Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rate or Slate: Seriously girls, if he hasn't called, 'He's just NOT that into you!'

I've been waiting for this film for AGES! So I'm super excited. Most girls know that sometimes when it comes to boys we aren't that good at just letting go. I reckon we are all guilty of phone watching, but with this all-star cast, hopefully we can learn that if he isn't calling and putting a bit of leg work in, he really isn't worth bothering about!

But as usual the fash pack are mildly more interested in what the celebs were wearing to the film premiere.

So . . . Who's hot and who's not?

Helena Christensen: Helena looks really cute. The grey tones are a fabulous alternative to the traditional LBD. Love the purple shoes (great colour combo), and she is bang on trend with the black blazer. Clutch purse, tip-top arm candy! Only real issue with is that it's a bit high-street for red-carpet wow.

Jane Seymour = WOW! I love her. She is totally hot and looks superb in this sophisticated, body-con number. By going with a classic red, teamed with peep-toe black, she is oozing glamour. What a star!

Cari Modine and Andrew Saffir: He looks fab. Cari on the other hand, FROCK HORROR! This number is doing nothing for her. It's a lil bit slutty, and she looks like she has desperately tried to squeeze her bosom inside. Wrong on soooo many levels. Plus the necklace in unnecessary, doesn't match and is total overkill!

Zoe Kravitz: With rock heritage, this beautiful wild child plays by her own rules. We love the hippy headband, championed last summer by the likes of 'Boho Barton'. However, Zoe brings it up to date with a tribal design. Love it, Zoe! We also love that she isn't part of the tiny, tits-out frock brigade. She looks cool and stylish. We like.

Taylor Momsen: IN LOVE WITH THESE LEGGINGS! Straight off the catwalk. Love love love. Tribal styling is the hot tip for the summer, so suck it up ladies, and start planning your S/S print buys.

Rachel Roy: Seriously? That's what you decided to wear to be papped in? Why?

Lorenzo Martone and Amanda Setton: Well, it's credit-crunch chic to rewear previous seasons, as Lorenzo shows us here in Ye Olde Henry Holland. He is quite hot, but the whole outfit is over the top and a bit 80s. All of those pieces (I do scarily like the silver trouser) are OK on their own, but together it is a nightmare! Amanda just looks BORING.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebi: Men of the world take note. Johannes is dapper. I LOVE HIS SHOES! The neck scarf, wow, this man is perfect. Olivia looks cute as a button in this fur gillet. Real or fake? You decide. Wet-look leggings - still chic or totally passe?

Ginnifer Goodwin: the length of this dress is perfect for Ginnifer to show off her great pins. Unfortunately, that's where it ends. The colour is drab, and the dress is too fussy. Maybe Jane Seymour should start running a style class?

Please post your thoughts!


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  1. Taylor Momsen is super-young but I rarely disagree with anything she wears. Mostly, yes...I do want her wardrobe.


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