Monday, 29 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Big Brother's Little Brother . . . Again

It was back to BBLB this week, sadly at a much earlier call time of 8.15! I was up and out by 7.50am which quite frankly is nothing but cruel on a Sunday morning!
We were all foxed by the early call time, as, to be honest, between setting up and playing, there is about six hours worth of waiting / sweetie eating time!
As it turns out, last week the housemates, who were in their garden, heard the band rehearsing, as the studio doors weren't shut and were discussing the music! Subsequently they now have to be kept inside the house, which somehow means we have to start rehearsing super early!

This week, I had really pulled all the stops out to dress the guys and with Maxwell (remember him, series 6 - Jack the Lad, had it off with Saskia - big boobed bird, there is always one). We went black and white, with a slight Sixties vibe to it. There were stripey blazers, checked shirts and Fred Perry style tee's. All of this was provided by the lovely Topman, while trainers (which were gorgeous) came from Puma!

It's so weird bumping into ex-housemates! I got a very nice hello from Victor, who looked chuffed to be back on telly for a bit, while there was another girl from series 2, called Sophie (no, I have no idea who she is either), but I quote one of the runners 'she's fit isn't she' - ?! (She was a bit I suppose).

Finally just as I was about to leave, BB couple 2009 - Lisa and Mario floated outside. Mario came over for a chat and the pair told me they loved being back at BB, this was their second time this season and they were now off to do an assault course?! What people will do for TV. It seems most ex-housemates do love the show, even Maxwell told me, he would go back in if he had the chance!

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