Monday, 29 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Glasto Chic

Ever since Kate Moss rocked up to the hottest festival of the season in sparkles and hot-pants, every A-lister in town has made sure to turn heads with their fashion looks rather than cleanliness.
This year was no exception, with every high street store getting in on doing fabulous wellies for the squelchy season, there were some seriously hot buys out there! But most importantly, Hunter wellies (the celeb fav) was this year challenged by none other that Jimmy Choo!
More famous for their strappy, heels (most unsuitable festival gear), the famous shoe brand created a sleek, yet well branded, black, crocodile style wellington boot! 
These £250 beauties were spotted on everyone from Naomi Campbell to Jo Whiley and Pixie G!

What do you think about them?

NB: How great does Sarah Brown look! Love the 50's style shirt dress on her, so flattering and the cute, red, polka dot umbrella, Fashion Fabulous!

Stay tuned for exclusives from our Bleu Flats about Glasto - fab behind the scenes pics and stories, guaranteed! 

pics: Daily Mail

Roving Reporter . . . Eddie's gig at The Dublin Castle

Sunday nights gig at The Dublin Castle!
Spotted: The Horrors Lead Singer, walking past the Castle, in a world of his own, but stopping to chat to band: Eddie's manager - friends in high places!

Last night, Eddie played The Dublin Castle in Camden and yours truly was there to make sure they not only looked truly stylish, but also to enjoy the spectacle that is pop musics newest offering.
Larissa, the bands lead singer wore a stunning, body con, black dress, with rainbow, one shoulder / waistband trim (by SOFIA ALEXANDER), mini hot pink socks and black heels. Stylishly tied to one side and styled with a corsage, her hair looked fab and topped off with Urban Decay, blue eyes, she was definitely a lead singer to contend with!

The boys looked super cool too! Keeping in casual in a mixture of print tees and checked shirts and amazing Puma trainers.
Eddie as a band are perfectly marrying 'Indie' with a 'Rock style Pop', that produces an incredibly catchy sound. I know all the words, I'm such a groupie.

When I was helping Larissa get ready, in what was essentially a store cupboard, we were surrounded by empty boxes, musical instruments and graffiti and the other bands flitting in and out were more Russel Brand stylee, than pop, in fact, many were paying homage to the great unwashed. 
As Liss sat curling her fringe, one rather greasy, guy, derogatorily referred to my pop princess as a 'wannabe Britney'. Naturally we ignored, but imagine the pleasure that Liss got when he later heard 'Eddie's' sound check and we watched him swaying and tapping his feet, only to return with his dread-locked band members in tow for Eddies full set! I have never seen so many 'rock' style fans bopping to perfectly pumping pop tunes!

Roving Reporter . . . Big Brother's Little Brother . . . Again

It was back to BBLB this week, sadly at a much earlier call time of 8.15! I was up and out by 7.50am which quite frankly is nothing but cruel on a Sunday morning!
We were all foxed by the early call time, as, to be honest, between setting up and playing, there is about six hours worth of waiting / sweetie eating time!
As it turns out, last week the housemates, who were in their garden, heard the band rehearsing, as the studio doors weren't shut and were discussing the music! Subsequently they now have to be kept inside the house, which somehow means we have to start rehearsing super early!

This week, I had really pulled all the stops out to dress the guys and with Maxwell (remember him, series 6 - Jack the Lad, had it off with Saskia - big boobed bird, there is always one). We went black and white, with a slight Sixties vibe to it. There were stripey blazers, checked shirts and Fred Perry style tee's. All of this was provided by the lovely Topman, while trainers (which were gorgeous) came from Puma!

It's so weird bumping into ex-housemates! I got a very nice hello from Victor, who looked chuffed to be back on telly for a bit, while there was another girl from series 2, called Sophie (no, I have no idea who she is either), but I quote one of the runners 'she's fit isn't she' - ?! (She was a bit I suppose).

