Friday, 12 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Celeb Spotting

I was back in Shoreditch today (it felt like forever ago since I last went to Brick Lane) and having finished an early morning meeting, I headed to Flats and mines favourite hangout 'Cafe 1001'. In true Flats style, she was late as anything and I head to suffer some poor prats attempt to make conversation. Though not paralytic, he had evidently had more than one and suddenly sat at my table. After explaining that I was not about to leave the cafe with him and indeed, not head off anywhere with him, he proceeded to tell me my eyes were 'cool' several times, before remarking that I even had curly hair - he was a real catch right! I turned on my usual anti man device, which is to stare them out and sit in silence, (freaks guys out) and he eventually moved on, when the pain of deathly silence and me staring at him like he didn't speak English got too much. (Just a life tip for you girls)

Flats turned up and we went for a wonder, where we spotted none other, than Primrose Hill chick (now that's my side of London) 'Keira Knightley' stepping backwards out of 'The Lazy One's' just off Brick Lane, saying she 'didn't want the dress, as it doesn't fit me' (must be too big as surely it could never be too small!) She looked gorgeous, with long, loosely curled locks, big sunglasses and a waisted, black mac, we approve!
She was also with a hot boy, who looked a little bit like Robert Pattinson from Twilight!


  1. **OMG** IM soo jealous of your lives its not fair!! (having tantrum) haha!

    Keira Knightly is tooo gorgeous! love that english look!

    So random but ive seen Flats/Blue out and about and she knows robert pattinson i saw her in kings cross with him strolling along while the press were trying to get a picture- oh and also does she know Orlando from the macabee? i saw him in oxford st mcdonalds with her i think sharing a big mac!! im a celeb follower!! haha cringe

    anway u too are tooo fucking cool!!

    xxxx Sarah

  2. hehehe hey sarah, thanks for stopping by, next time you see bleu flats go up and say hi! She does know them all - I have met a couple of the Macabees but Bleu is just a one stop party, girl! Such is life! :-) xx


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