Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Irregular Choice Shoe Party!

Tonight was party night! We headed to the flagship 'Irregular Choice' shoe store on Carnaby Street to chat, munch sweeties and drink the classic choice of 'Lambrini!'
The fashion pack were treated to yummy cartons of Um-Bongo, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, sherbet sweeties, jelly beans and mini-mini cupcakes by Ooh La La! (just so you know it was scrummy, and a perfect choice, there was plenty a mad dash to the cakes and never have I seen fashionista's enjoying their food so much! Don't tell them that the doughnuts are 500 calories a pop or they will never eat again!)

(Bleu Flats and her new BFF - The designer of the greatest shoes on earth - Irregular Choice obv!) We love him and his beautiful shoes! I wore my favourite, purple ankle boot with gold bow in honour of the party and was chuffed that he picked up on them! I love, love, love them and I also love how much people point at my feet when I wear them!

Entertaining the crowd was Laura Dockrill a.k.a 'Dockers MC' with her tales and poetic lyrics, while 'It' chick of the moment 'Polly Scattergood' - (hot name right?!) Charmed the socks (or should that be shoes?!) off the room with her delicate voice and a sneak preview of her much anticipated album.

On arrival we were stamped with a smiley bear and it wasn't long before our grin matched his and we left the party full of glittery goodness, sweeties and Lambrini, we tottered off to find 'real food'.
I wont name the 'Italian' that gave us shoddy service, but poor heels had to wait a good half hour for her meal, only for the waitress to arrive with a small plate with one slice of bread! (see image below).
 No this was not a new 'fashionable' diet, but a mistake on our waitresses part!  - After much explaining and a few more moments all was resolved, but our faces when she placed down one piece of bread 'to share' was priceless!

We headed home, as we are out partying for the next two nights, don't worry, your fash-pack chicks will keep bringing the gossip!

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