Sunday, 15 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Ohne Titel

We all know the recession is pushing fashion-lovers to buy pieces that last: classic and well cut are now the chicer cousins to trendy and notice-me-now. That could either work for Ohne Titel or against it. Designers Flora Gill and Alexa Adams, former members of Team Lagerfeld, sent out an edited collection of almost exclusively black tops and dresses, often accentuated with cowl necks, leather jackets and grey or black skinnies. Their garments were certainly keepable, but the question is whether consumers will see them as special enough to buy.

Ohne Titel. Marcio Madeira for Copyright Kloss shows off one of the signatures of the latest Ohne Titel collection: major black boots. Last season's sheer trend continues on top, and the overall look keeps an Alexander Wang-style rocker vibe.

Ohne Titel. Marcio Madeira for Copyright impeccably fitted dress - with on-trend asymmetric details and emphasis at the waist - is signature Ohne Titel. I worry for the brand, which I love and which has largely come across to critical acclaim, that this could be copied easily on the high street.

Ohne Titel. Marcio Madeira for Copyright we see something a bit more unique: an asymmetric, deconstructed leather jacket. The slash plays with the neckline, and that could be a standout for the collection.

Ohne Titel. Marcio Madeira for Copyright seeing some colour, the audience was treated to an exercise in panelling. I love the necklace-style neck detail, which makes the look more noticeable.

Ohne Titel. Marcio Madeira for Copyright of my favourite looks brings the just-right cowl neck to meet a metallic, mid-thigh skirt. I'd envy someone wearing that on the street, but this was one of of the few true stand-outs in a small collection. Alexander Wang, who pulls off a similar vibe, finds success not only because of his celeb/model/musician following, but also because he finds a way to add richness, sparkle or a bit of danger to every piece. In a year when shoppers are guarding their credit cards more closely, that could make the difference at the department store.

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