Finally just as I was about to leave, BB couple 2009 - Lisa and Mario floated outside. Mario came over for a chat and the pair told me they loved being back at BB, this was their second time this season and they were now off to do an assault course?! What people will do for TV. It seems most ex-housemates do love the show, even Maxwell told me, he would go back in if he had the chance!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 8

This week the fashion kids had to go back to the greats and create garments designed by the likes of Halston, Dior, Chanel and YSL.
Once the designers got over the fact that some, knew nothing about who Halston was, they got down to business.
Daniella really got the essence of Dior, while Anna didn't quite get Coco Chanel, her efforts were better than some of her counterparts.
On the other hand, this was the first real week where Reco fell flat on his face and boy did he fall hard. He had no idea about Halston and as one of the judges said, made a dress more suited to 'a village wench' than a 'catwalk!'
It came down to a disgraceful piece of suiting by Haven and a horrid dress by Reco and I feel, luckily, due to his track record, Reco survived, though we did see plenty of tears, which humanised the drama queen of the show! I can't wait for next week.
And Haven . . . Bye Bye darling, we are just NOT buying it!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Death of a Legend

Michel Jackson has reportedly died at the age of 50.

The star was rushed to hospital and later pronounced dead after suffering respiratory arrest.

Though he was troubled, 'Earth Song' is my favourite tune of all time, MJ, RIP


Roving Reporter . . . Pick of the Day

Slouchy tailoring rocks for summer and I love this little dress! Manipulation and drape, so sports luxe!
Topshop Boutique . . . £60 CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . A Thousand Apologies!

I'm sorry I have been rubbish! I started a new job, in retail no less! It is pre-sale prep time and I have literally not had the energy! 
Though it is not particularly brain taxing - well not at all really, I never realised how tiring retail work could be!
I'm working on bringing you more excitement so please keep coming back! 

X Roving Reporter!

In the mean time, I have been scouting out cool things online! So check out these sites . . .  - I'm the least 'green' girl I know, but I love this site! It is such a cool idea and I love checking out what looks she has put together!

Avril Lavigne - Now I know she isn't 'cool' but she looks out of this world in this photo-shoot, I'm obsessed! CLICK HERE

On the rock chick theme, I am loving dresses from Vivienne Of Holloway, so flattering, so fifties, like an extra in Grease!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Big Brother's Little Brother . . . Again

Goodness, for sad, little, me, this week was terribly exciting! 
I was back again at the BBLB studios with 'The Fabulous Lounge Swingers', for this Sunday's injection of George Lamb loveliness! 

With a slightly later call time, we rolled up for a rehearsal, this time it was BB Series 6 contestant 'Eugene' - remember him - geek chic? Who was joining the band on the front line.
Eugene was absolutely lovely, extremely chatty and also ridiculously tall!

Though this was not by far the exciting part of the day. Popping out to catch a bit of sunshine and a wee bit of passive smoking, who should appear but Celebrity Big Brother housemate 'Ben Adams' of pop band 'a1' fame. Now, I loved a1 when I was younger and I was totally giddy with excitement, he is gorgeous in the flesh.
Following on from this I passed George Lamb in the corridor, he said hello to me and he was pretty damn fine too! 
I don't mind getting up early on a Sunday morning when I get to see guys like that!

P.S. Also Spotted: Iain Lee jumping out his cab by the studio and saying hello (looking cheerful) on his way in, Lucy Pinder (CBB), Imogen (Big Brother Contestant and Miss Wales), Cairon (most recent evictee & his Dad) and apparently I spoke to an ex-housemate, but no idea who she was!)

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 7

OMG what a stressful, bitchy week!
The designers had to work in teams and whether this was scripted or not, lumping Reco and Daniella together was sheer brilliance! Loved every second, though I'm sure Reco and Daniella did not feel the same.
The task this week was to be inspired by Issac Mizrahi's mood board and boy were the results diverse! I loved the outfit Merlin and Jonny's team did, it was beautifully detailed and they so deserved to win, the fact that Haven and Co won was purely to do with the fact that their look was easier and cheaper to re-create and sell on

I was fairly shocked to see Reco and Daniella in the bottom set, but it was obvious Lydia was going, she has been stumbling more week on week and it was her time to go.
Daniella's trousers came in for a roasting, which was slightly unfair. It was a very London look and while I agree, the cape, hid the beautiful top Reco had done, I don't think his idea of a ball-gown was any better.

Oh well, roll on next week . . . Hopefully Daniella can pull it back together!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Thursday night POUT!

Goodness, fashion parties are like buses, for a while there are none and then they all seem to come at once! Thursday saw a networking event from POUT (an excuse for fashionistas to get together, catch up and have some drinks), this time in association with my favourite magazine 'RANDOM MAGAZINE', which, now on it's second issue is delighting the fashion and arts crowd with its 'Out-There' photography and sleek style, it is an image and inspirational bible of great quality images of the hippest creatives in the fashion pack. 

