Sunday, 21 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 7

OMG what a stressful, bitchy week!
The designers had to work in teams and whether this was scripted or not, lumping Reco and Daniella together was sheer brilliance! Loved every second, though I'm sure Reco and Daniella did not feel the same.
The task this week was to be inspired by Issac Mizrahi's mood board and boy were the results diverse! I loved the outfit Merlin and Jonny's team did, it was beautifully detailed and they so deserved to win, the fact that Haven and Co won was purely to do with the fact that their look was easier and cheaper to re-create and sell on

I was fairly shocked to see Reco and Daniella in the bottom set, but it was obvious Lydia was going, she has been stumbling more week on week and it was her time to go.
Daniella's trousers came in for a roasting, which was slightly unfair. It was a very London look and while I agree, the cape, hid the beautiful top Reco had done, I don't think his idea of a ball-gown was any better.

Oh well, roll on next week . . . Hopefully Daniella can pull it back together!

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