Monday, 8 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Flats Finds

I recently have been collecting trinket necklaces; Odds and sods have been an obsession of mine for a while, but now to my delight I realise there are so many more bits I can get to make quirky accessories!

Spoons, now who really thought 1 year ago, a tea spoon would be even remotely cool, well, they are now! This was all inspired by AFW collection by Lisa Hofmann.
After wondering around Brick Lane market, I found jewellery stand "Never" and it's my best find of the year so far! 
Everything, beautifully, wonderful, that you could put on a chain, this lady sells. From broken watch faces, spoons and more. ''NEVER'' sells beautiful, one-off vintage, pieces. So I have began collecting their pieces. The tea spoons are my favourite but there are anchors, bullets, something for everyone. I've found they make really great gifts too! 

(me and my spoon)

As much as I would like to hate Lady Gaga, she is helping bring back individualism and a kind of inventive fashion. 
She likes teacups, I like teaspoons!
 Its a weird and wonderful world! 

Check out ''Never'' on or head over and find them at the BACKYARD MARKET, Brick Lane, every Saturday and Sunday. 
Also at boutique shop BLUE MARKET, 188 Brick Lane, every day.


  1. see fucking cool!!
    im sooo jealous blue is too cool who else do youknow who looks incredible wth a spoon!

  2. hey bleu!
    You have a sassy little blog going on!- im going to link you up. I hope I run into you again so i can stalk you until you tell me 'go away you behemoth australian' *in french*. Working with John again soon?
    Visit my blog!


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