This months POUT (run by cute and chic, fashion fabulous Miggy) was held at 'fake bake' hell, Movida. From past fash-pack experience, it is well documented that Movida is not our usual hangout, but as we started early, we had the place to ourselves and with the music at an audible volume, we had the chance to chat and drink in peace.  
Several vodka-cranberries later, the usual suspects were all there. Buttons and the Undercover Sales Clerk, Nikes and myself were joined by several new faces, namely Dalston Doll (who will soon become a contributor to the blog) helped me dance (well sway woodenly) away.
We checked out the outfits, we swapped some business cards and were mercilessly chased and photographed - Dalston Doll really had her pout and poses down.

By 11.30pm, the WAG stylee ladies had started to arrive and Buttons quite rightly remarked how they looked 'so young' - now we are not old, but when the crowd start to look like they should be tucked up in bed with a hot cocoa, something is definitely up.
There were plenty of dodgy outfits and it did resemble a badly put together, bargain bin, at River Island, too many sequins and not enough class. This was compounded by the girl walking around, literally in a bikini, so not fashion!

We took this as our queue to leave and as I took one look around the club, at the girls waiting to pounce on the over paid bankers that frequent such establishment, I sigh in relief that this is so not my scene.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Undercover Sales Clerk . . . This is a good one!

RR: Darling it's been ages!!! What juicy goss have you got for me? . . . 

USC: Last Saturday I served a lady that came in to our store asking to collect her boyfriends alterations. I accidently forgot to give her one item, she left, all was well. 
When she realised what had happened, she called the store, I answered the phone and she explained the situation. When I asked 'Who served you?' 
She replied . . .  'The chubby one with the glasses'. 
To which I replied 'Oh yes madam, that was me'. 
She went silent and hung up.

(I laughed till I cried and thought I might wet myself! - Roving Reporter)

Bleu Flats goes to see . . . The Kabeedies

The Kabeedies have a cult following that is clearly shown by their loyal supporters who make every gig they play, have a frenzied buzz. For those that don't know, The Kabeedies are indie styled pop tunes.
All four  band members  always throw themselves into the performance and their contagious personalities make the atmosphere electrifying. 
Lead singer, Katie has all the makings of a true, 'rock star'. She is incredible  to watch! She puts all her madness and energy into what is truly a memorable performance (think a slim Beth Ditto - but better!) 

From crazy star jumps and chucking herself around the stage, which she does, while maintaining brilliant vocals. The  songs are short and sweet, but their set is always memorable. 
They played several new songs which we’re fantastic I would probably say their best material yet; especially with new songs likes 'Petroleum Jelly' - which is pure brilliance! 

My favourites are 'Little Brains', 'Duck Egg Blue' and 'Lovers Ought To'
They're all lovely as a band and very personable with their audience and their comical banter on stage is part of their charisma, a thrill to watch!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Irregular Choice Shoe Party!

Tonight was party night! We headed to the flagship 'Irregular Choice' shoe store on Carnaby Street to chat, munch sweeties and drink the classic choice of 'Lambrini!'
The fashion pack were treated to yummy cartons of Um-Bongo, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, sherbet sweeties, jelly beans and mini-mini cupcakes by Ooh La La! (just so you know it was scrummy, and a perfect choice, there was plenty a mad dash to the cakes and never have I seen fashionista's enjoying their food so much! Don't tell them that the doughnuts are 500 calories a pop or they will never eat again!)

(Bleu Flats and her new BFF - The designer of the greatest shoes on earth - Irregular Choice obv!) We love him and his beautiful shoes! I wore my favourite, purple ankle boot with gold bow in honour of the party and was chuffed that he picked up on them! I love, love, love them and I also love how much people point at my feet when I wear them!

Entertaining the crowd was Laura Dockrill a.k.a 'Dockers MC' with her tales and poetic lyrics, while 'It' chick of the moment 'Polly Scattergood' - (hot name right?!) Charmed the socks (or should that be shoes?!) off the room with her delicate voice and a sneak preview of her much anticipated album.

On arrival we were stamped with a smiley bear and it wasn't long before our grin matched his and we left the party full of glittery goodness, sweeties and Lambrini, we tottered off to find 'real food'.
I wont name the 'Italian' that gave us shoddy service, but poor heels had to wait a good half hour for her meal, only for the waitress to arrive with a small plate with one slice of bread! (see image below).
 No this was not a new 'fashionable' diet, but a mistake on our waitresses part!  - After much explaining and a few more moments all was resolved, but our faces when she placed down one piece of bread 'to share' was priceless!

