Saturday, 20 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Thursday night POUT!

Goodness, fashion parties are like buses, for a while there are none and then they all seem to come at once! Thursday saw a networking event from POUT (an excuse for fashionistas to get together, catch up and have some drinks), this time in association with my favourite magazine 'RANDOM MAGAZINE', which, now on it's second issue is delighting the fashion and arts crowd with its 'Out-There' photography and sleek style, it is an image and inspirational bible of great quality images of the hippest creatives in the fashion pack. 

This months POUT (run by cute and chic, fashion fabulous Miggy) was held at 'fake bake' hell, Movida. From past fash-pack experience, it is well documented that Movida is not our usual hangout, but as we started early, we had the place to ourselves and with the music at an audible volume, we had the chance to chat and drink in peace.  
Several vodka-cranberries later, the usual suspects were all there. Buttons and the Undercover Sales Clerk, Nikes and myself were joined by several new faces, namely Dalston Doll (who will soon become a contributor to the blog) helped me dance (well sway woodenly) away.
We checked out the outfits, we swapped some business cards and were mercilessly chased and photographed - Dalston Doll really had her pout and poses down.

By 11.30pm, the WAG stylee ladies had started to arrive and Buttons quite rightly remarked how they looked 'so young' - now we are not old, but when the crowd start to look like they should be tucked up in bed with a hot cocoa, something is definitely up.
There were plenty of dodgy outfits and it did resemble a badly put together, bargain bin, at River Island, too many sequins and not enough class. This was compounded by the girl walking around, literally in a bikini, so not fashion!

We took this as our queue to leave and as I took one look around the club, at the girls waiting to pounce on the over paid bankers that frequent such establishment, I sigh in relief that this is so not my scene.

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