. i know it really would right


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