Monday, 1 June 2009

Roving Reporter . . . FBC - Felder Felder

Thursday turned out to be a glorious sunny day and also an extremely busy one.
Pre Fashion Music Style party, I headed over to the ICA to listen to a talk by design duo Felder Felder. Now as usual, this journey was not without trial and tribulation. 

Having dropped back some samples in Neal Street, I made my way, in the kind of direction I thought the ICA was. Now from my previous escapades it's fair to say that I have no internal or external navigational skills, I can not follow a map or directions and this, as usual caused no end of problems.

Thankfully the day was sunny and I love London, so I was happy to plod about in search of my destination. Having walked totally the wrong direction down The Strand (I now know where Somerset House is), I finally used the old crackberry to log on to ICA website. 

As I headed in the 'correct' direction, I got further landmark instructions. As close as I was, I still couldn't help but feel thoroughly lost and crossing the paths of familiar faces was very welcome (thanks Dave and Ben!). 

Once inside, I joined 'fashion looking folk', why are they so easy to spot?! and waited for the main attraction to begin. 

Hosted inside the ICA cinema, I watched Daisy de Villeneuve, illustrator extraordinaire, grill the Felder twins on their life back in Germany, their adventures as one of the coolest design duos to hit London and their plans for the future. 

 The talk started with showing the twins collection from AW '08 at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout which encompassed all their rock chick chic!
Following on from this Daisy asked the girls about their early inspirations, dressing in their youth and their penchant for dressing alike. 

Hailing from a small German town, they talked about their love of fashion stemming from their impeccably glamorous mother and how their small town in Germany had seen nothing like them, dressing as identical and matching teenagers on the clubbing and festival scene. 
This again re-iterates why their collections are always inspired by music and their studio in London, constantly filled with the best tunes. 

Making them perfect Fash-Pack girls, combining fashion and music. Stocking in Browns Focus, the twins have had incredible success and one of their jackets was even spotted on Gwenyth Paltrow

Funny and engaging, this gorgeous rock chicks were just the pinnacle of cool. New on my fashion wish list? The entire Felder Felder collections, better start saving!

Current season S/S 09 show:

Snippet of the Berlin A/W 09 show:

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