Monday, 2 February 2009

Roving Reporter: Alexis Mabille

One of the more unknown designers showing at couture week, Alexis Mabille presented a cute and sparkly collection featuring both menswear and women's wear.

The palette was much brighter than its couture counterparts. There were vibrant reds and monochrome tones, as well as beautiful terracotta and purple hues. The first few looks were all high-shine, with boys in flares teamed with twinsets and girls adorned in bell-sleeved, sequin jackets and dresses. It had a real late-60s/70s vibe. I loved the gold playsuit. It looked like the model had been wrapped in foil!

This soon moved on to a more work-style look. Boys in Parisian, slim-fit grey trousers and girls in shirt-style dresses, high-waisted skirts and Victorian blouses. Purple shoes for both boys and girls were the styling of choice and uplifted what could be seen as quite simplistic looks. A high-shine black suit (for the boys) added a little more creativity by look eight.

I loved the low-cut women's tuxedo jacket. It was really sexy and sophisticated and would make a great evening alternative to the LBD. Having said that, it would also work brilliantly with jeans (tres Parisian chic).

Black was a huge part of the collection and both body-con styles and more voluminous chiffon cuts were on show. The body-cons were perfect for the red carpet, and definitely had Miss Aniston written all over them!

Fabrics were a mix of the most fabulous and luxurious around. There was layered tulle, silk, chiffon, lace and sumptuous velvet. This was used for a variety of styles, including high-waisted trousers, floor-length dresses and well tailored coats. Fash Pack loved the menswear, especially the velvet suiting and dress coats!

One of my favourite pieces was the exquisite kimono-sleeve dress in nude, which had a velvet applique of a boating scene. Very oriental in style, but incredible craftsmanship made a real hit with us at Fash Pack!

Overall, there were some great looks in this collection, by far less drama than the main headliners. I loved the tailoring and the well cut dresses. Quite minimal on the fuss, but that's what made it great. It may be couture, but it was certainly a very wearable collection, and I can imagine the Parisian women queuing round the block for some of these pieces!

Coat alert: Fash Pack LOVE the full-on floral-applique jacket. It was huge and so spring-esque. (I'm entirely convinced that they have secret couture-trend meetings now).

Shoe alert: Daisy-chain gladiator sandal boots (eeeek! LOVE LOVE LOVE) - team with cute LBDs

Styling: Asymmetric purple off-beat shoes, daisy-chain gladiator boots, flower appliques and bows

Hair: Pig tails

Makeup: Simple, pink lips


  1. i adore the wedding gown! also the big crazy coat over man tailored separates and a knee length pant. also love the idea of a gold playsuit- talk about standing out from the crowd!

  2. I am soooooooo obsessed with the coat! I want one now!!! It is very notice me, not sure if I'd be seen with a man in a twin set though.

  3. Don't want the wedding, just the there anything wrong with tha?

  4. Or actually "that", if I could spell...


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