We headed home, as we are out partying for the next two nights, don't worry, your fash-pack chicks will keep bringing the gossip!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Bleu Flats . . . VIOLET VIOLET

Violet Violet 

Bad day to pick to go to a gig! The tube strike meant that I had a 40 min walk, after a long day at Graduate Fashion Week (this put me in a horrific mood). 

When I arrived at the 'Buffalo Bar' this all changed as I knew I was in for a good night of music mayhem.

Violet Violet hit the stage with their 3 piece girl band and they have more oomph! than any boy band I know, bring back girl power! 

Tumbling tunes, stuffed full of perfect rhythms, teamed with gritty guitar playing and a dual-lead vocals, that will get you singing and bopping along to their infectious tunes in no time! 

Their set was really good and I couldn’t stop myself from “indie shifting” and singing along. 

They're currently finishing their new album, that will be hitting the shelves in August. 

As well as that, they are preparing for their 2 week UK tour in August too!

 They have been working in the studio with the likes of Dave Pye who apparently has “good facial hair - which is important to us” - Cheri Percy - (Lead guitar and vocals of Violet Violet) - Her line not mine!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 6

Why are Issac and Kelly SOOOOO MEAN! They go in, make the designers feel uncomfortable and mess with their confidence and then winge that they are not confident! They make the designers feel they are getting it wrong even when they aren't! They don't mentor they bash!
JP is so sweet, 'I want to help Angel because she is my friend' - Bless!

Having won the mini challenge - much to her rivals dismay, Daniella was safe from elimination, meanwhile Reco's face when he was not in the top two and it was in fact Merlin who won was priceless! Diva Strop!

In the end, Angel finally left, bye bye darling, we are just not buying it!

Roving Reporter . . . Visit to Big Brother!

(The house from the dressing room)

Now in it's tenth series, it may have substantial fewer viewing figures, but getting to go to the set of Big Brother still was fairly exciting! 

(Rehearsals, rehearsals! Bubble takes the mike to sing with the band!)

I woke up early to a gorgeous sunny day and realised I would spend most of it inside in the dark, hot, studio. I was visiting the set with the house band, 'The fabulous lounge swingers', as their future stylist and wanted to spend the day getting the feel of both the band and its music and of course, ex-housemate spotting is always a treat!

(Look its the BB house! and the lil golf buggy the runners drive around in! - shouldn't they run!)

Each week, an ex-housemate will join the band as a 'guest singer' and this time it was 'Bubble' (series 2?!) he came down with his gorgeous wife (they met post bb) and Bubble now works as a script writer and actor and has just got a place on a PGCE to train as a drama teacher! 
He was so lovely and sang really well, he looked like he had a wail of a time dancing and singing 'You spin me right round'.

(The studio - this is where eviction night interview and Big Mouth happens! and at the far end is the BBLB studio!)

The BB house in reality looks a lot smaller (from the outside), while the studio for BBLB and Big Mouth, was quite big! 
The delectable George Lamb (host of BBLB), is absolutely gorgeous in real life, though the heavy tv make up did give him a rather 'tango-ed' appearance!

(The band, with BUBBLE)

I also met Sylvia (I think she was BB8 - tres friendly too!) and can't wait to pop back next week! Check out the pics!


Friday, 12 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Celeb Spotting

I was back in Shoreditch today (it felt like forever ago since I last went to Brick Lane) and having finished an early morning meeting, I headed to Flats and mines favourite hangout 'Cafe 1001'. In true Flats style, she was late as anything and I head to suffer some poor prats attempt to make conversation. Though not paralytic, he had evidently had more than one and suddenly sat at my table. After explaining that I was not about to leave the cafe with him and indeed, not head off anywhere with him, he proceeded to tell me my eyes were 'cool' several times, before remarking that I even had curly hair - he was a real catch right! I turned on my usual anti man device, which is to stare them out and sit in silence, (freaks guys out) and he eventually moved on, when the pain of deathly silence and me staring at him like he didn't speak English got too much. (Just a life tip for you girls)

Flats turned up and we went for a wonder, where we spotted none other, than Primrose Hill chick (now that's my side of London) 'Keira Knightley' stepping backwards out of 'The Lazy One's' just off Brick Lane, saying she 'didn't want the dress, as it doesn't fit me' (must be too big as surely it could never be too small!) She looked gorgeous, with long, loosely curled locks, big sunglasses and a waisted, black mac, we approve!
She was also with a hot boy, who looked a little bit like Robert Pattinson from Twilight!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 5

Designing for real women, the designers crumbled under the pressure! How size-ist are they! Daniella got a right bashing from Issac and quite rightly so!
There is no reason to panic people, non-skinnies have style too! This will show the real designers from the fashion luvvies!

