Sunday, 14 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Visit to Big Brother!

(The house from the dressing room)

Now in it's tenth series, it may have substantial fewer viewing figures, but getting to go to the set of Big Brother still was fairly exciting! 

(Rehearsals, rehearsals! Bubble takes the mike to sing with the band!)

I woke up early to a gorgeous sunny day and realised I would spend most of it inside in the dark, hot, studio. I was visiting the set with the house band, 'The fabulous lounge swingers', as their future stylist and wanted to spend the day getting the feel of both the band and its music and of course, ex-housemate spotting is always a treat!

(Look its the BB house! and the lil golf buggy the runners drive around in! - shouldn't they run!)

Each week, an ex-housemate will join the band as a 'guest singer' and this time it was 'Bubble' (series 2?!) he came down with his gorgeous wife (they met post bb) and Bubble now works as a script writer and actor and has just got a place on a PGCE to train as a drama teacher! 
He was so lovely and sang really well, he looked like he had a wail of a time dancing and singing 'You spin me right round'.

(The studio - this is where eviction night interview and Big Mouth happens! and at the far end is the BBLB studio!)

The BB house in reality looks a lot smaller (from the outside), while the studio for BBLB and Big Mouth, was quite big! 
The delectable George Lamb (host of BBLB), is absolutely gorgeous in real life, though the heavy tv make up did give him a rather 'tango-ed' appearance!

(The band, with BUBBLE)

I also met Sylvia (I think she was BB8 - tres friendly too!) and can't wait to pop back next week! Check out the pics!


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