Monday, 2 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Jean Paul Gaultier

Money seems to be fresh on everyone's mind these days, and Jean Paul Gaultier is no different. The swoops, slashes, lines and dashes you'll see below are all his take on the intricate inking of cash.

Blending sweet antique lace with futuristic black-mesh sleeves and a bit of textile calligraphy on an A-line skirt, Gaultier finds a good balance of hard and soft. Anyone else feeling some sailor or stewardess action?

Nothing soft about Sessilee Lopez here. One of my style rules is to ask 'WWKLD?' - What Would Kate Lanphear do? I think she'd approve of the strong-shouldered blazer and ankle-trouser duo. The black gloves feel so matter-of-fact, yet so, so hot. Must get a pair or five.

Once again, Gaultier keeps the waist of his trousers up, up, up. Note that the tailoring isn't as skin-tight as some (brave) fashion-lovers tried to go two years ago. Think crisp '40s dame now.

Yet another high waist, but I don't have to keep reminding you of that. The billowy sleeves on this Spanish-chic blouse reminds me of the whirling and twirling embellishments on paper money. I'm loving the cape effect. We've seen this before at Armani Prive, so do we have a budding trend here?

Asymmetry? Check. Sheer? Check. Devastatingly gorgeous? Check! Jourdan Dunn's come a long way from the Hammersmith Primark where she was discovered.

We're heading into the part of Gaultier's collection that really moved. I'm picturing a handful of cash in Chanel Iman's hand, which would probably all be needed to buy this super-luxe mini. Gaultier only played with colour a few times in the show: a touch of yellow-green here, and a few hints of red now and then.

The panelling work from the Gaultier studio makes me swoon. How exactly does a designer channel Agent Provocateur and a mid-century Barbie at the same time?

Like Jourdan's dress before it, this dress flies. I can almost feel the layers and layers of chiffon fluttering off the screen.

Gaultier's shows was one of my favourites for the week, and after checking this dress out I hope I don't have to tell you why. Just in case, here's what won me over, from the bottom up: calligraphy-print hem detailing, billows, slits, gloves I want to take to a rock opera, a bow collar and a hat that this generation's grandchildren would kill for in a vintage shop. And it doesn't hurt that Karlie Kloss channels Scarlett O'Hara to a tee.

If someone would have stuck this on Jennifer Connelly and called it Balenciaga, I would have been fooled. As it stands, this looks better than real paper money and has structuring only a Gaultier or a Ghesquiere or a McQueen could make properly.

I wish this dress had been around when my bank once tried to find the person who ripped off my bank card. I would have worn it on a quest for justice. On a more serious note, Gaultier again builds on his sense of movement with this gothic number. And are all these double bangles a new trend, or are designers forcing themselves out of a recession by trying to get us to buy times two?

We all know Gaultier can make a corset, but whoa mama. We have the garter, the headpiece, the rocker gloves, a cape so light it could float away and a train that makes me wonder why I ever kept my skirts from dragging on the ground. I expect to see this in a photo shoot, stat.

Again comes the corsetry for this weightless sexy-bride look. Most grooms would want a private (and quick) ceremony with a slit that high.


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ..!!!! this man kills me every time....!!! fabulous... !!!! spectacular... !!!


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