Well Daniella pulled it off but I hated the way she felt she had done this poor 'chubby' woman a favour, like she had no feelings at all! They weren't desperate people, they were helping you to win a show!

With Daniella winning this challenge its practically a two horse race now between Daniella and Reco. Having won both challenges, Daniella got to choose someone to go up for nomination! Shockingly she went for Angel and not Merlin!

Keith - Sorry Darling, We are just not buying it!

Roving Reporter . . . Serious Style!

For ages Flats and I have wanted to start a bit of a 'street style' section on the blog, but quite frankly, we are just to lazy to do so and quite often see someone and discuss how fab they look, only to realise they are now half way down the road. So when I turned up to a shoot last week and the models friend looked this cool I had spring into action! 
This guy had the whole nine yards of customisation cool going on and I loved it!

Off Spring Sneakers!
Hoodie from Camden!

Philip Normal's 'HAPPY SHACK'
Shop A07 Camden Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road, 
OMG I LOVE IT! SO Nu-Rave yet so much cooler, I sat on the shoot just freaking him out saying . . .  'You Just Look Amazing!'

Roving Reporter and Flats . . . Do Camden

It may always seem that Flats and I spend our lives in Shoreditch but actually, I have managed to convince Flats that North London is bringing it to the table to. 
Camden has a fabulous selection of vintage shops - check out the Stables Market and The Lock Market for best bargains! Not only this, but the newly refurbished food area down by the canal is gorgeous and the seating area is a load of mopeds, how cool is that!

If you are looking for somewhere to stop for a drink and general refueling, may we suggest . . . The Lock Bar? Sitting right on the lock, it has a downstairs and upstairs seating arrangement and a huge balcony that is gorgeous when the sunshines and you can watch all the canal boats go past! Plus as you can see that cake is yummy!

Most people get their food spat on in a restaurant when they complain, Flats however, gets hers re-done and decorated! Upon asking for her brownie bites to be heated up, the lovely barman not only gave her an extra brownie, but heated them and then proceeded to decorate them! Madness I tell you!

Roving Reporter . . . GFW - SPOTTED!

Look who was sitting basically opposite me at Graduate Fashion Week! It was none other than the rather gorgeous and fashionable Emma Watson! Who needs Chanel when you have new designers to watch!

She was evidently there with friends and in her dress down mode, she still looked fresh faced and gorgeous . . . damn her!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . GFW - THE WINNER IS

Myrto Stamou was the Fash-Pack fav during the week and it seems the judges agreed! YAY!
Gorgeous leather and jersey dresses, simply the best!

Roving Reporter . . . Graduate Fashion Week - In Pictures

(Susanna Mensah - Rochester Uni - Menswear)

(Samantha Blackhall - Liverpool Uni - Women's Wear)

(Ruth Davis - Northumbria Uni - Women's wear)

(Rio Maddison - Northumbria Uni - Women's wear)

(Nicola Morgan - Northumbria Uni - Women's wear)

(Natalie Evans - Northbrook - Women's wear)

(Michael Williamson - Northbrook - Women's wear)

(Marie McDonagh - Northumbria Uni - Women's wear)

(Myrto Stamou - Rochester Uni - Women's Wear)

(Lucy Gladden - Liverpool University - Women's wear)

(Joseph McGee - Edinburgh Uni - Women's wear)

(Jaime Russon - Birmingham University - Women's wear)

(Lucy Roberts - Rochester Uni - Women's Wear)

(Fah Sington - Northbrook - Menswear)

(Charlotte Simpson - Northumbria Uni - Women's wear)

(Natalie Morris - Edinburgh Uni - Women's wear)

(Barbara Bell - Rochester Uni - Menswear)

(Amy Marshall - Kingston - Women's wear)

(Amber Little - Northumbria Uni - Women's wear)

(Amanda Abela - Rochester Uni - Women's Wear)

Photography by Gabriel Coreuera Zubillaga