Sunday, 21 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Big Brother's Little Brother . . . Again

Goodness, for sad, little, me, this week was terribly exciting! 
I was back again at the BBLB studios with 'The Fabulous Lounge Swingers', for this Sunday's injection of George Lamb loveliness! 

With a slightly later call time, we rolled up for a rehearsal, this time it was BB Series 6 contestant 'Eugene' - remember him - geek chic? Who was joining the band on the front line.
Eugene was absolutely lovely, extremely chatty and also ridiculously tall!

Though this was not by far the exciting part of the day. Popping out to catch a bit of sunshine and a wee bit of passive smoking, who should appear but Celebrity Big Brother housemate 'Ben Adams' of pop band 'a1' fame. Now, I loved a1 when I was younger and I was totally giddy with excitement, he is gorgeous in the flesh.
Following on from this I passed George Lamb in the corridor, he said hello to me and he was pretty damn fine too! 
I don't mind getting up early on a Sunday morning when I get to see guys like that!

P.S. Also Spotted: Iain Lee jumping out his cab by the studio and saying hello (looking cheerful) on his way in, Lucy Pinder (CBB), Imogen (Big Brother Contestant and Miss Wales), Cairon (most recent evictee & his Dad) and apparently I spoke to an ex-housemate, but no idea who she was!)

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