Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Fashion Bitch: Terminology - Stylist Rage

Phew, well even the title overwhelmed me a bit. Here at Fash Pack and in the fashion world in general, we have our own little language going on. Whether its the odd flippant phrase or even just a look, the codes of fashion are strict.

The first in this series of fashion phrases was coined by yours truly (though I don't know whether it has been copyrighted yet).

I christen it 'stylist rage'. This is a common occurrence amongst stylists, and usually results in the following circumstances:

1. The clothes that you want to call in for a shoot being 'unavailable', 'in production', 'in the showroom but not available to you, for no apparent reason', 'items arriving after the shoot' (which you then still have to take back).

2. Packing for a shoot. How best to pack it? What is the space like at the location? Do you need a rail? Steamer? Pins? Will it crease? Will it fit in the car? Have I forgotten anything?
3. People playing with your items on a shoot. Yes, team, I know it looks like I have a fancy dressing-up box, but this stuff is worth LOADS OF MONEY, STOP PLAYING!

4. Models. (Does this need an explanation?) No you can't smoke in the rain, in a ballgown, or eat pizza whilst wearing white. IT'S JUST NOT SMART!

5. Rain (after all who likes it?)

Well, there you have it. Stylist rage is serious and quite possibly an epidemic waiting to happen. Personally I live in stylist rage and it deeply affects the people that have to put up with me. But then again, I'd rather be a stylist with her rage than not a stylist at all.

Must go, I have an anger-management class to attend.


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