Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tell Us More: Couture Clubbing

Holographic leather: the two words you need to know to understand the novelty of Kseniya Zagorodnyuk and Amy Winters. They met while studying at Central St Martins and used their shared love of epic opera and the theatre to start their very own, very futuristic fashion line, Couture Clubbing.

Here, they tell the Fash Pack why Grace Jones will always be cool, how electrical engineering is just another part of the job, and what they'll be doing in Paris next month.

Couture Clubbing Dress. Photo Copyright Couture Clubbing. All Rights Reserved.
When did the two of you start designing?
Kseniya started designing at the age of 10. She was a lead dancer in a dance group and was designing costumes for dance shows. Later she started designing and making clothes for herself and her mum. She had a nickname at the school, 'Miss Extravagance', because of unusual outfits she was wearing.

Amy always loved painting and fabric. During her school days she was a magpie, adoring anything sparkly, shiny and beautiful. She created exotic costumes inspired by Venetian masks and Viennese palaces.

Who do you have in mind when thinking up your looks?
We design for a sophisticated woman who knows what she wants from life. She is successful in what she is doing. She loves living on the edge; she plays risky games but always gets rewarded. She is confident and experimental. She loves luxury, but also is very creative. She wants to be the first one to discover the new and to have something that no one else has got. She wants to be ahead of everyone, of her time. She is neither flashy nor understated; she wants to be noticed but also respected. She is beautiful and feminine - she wants her clothes to show it. She walks in the room and everyone admires her. She is the centre of attention.

Who’s your dream client?
Madonna, because she is feminine but very powerful and experimental. Grace Jones, because she is like an idol, like a goddess - mystic and extremely glamorous! Angelina Jolie, because she is beautiful but her beauty is very unusual. She is like a creature from another world.

And your dream collaboration?
We are already collaborating with major technological companies on developing innovative materials for fashion, and we are planning to keep collaborating with them as we believe that this cross collaboration of design and science can bring astonishing rewards. We would also love to collaborate with various museums such as the V&A, Tate Modern and design museums in holding special events and exhibitions of fashion products that bring fashion forward.

Talk a little more about your holographic fabric.
We have developed holographic-print leather and combined it with extreme luxury. The fabric changes colour and images depending on the light and angle, something that is completely set apart from ordinary fabrics. It definitely has the ‘wow’ factor as it is completely unique and we are the first to develop and bring it to market. Indulgent, contrasting fabrics give depth to an ultra-feminine silhouette; holographic leather fuses with soft silk, crepe and cashmere.

When can we see your next show?
We are showing our new collection at the trade show in Paris in March '09 (the date is to be confirmed).

What’s your best piece of advice for designers new to the field?
Try to get as much as experience in the industry as you can as it will save you from making mistakes - although mistakes are important and everything you learn will be valuable for the future! Setting up a label will be difficult and if you decide to go for it, stay determined, follow your passion and don’t look back.

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