Sunday, 1 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Christian Dior

Delectable Dior presented a couture collection in jewel-bright tones of red, yellow and blue. As the collection developed, the monochrome trend of the week crept in.

Silhouettes were huge, with big, draped skirt shapes being the key to the look. Waists were very cinched. It had a real period feel.

Skirts were almost cylindrical in places, and it was incredibly sculptural. Sleeves ballooned to huge proportions, while again it was all in the detail. We loved the ruffled applique on skirts, totally sumptuous.

While skirt shapes borrowed 50s elements in their fullness, bodices were incredibly structured, but also incorporated a natural drape. It was really beautiful, but at the same time was evidently Dior. I love it when you can see a designer's signature run throughout his collections.

Shift dresses were given a new identity, with sculpted and drape-central detailing. Hips were accentuated by curvaceous shapes and sleek waistlines. This was a full-on hourglass silhouette, and Fash Pack loved it!

Before long, the shorter dresses turned into full-length ballgowns of grand stature. The dresses did look, however, like they were straight out of a BBC drama.

I preferred the shorter pieces, as I felt they were more Dior and also more modern.

Styling: Shoes - multi-strap heels. Big, big hair, huge hats. Big jewels, well defined brows. Pink, pink lips!


  1. Love the fifties look and i agree with u that the shorter length dresses look better. I especially liked the black and white dress

    Bex Attar

  2. I would love to pick John Galliano's brain for even just one day.


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