Thursday, 11 June 2009

Roving Reporter and Flats . . . Do Camden

It may always seem that Flats and I spend our lives in Shoreditch but actually, I have managed to convince Flats that North London is bringing it to the table to. 
Camden has a fabulous selection of vintage shops - check out the Stables Market and The Lock Market for best bargains! Not only this, but the newly refurbished food area down by the canal is gorgeous and the seating area is a load of mopeds, how cool is that!

If you are looking for somewhere to stop for a drink and general refueling, may we suggest . . . The Lock Bar? Sitting right on the lock, it has a downstairs and upstairs seating arrangement and a huge balcony that is gorgeous when the sunshines and you can watch all the canal boats go past! Plus as you can see that cake is yummy!

Most people get their food spat on in a restaurant when they complain, Flats however, gets hers re-done and decorated! Upon asking for her brownie bites to be heated up, the lovely barman not only gave her an extra brownie, but heated them and then proceeded to decorate them! Madness I tell you!


  1. its ot fair only blue can do that! if i did it they would probably tell me to F** off or just spit in it! ROVING REPORTER! tell me what she does?? two are sooo cool!


  2. I wish I knew I really do! It never works for me either! We got pizza last night and the staff were gawping at her - i will find out the secret, bottle it and sell it!


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