Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bleu Flats goes to see . . . The Kabeedies

The Kabeedies have a cult following that is clearly shown by their loyal supporters who make every gig they play, have a frenzied buzz. For those that don't know, The Kabeedies are indie styled pop tunes.
All four  band members  always throw themselves into the performance and their contagious personalities make the atmosphere electrifying. 
Lead singer, Katie has all the makings of a true, 'rock star'. She is incredible  to watch! She puts all her madness and energy into what is truly a memorable performance (think a slim Beth Ditto - but better!) 

From crazy star jumps and chucking herself around the stage, which she does, while maintaining brilliant vocals. The  songs are short and sweet, but their set is always memorable. 
They played several new songs which we’re fantastic I would probably say their best material yet; especially with new songs likes 'Petroleum Jelly' - which is pure brilliance! 

My favourites are 'Little Brains', 'Duck Egg Blue' and 'Lovers Ought To'
They're all lovely as a band and very personable with their audience and their comical banter on stage is part of their charisma, a thrill to watch!

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